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5 Ways To Camouflage Your Backyard Eyesores

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Ralph (Ravi) Kayden

Your backyard should be a sanctuary, a place that shows of your personal style while still maintaining function. There are a lot of necessary things that you’ll probably keep in a yard, like tools, firewood, and other items that take away from the beautification of your space. If you want to tidy things up outside without actually losing useable storage space, then look no further; this list will show you tips on how to make sure that even the less attractive outdoor items have a place in your beautiful backyard oasis. The best part? A lot of these are things you can make yourself!


Sit On Your Storage

This Old House

Just like on the inside of your house, an unkempt mess can really put a damper on how nice your yard looks. If you don’t have any kind of storage in your yard already, you’ll definitely want to invest in some. It can truly make the difference between having a nice and tidy yard and, well, a mess.

But while you’ll want your storage to be as functional as possible, there’s no reason why it has to be just storage. Sometimes the best items are the ones that have multiple functions, like a storage bin that’s also a bench. You can learn to make one from This Old House. The tutorial for their rather nice storage bench comes with diagrams, materials and cut lists, and detailed directions. You can make one yourself and have an extra seating area that also doubles as a way to keep some of your backyard clutter hidden. Very win-win. 


Invisible A.C.

Four Generations One Roof

No matter how you slice it, some things are just ugly. Air conditioning units are not an exception. But just because they have to be in a certain part of your outdoor space doesn’t mean you have to actually look at them. If you have your A.C. unit somewhere among your deck instead of safely nestled along the side of your house, then you could always try covering it up.

A simple lattice cover is probably the best and easiest way to get that pesky unit out of sight while still maintaining charm and style. How you do it is up to you, but this lovely tutorial from Four Generations One Roof will at least get you started, and at most get you a completed project. Your A.C. unit will be far less noticeable with something like this.

As a bonus, you could use a lattice cage concept like this to cover up other ugly parts in your yard, like your garbage cans. It won’t mask the smell, sadly, but you won’t have to worry about staring at garbage, at least.


Hose Hideaway


As it turns out, having a messy hose slumped over a reel is kind of ugly too. Hoses are kind of important, especially if you like to garden or if you have a pool that needs water added to it now and again, so you’ll need to keep yours around. While you can’t make a hose look any prettier, you can at least hide it. One surprising way to do it is to switch out your storage for a hose pot, like this one from Amazon. As strange as the concept of a pot that holds your hose sounds, it’s actually a really nice alternative to a standard wheel. They come with a little hole along the bottom so you can keep your hose connected to a water source, and many of them come with lids at the top so you can confidently store your hose when it’s not in use. Also, they generally look quite nice, with a sort of rustic feel that will compliment any outdoor space. The nicer ones may not be the cheapest thing in the world, but no one ever said looking good was easy. 


Tools, Tools Everywhere!

This Old House

Some tools, like your standard gardening gear, is probably best kept near the actual place where you’re going to use them. But you can’t just leave them lying around on the ground; you’ll need some kind of storage shed. We can all probably agree that not every storage shed is the nicest to look at, but don’t lose hope just yet! You can always make a shed that’ll fit your storage and space needs, all while using a little DIY magic. 

This Old House has an excellent tutorial that’ll show you how to build a wooden tool shed that props up against any wall. It’s skinnier than a regular shed, so it won’t be as expansive, but should still give you enough space to store your gardening essentials, all while taking up minimal space, and looking very stylish. You really can beautify the space that will be used to store the tools that will be used to beautify your space (and if you’re still following after that, congrats). 


Firewood Is Art

Wood Grain Cottage

Depending on how you store it, firewood can be kind of a mess. Its entirely necessary if you love building fires in your yard, but a mess, nonetheless. So, the best solution is to create a space to store it, but also make it look really nice. There’s no reason that your cords of firewood can’t also look nice while they’re sitting around, waiting to be used.

The Wood Grain Cottage has a solution that will give you style and storage. This rolling storage cart for your firewood is super convenient because, well, it’s on wheels. You can move it to any spot you need, having it on-hand or out of the way. This tutorial is very straightforward, and gives you everything you’ll need to get started, including a materials list, measurements, and step-by-step directions. It’s one more great way to maximize storage while still maintaining style.