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Farmhouse Style Living Room Furniture

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Andrea Piacquadio

Farmhouse charm goes beyond galvanized buckets and roosters. It’s farmhouse style living room furniture that’s functional, comfortable, and bursting with casual appeal .

Farmhouse isn’t as seaside as cottage style or as opulent as French country. It may borrow from a few other design styles once in a while, but the simple lines, rustic textures, and neutral colors are country all the way.


Rolled Arm Tufted Couch

Andrea Piacquadio

Tufted couches entered farmhouse style by way of the French countryside. Pay attention to fabric choices with these. Cottons and linens bring casual comfort to this otherwise elegant couch design.

Farmhouse style living room furniture typically has wooden legs that let light pass underneath. It keeps the space looking open and airy.


White Coffee Tables

Thistlewood Farms

White, white, white — nothing says farmhouse more than white-washed furniture. A bright white coffee table or even a scuffed one definitely welcomes you to the farm. 


Reclaimed Wood Console

Michael Furey at Brushwood Custom

Upcycle, reclaimed, and rustic are all terms you want to include in your search for farmhouse style living room furniture. This reclaimed wood console table highlights the natural character of the wood, while the legs add an architectural element that’s hard to ignore.

One-of-a-kind reclaimed wood pieces might take some digging to find, but regular visits to your local thrift stores can reveal treasures for cheap. There are also plenty of independent sellers online who will do the hard work for you.


Galvanized Hanging Shelves

Galvanized steel has a place on every farm: in silos, water troughs, and buckets. Use it sparingly to give the living room the rustic feel of a day in the country.

This organizer functions as hanging storage or desktop storage, with a place for hanging pictures, store office supplies, or housing a little greenery. 


Leather Weave Chairs

Safavieh Store

Weaved furniture typically has a casual feel but not when it’s done with leather. Leather and farm just go together.

A side chair made of weaved leather adds texture, warmth, and a cool side piece. Leather takes a little maintenance and brings a masculine feel to the farmhouse when that's what you're going for.  


Weathered Wood Storage Cabinets

Walker Edison Furniture Company Store

Like reclaimed wood, weathered wood definitely falls within farmhouse style living room furniture. Subtle differences in tone and texture of each plank gives the piece rustic charm. This cabinet can function as an entertainment center, buffet, or simple storage cabinet.


Rustic Floating Shelves

HOOBRO Floating Shelves

Original farmhouses may not have had floating shelves, but if they did, they would have used rustic, reclaimed woods.

Floating shelves leave visual space, so the living room doesn’t feel cluttered. Yet, they provide an area to store or display pieces that add to the farmhouse feel. 


Chesterfield Couches

Kelly Clarkson Home

Chesterfields are another couch style that gets adopted by different design aesthetics. Among farmhouse style living room furniture, a chesterfield’s French country feel is a way to stay in the realm of a farmhouse with an added air of sophistication. 


Sofas In White

Farmhouse style living room furniture leans towards neutrals and white. Before you start scratching your head about the practicality of white furniture on a farm, the benefits come when you wash it.

White can take a heavy scrubbing or even bleach if it’s in the right fabric. This sofa’s simple lines won’t detract from other design elements, and the cushion covers are removable and washable.  


Aged Whites

While you can go with brilliant whites in the farmhouse style, the furniture typically looks more authentic when it’s a little worn.

Aged white storage solutions give you places to stash books and toys in bins or baskets. The rustic character of the worn white keeps the piece interesting and casual.


Gingham Covered Furniture

Christopher Knight Home Store

Gingham is your quintessential country fabric. It mixes well with all those neutrals and white and comes in small or large patterns, so you can vary the size, the color, and the places you use it.

Side chairs, love seats, or even a throw pillow or two are a great place to add gingham to the room without overpowering the rest of the farmhouse style. 


Wingback Chairs

Wingbacks are another French country addition to the farmhouse style. In the right fabrics (remember: crisp, white cottons, twills, and neutral linens), they are yet another way to do farmhouse style with sophistication.

They’re also a piece that adds a little height to the furniture situation. 


Simple And Rustic

Del Hutson Designs Store

If rustic calls your name, a coffee table made with reclaimed wood in a basic design would be perfect for your farmhouse. This design makes a statement with its functional simplicity.

The wood itself takes center stage, while the sturdy build holds drinks, magazines, and a centerpiece. 


Bring The Trough, Too

Signature Design by Ashley Store

Whatever they use on the farm is fair game for farmhouse style living room furniture, including the trough. Troughs and buckets are practical, durable, and, with the right mix of furniture, gorgeous.

This piece offers storage and a side table. Store blankets, games, or books and still keep the look you love. 


Casual Stripes

Signature Design by Ashley Store

Stripes are another fabric choice that hints back to the farmhouse. It’s all about the right pattern and color. Stick with natural fabrics and neutral tones. Watch out for stripes that are too bright or busy. Farmhouse style is simple and natural.  


Cotton Twill Pouf

Creative Co-Op Store

Poufs offer extra seating or a place to rest your feel. This pouf, covered in cotton twill, can hide in a corner or even act as a side table when you don’t need it for seating.

This print hearkens back to the days of flour sacks, which were put to good use on the farm. During the Great Depression, everyone, but especially farm folk, used to empty flour sacks to make dresses, shirts, and dish towels. Now, the fabric is a perfect choice for a farmhouse style pouf. 


Hutch With Barn Doors

Signature Design by Ashley Store

If you’ve got some vertical space to fill, a hutch gives you a good mix of display space and hidden storage. This piece features a sliding barn door for a farmhouse touch.

Many pieces feature single and double sliding barn door designs, expanding the storage options. Of course, look for weathered woods or worn whites to keep that farmhouse feel.