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12 Farmhouse Kitchen Design Ideas

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Is it the beadboard, white cabinets, deep sinks, or mix of woods that make the farmhouse style so appealing? It could be all, some, or something else entirely. But when you’re on the hunt for farmhouse kitchen design ideas, nothing helps more than seeing where other people’s creativity has led them.

The great thing about design styles is they’re not static. They grow and change while pieces of what makes them unique still remain. What’s your spin on this down-home style?

The farmhouse style gets mixed with country, French country, industrial, and modern. It’s okay if you’re not exactly sure what farmhouse exactly means to you. Interior design lets you mix and match to create a style that’s the perfect blend of you, your partner, and the architecture of your home. If you’re in need of inspiration, we’ve got it ready to go. 


The IKEA Farmhouse Kitchen

A Piece of Rainbow

It’s hard to beat IKEA if you’re looking for farmhouse kitchen design ideas on a budget. A stainless steel farmhouse sink skirts this countertop. These deep sinks come in all kinds of materials and finishes, but stainless steel has to be one of the most practical.

Farmhouse cabinetry favors the shaker style, which you can imitate with IKEA cabinets in several colors. IKEA cabinets don’t come with hardware, so that’s something you’ll have to add yourself. However, that also gives you an easy way to customize your kitchen.

Make it eclectic with found knobs and pulls or a little more modern with gold. 


Open Shelving

Edgar Castrejon

The farmhouse style started in simplicity. There’s not a whole lot that's simpler than open shelving. Use it over the sink or on both sides of the stove.

Some people use them for all of the upper cabinets if they don’t need as much storage space. Keep in mind that open shelves show everything. There’s no hiding mismatched dishes or plastic ones for that matter.

Save open shelves for coordinating dishes, houseplants, cookbooks, and other pieces you’d like to display. In true farmhouse fashion, rustic woods are popular open shelving materials. Thick or thin, finished or weathered, the wood adds character to the kitchen’s appeal. 


Classic White Cabinetry

Mark McCammon

Farmhouse kitchen designs that embrace classic white cabinets are a hallmark of the farmhouse style. Mostly because the look started with whitewash, but today, that white works well with modern home designs too.

The clean, airy feel of a white kitchen makes it a happy, welcoming place to be. The farmhouse style’s blending of woods, natural fabrics, and patterns keeps the white from feeling too sterile or institutional. Plus, if you decide to change your decor, it’s easy to do so with a white canvas in the background. 


Never Enough Subway Tile

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Subway tile never goes out of style. Its humble beginnings make it a classic part of the farmhouse look. Keep it classic with the traditional pattern and light grout. Mix it up with a dark grout, or even better, change up the tile pattern.

While white is the obvious choice, the farmhouse style welcomes color. Yellow, blue, green, and even red could make the perfect backsplash in a less than traditional farmhouse kitchen. 


Butcher Block Countertops


Wood was one of the most plentiful materials at hand when the farmhouse style was the only style. The glow of wood brings the right touch of warmth and nature to ground the home. Butcher block takes extra care, but it’s also long-lasting.

A countertop made of solid wood can be sanded and refinished several times over. If sealed and cared for properly it can last for years. Plus, there’s the fact that you can cut directly on its surface if you want, since the whole countertop can act as one giant cutting board.


Farmhouse Sink

Ellen Auer

Farmhouse sinks have a large apron front that distinguishes them from the usual kitchen sink. They’re a drop-in style that requires a cutout of the cabinet front for installation.

Beautiful and functional, these sinks are made in classic materials like porcelain and stainless steel to the less traditional like copper and concrete. A farmhouse sink gives a casual appeal to other design styles, making it a great way to blend styles for a modern twist on the classic farmhouse. 


Central Seating

giovanni gargiulo

The kitchen is the heart of the home, and there’s nowhere that that’s truer than in the farmhouse kitchen. Farmhouse kitchen design often includes an island or bar where family and friends can eat and laugh together.

You don’t have to slave away in the kitchen while guests enjoy another room; the farmhouse kitchen is where the party takes place. This kitchen features an island with seating, but many farmhouse kitchens include a breakfast nook or eat-in dining table for casual meals.


Glass Front Cabinets


Glass front kitchen cabinets can be casual or formal, depending on how they’re filled. Eclectic stacks of coordinating dishes or cookbooks with informal farmhouse charm keep things fun and down to earth. But the farmhouse style doesn’t isn’t always casual.

Glass front cabinets offer a beautiful display area for fine china, antiques, and keepsakes that need a protective barrier. Sprinkling a few glass fronts throughout the kitchen visually opens the space and gives you extra display footage.


Tile It To The Top


A farmhouse kitchen with subway tile to the ceiling pulls double duty. It looks amazing and unifies the kitchen while protecting the wall from kitchen mishaps. This kitchen’s cool gray subway tile provides a modern take on the traditional white.

The neutral palette provides plenty of opportunities to change the decor with the seasons or as your taste changes. A full wall of subway tile also provides a gorgeous display area for open shelving. 


The Modern Farmhouse

Shannon Acheson
Home Made Lovely

The modern farmhouse kitchen has classic elements like open shelving and butcher block countertops, but sprinkles it with modern pieces like upholstered stools and open face clocks. Gorgeous fixtures and lighting all point back to the past but with modern convenience.

This gorgeous remodel even features a built in desk that blends seamlessly with the rest of the room. Instead of the traditional hutch, it extends past the countertop. The open shelf spice rack keeps things organized but perfectly within reach, all in typical farmhouse style.


Natural Texture And Layered Design Elements

Bless'er House

Reclaimed and weathered woods add an element of textured rusticity and layered depth. This design uses it only on the peninsula, so it doesn’t overpower the space yet gives it another layer of interest.

Reclaimed woods also make great open shelves or display pieces with natural texture and depth. You can pay a pretty penny for some reclaimed woods, but don’t count out inexpensive options like wood pallets if you want the look but need to save a few dollars. 




As long as you haven’t been in a design blackhole, you’ve probably heard of or seen shiplap. It’s a design feature made famous (and popular) through the television show Fixer Upper.

Painted white or left natural, it exudes country charm. It looks beautiful with full cabinets, glass fronts, or open shelving. It’s the kind of element that brings texture and depth to the design. Don’t be afraid to mix it with natural woods and darker colors too.