Homemade lemon peel & vinegar multi-purpose cleaner.

10 Easy Hacks To Keep Your Home Spick-And-Span

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A sentiment many of us have had to come to terms with at some point in our lives is that help is often needed in the home cleaning department.

And sometimes, nifty home hacks are precisely the guidance we're searching for.

Thus we've curated 10 of the best tips and tricks shared on the internet that promise to keep our homes neat and tidy. Doesn't a mess-free dwelling that always feels fresh sound inviting?

It sure does to us, and if you feel the same way, you seriously need these hacks in your life.

Take a look below!


Disinfect Toys In The Dishwasher

The Krazy Coupon Lady

Let's get real for a second, kids take their toys everywhere with them — to the bathroom, to school, even to the supermarket.

No matter how much you scrub their favorite superhero figurine, Captain America will never quite be as squeaky clean as we'd like.

That is until giving him a much-needed shower in the dishwasher.

That's right; you can most certainly stick all your children's toys in the washer.

And while you're at it, why not disinfect your flip flops and brushes too!


Lemon And Lime Garbage Disposal Cleaner


Clean your kitchen sink and garbage disposal with lemon and lime!

Add pieces of lime to an ice cube tray and pour a mixture of white vinegar and lemon juice right in with the limes. Then pop it in the freezer to set for a few hours.

In the meantime, whip together a sink cleaning solution of white vinegar, baking soda, dish soap, and sea salt. 

Sprinkle some additional baking soda all over your sink and follow that with your cleaning solution.

Scrub every inch of your sink and then wash the mixture away with water.

Finish the deep clean by putting your lemon and lime ice cubes down the garbage disposal and turn it on. This will leave your sink smelling oh-so-heavenly!


Make The Bottom Of Pots And Pans Look Like New


Salt and vinegar don't just make potato chips taste a whole lot better; they can also help the bottom of your pots and pans look spick-and-span!

Since we often neglect the bottom of our pans while cleaning up after a meal, try giving them a little TLC once in a while to make them sparkle like you're on a cooking show.

For this simple hack, all you'll have to do is cover the underside of a pan with salt, pour vinegar right on top, and then scrub away.

Shiney clean pots and pans will be your reward!


Deep Clean Your Rug


Vacuuming your carpet is a great way to keep the fabric mess-free. But every once in a while, your rug could use a deep clean that goes beyond the top surface.

Combine baking soda, cornstarch, borax, and crushed cloves and bay leaves together to create the ultimate carpet cleaning powder.

When using this mixture, sprinkle a generous amount of powder on your carpet and let it sit there for at least two hours.

After letting it sink into the fibers of the carpet, remove the solution with a vacuum.

And voila, you're carpet will look as good as new!


Use A Sock To Clean Your Car's Cupholder

The Krazy Coupon Lady

We're willing to bet that if you took a good look into your car's cupholder, you'd discover that it's probably filled with a lot more crumbs and dirt than you imagined.

But don't fret; we have a trick up our sleeve to help you clean it out!

Slide a sock onto the bottom of a cup and wet it with your cleaning product of choice.

Once the sock is saturated, swirl the covered cup in the holder.

This will pick up any dust or grime residing in the hard-to-reach bottom of the cupholder. How clever!


Hot Water And Vinegar To Clean Your Faucets


Raise your hand if you've, more often than not, forgotten to clean the underside of a faucet or showerhead?

Don't worry; we're just as guilty.

But luckily, placing your faucet spouts in a mixture of boiling water and vinegar will help clean all that gross grime build-up.

It's so simple and can be done every few months to keep everything clean and fresh!


Hand Soap And Coffee Grounds Make An Effective All-Purpose Cleaner


Here's another great homemade cleaning solution that can be used regularly all around the home.

With coffee grounds, hand soap, and a little bit of water, you'll create a concoction that's amazing at removing grease, oil, and even paint.

The mixture is an incredibly effective cleaner yet gentle enough that you can even use it to exfoliate your body, too.

It also smells divine if you're a coffee lover. Such a clever idea!


Vinegar And Lemon Juice Are The Perfect Pair To Clean Your Microwave


The microwave is one of the most common household items that often gets overlooked when it comes to a home cleaning regime.

Considering the number of different foods that come face-to-face with the inside of a microwave, the gadget is bound to become quite filthy and potentially even carry a stench.

Fortunately, mixing five parts of vinegar to one part lemon juice is the answer you didn't even know you were searching for.

Place the mixture in your microwave and cook it for two minutes.

Let the solution sit in the appliance for an additional five minutes and then wipe all around the inside.

The concoction helps grime come right off, with the lemon juice leaving a refreshing smell!


Homemade Cleaner That Easily Wipes Away Stuck-on Mess From Your Stove

Mom 4 Real

A concoction of baking soda, vinegar, and water creates the perfect cleaner that's gentle yet effective in cleaning your oven and stovetop.

Just use the mixture in your oven or on your stove and be amazed at how easily old food and stains are wiped away.

All without the harsh chemicals and strong fumes found in store-bought oven cleaners. How genius!


Use Tongs And Microfibre Cloths To Clean Blinds

Mom 4 Real

Cleaning the blinds in your house is a chore that most people don't look forward to doing or just skip altogether.

Unfortunately, blinds are a pain to clean and can often become dust magnets.

The good news, cleaning blinds has never been easier with this simple cleaning hack!

Simply secure a pair of microfibre cloths around tongs with elastic bands, and your nifty gadget is ready for use.

Run the tongs along each slat of your blinds for effortless and efficient cleaning!