Rustic farmhouse living room with antique furniture accents

16 Farmhouse Style Living Room Ideas

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Craving a living room that’s warm, cozy, and emanates plenty of charm? If you uttered an audible ‘heck yeah’ to any of the three, you’ll be happy to know that farmhouse style will be exactly up your alley. 

Whatever your reason is for wanting to delve headfirst into the rustic decor style, we’ve got you covered with farmhouse style living room ideas that make incorporating sophisticated farm vibes into your dwelling effortlessly simple.


Traditional Farmhouse

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Big comfy couches, exposed wood elements, neutral color palettes — these are classic staples of an inviting farmhouse style space, and this simple living room exhibits all of them. 

While different patterns are married throughout the furnishings, the decor is kept to a minimum to allow for a clean look that helps radiate the relaxed atmosphere of this light and spacious area.


Modern Meets Rustic

What do you get when you combine modern decor with the country feel of a farmhouse? The answer’s quite an easy one, you get a farmhouse-chic space that is as elegant as it is rustic.

A cozy love seat paired with dark leather chairs create a heavenly room that showcases the best of both worlds. 

Accents like the vintage side table, freestanding ladder, and greenery effortlessly ties in the rustic aesthetic to the modern white walls. 


Reclaimed Barn Wood Features

Whether it’s a pair of sliding barn doors, floorboards adorned with nicks and scratches, or a simple plank mantel, utilizing repurposed barn wood is a must in a farmhouse style living room. 

The charm of the raw wood adds immeasurable character to any space, telling a graceful story with every knot and crack. 


Stick With A Neutral Color Scheme

A universal hallmark of the farmhouse style is grounding your design in a neutral scheme — think whites, beiges, creams, and grays. 

The light, earthy colors translate to an open space that feels bright and airy. 


Don’t Be Afraid To Mix Furniture

Modern Farmhouse Living Room
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When sticking with a monochromatic color scheme, it’s hard to avoid the trap of neutral upon neutral. 

That’s why mixing different styles, patterns, and shades of a few harmonious colors work really well in farmhouse living rooms. 


Make The Most Of Natural Elements

Much like the upcycling of barn wood, embracing natural elements in your farmhouse style living room can create a warm and inviting space that makes you want to curl up on the couch with a hot cocoa in hand. 

The large windows of this living room put nature on display, and the authentic woodsy atmosphere is only elevated with the addition of the charming plank vaulted ceiling and complimenting stone fireplace. 


Farmhouse With Bohemian Roots

The best part of farmhouse style is the freedom to explore different decor avenues. A rustic country aesthetic can mesh quite well with an array of other interior design styles. Mid-century modern farmhouse? Yupp. Coastal country? You know it. How about Bohemian rustic?

Well, one crafty Danish couple proves how perfectly the two designs intertwine. The duo paired eccentric patterns and mismatched seating with the natural wood of the exposed structural beams and knotted floorboards. Plus, get a load of all that sunlight!


Layer It Up

Adhering to a monochrome aesthetic can have its benefits, like making a space feel roomier and providing a sleek, minimalist design that’s timelessly classic. 

But there are also some downsides, like potentially becoming simple to the point that your room feels cold and lacks any character. Luckily, there’s a way to meet in the middle — lots of layering! 


Incorporate Metallic Accents

Blending metals into a farmhouse style living room as a complimentary texture and color element is another common feature of the country design. 

While dark iron accents can bring an industrial feel to a space that’s intended to feel cozy and warm, balancing it with ultra-comfy seating is often a way to strike a chic balance. 


 Keep It Simple And Clean

Now with all that said, you don’t have to fly into a layering rage in an attempt to try and fit as many different textures and patterns as you can in your space. 

Rather, sometimes keeping the decor simple is the best approach.


Marry Mid-Century Modern With Cozy Rustic

Mid-century modern furniture, originating in the 1950s and 1960s, is still a popular interior style choice among homeowners and designers alike. 

So much so that the midcentury design often meshes with rustic farmhouse elements. And the result is a stunning transitional space. 


The More Distressed, The Better

When decorating a farmhouse style living room, it’s important to remember that the design shouldn’t feel too deliberately planned. Instead, the space should be relaxed, exuding a sort of organic atmosphere. 

Part of that natural ambiance comes from handpicking furniture from flea markets, or even garage sales, that have been naturally weathered, and therefore through each dent and peeling paint, reveal their own history. 


 Large Comfy Furniture

If you’ve been sensing a theme among the farmhouse style living rooms thus far (other than, of course, a neutral palette and rustic elements), it’s mostly likely the sheer size of the seating. 

This is largely attributed to the fact that the charm of country design is making a space that is as comfy and inviting as possible. 


 Cozy French Country

This graceful living room exhibits all the characteristics of French country style — the traditional furniture, neutral colors, and extravagant lighting meshed with the rustic features of reclaimed wood accents and subtle patterns. 


 Embrace Heritage Features

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Reclaim the historical features of your home, like exposed beams and existing wood wall paneling, instead of giving in to the urge to conceal them. 

This is exactly what one clever DIYer did in an attempt to embrace the structural beam features in her living room. Rather than covering up the protruding elements that run along the length and width of her front wall, she welcomed them into her space with a fresh coat of white paint. 


 Bring The Outdoors In

When you live in a secluded area with rich forestry all around, it seems only right to incorporate a farmhouse style living room into your dwelling. In doing so, the natural elements, such as wood flooring, high paneled ceiling, and stone fireplace, yield an outdoorsy atmosphere that feels as though your home is one with the surrounding environment.