Broken CDs decorate a mirror frame

18 Easy DIY Projects For Home Decorations

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Laura Koniver
Intuition Physician

A dwelling without decor is like a novel without words, lifeless and empty. That's why adorning your living space with all sorts of accessories that reflect your personality can make your house feel more like home. And the best part is that doing so doesn't have to break the bank.

With the affordable home decor projects we've curated below, adding flair to your place has never been so simple, nor affordable. Your wallet will thank you for all the money you'll be saving as you decorate your home beautifully on a budget.


Chalkboard Wall Paint Ideas

Adding a DIY chalkboard to any part of your home is such a fun, and more importantly, inexpensive way to adorn the space. Whether you decide to paint a panel in a living room, a full wall in a kid's bedroom, or even a small framed command center in the kitchen, the chalkboard paint possibilities are endless!


Wine Cork Necklace Rack

Jessie Mackenzie
Well It's Okay

Let's be honest, we all probably have more wine corks laying around our home than we'd care to admit. So here's your sign to finally put the wine stoppers to good use and create a chic jewelry display rack.

All you'll need for the project are wine corks (the original DIY uses dowels, but wine corks work just as well!), a wooden board, glue, and paint. Putting the display together is just as simple as the material list.


Floating Bookshelf Ideas


Unfortunately, a spell wasn't cast on these books to keep them floating on a wall. Instead, a much simpler approach was taken — a concealed metal L-shaped shelf. The upper half of the shelf is secured onto a wall, where the bottom half is hidden within the stack. How brilliant!


Gold Flower Pots

Bri Emery
Design Love Fest

Craving a luxurious aesthetic for you dwelling? Give your plain flower pots a stylish update with a can of metallic gold spray paint. You green pals are sure to impress in their new snazzy homes.


Moroccan-Themed Wall Stencil

While They Snooze

Using only a piece of cardboard, you can create a stunning Moroccan-themed wall pattern that will have your family and friends doing a double-take when you inform them that you painted the design yourself.

And best of all, whenever you're ready for a change you don't have to worrying about tearing down pesky wallpaper. Instead, just paint right over it. 


DIY Reclaimed Wood Nightstand

Studio Kessler

Upcycle those wood planks overtaking your outdoor space into a chic nightstand table, complete with a shelf and cross detailing. The project requires very few materials and can be crafted in as little as a day.


Paper Feather Lamp Idea


Who would've thought creating a charming paper lamp could be so simple? Well, one nifty DIYer did as they put together the elegant piece with a tiny material list, which includes an inexpensive round paper lamp, feathers created out of sheets of paper, and glue.

Once secured together, the DIY chandelier can be installed in any room for unique lighting like no other.


Personalized Handwritten Canvas

Elise Blaha Cripe
Enjoy It

Adorn plain walls all over your home with a favorite quote, expression, or song lyric handwritten on a blank canvas.

Once hung the DIY artwork is sure to not only add your personal flair to your dwelling, but also be a constant reminder of a special saying you hold dear. It's so thoughtful and lovely!


Mini Birch Wood Shelves

Francesca Stone
Fall for DIY

Using round slices of birch wood, Francesca Stone of Fall For DIY was able to create the cutest little plant shelves that display your potted pals proudly. The pieces of wood are secured to the wall with tiny L-brackets that are concealed once the shelves are set in place.


Painted Arch Headboard Idea

Dream Green DIY

Painted wall arches are so trendy within the DIY community, so why not bring the popular design into the bedroom with an arch headboard?

With nothing more than a can of paint and an afternoon to kill, the painted semicircle creates a chic faux headboard that completes any sleeping area.


Mosaic CD Mirror

Laura Koniver
Intuition Physician

CDs may be a thing of the past but that doesn't mean you can't still incorporate them into your space. Just take a look at how creatively the holographic disks can be used to decorate your home.

This super simple DIY sees an assortment of CDs smashed into little pieces that are then ornately arranged on a mirror frame. The result is a stunning decor piece that sparkles wherever it's placed.


Mantel Decoration Piece

Evolution of Style

With a painted wooden board, large metal letters, and a simple wreath, you can easily DIY this festive decorative sign that rests perfect atop a fireplace mantel.

Simply change up the word and motif for year-round decor options.


Antique Style Table

Melina Divani

Turn any floating shelf into a beautiful antique "table" with a stencil and some paint. It's so simple, yet so stunning! Be sure to check out Decoholic for all the chic details.


Frame Shelf Idea

H2O Bungalow

Have some old picture frames that are just barely clinging to life? Follow in the footsteps of H2O Bungalow and breathe new life into them by transforming the frames into vintage display shelves.

Simply attach wood to the back of the frame to create a shelving box that can house all sorts of home accessories, like books, jars, and candles.


Faux Fur Stool Idea

Made Up Style

With cardboard, foam, faux fur fabric, hairpin chair legs, and spray paint, you can whip up a super cozy fur stool. The seat is perfect for a home office, dressing area, or even makeup station.


Reading Nook Idea

View Along The Way

Turn affordable curtains into a stylish and comfortable reading nook. The curtains are secured with hooks that secure the fabric to a wall. It's such a simple project that is perfect for any kid (or adult!) bedroom.


Door Mat Wall Art

Lemon Tree Creations

You don't need to be Picasso to DIY your own wall art. Instead, get your hands on some wooden boards and stain them your color of choice. From there, purchase an inexpensive doormat (or use one you already have at home) and place it over the boards.

Use the doormat as a stencil and spray paint over the intricate design. Once dried, peel back the mat and marvel at your stunning artwork ready to be on display in your home.


No-Paint Colorful Drawers

Chelsea Foy
Lovely Indeed

Spruce up a plain office desk with the help of colorful vinyl. Simply cut the adhesive paper to the size of your desk drawers.

Line up the vinyl with the edges of the drawers and apply it smooth to their fronts for a non-permanent way to decorate the unit.