Storage Ideas For Your Entire Home

27 Storage Ideas For Your Entire Home

Originally contributed by Marilyn Zelinsky-Syarto • last updated 1/21/2021

Minimalism may be your goal, but until then…you need storage. Look here for storage ideas for every room in the house. Some hacks are wow, and many are “why didn’t I think of that?” You may be inspired to dust off your screwdriver to get the storage you need.

1. Storage Solutions For Kitchens

Make use of space over the sink and clear the countertop clutter by installing a rod and S-hooks to store and hold odds and ends like kitchen shears.

2. Magazine Holder Helper

Oh, behold the lowly magazine holder, now resurrected from the closet for new and improved storage ideas, most notably, in the kitchen. Nail this slim solution onto the inside of a lower cabinet door to conveniently hold foil and plastic wrap boxes.

3. Window Top Storage

This tiny house’s kitchen probably has more storage than a typical kitchen. That’s because every inch of space is utilized, including over the windows. The shelves aren’t just for show. They hold items frequently used that can’t fit into cabinets.

4. Lids On Cabinets

Get pot and pan lids out of the way with those little plastic adhesive hooks that cost pennies to buy. Be sure to arrange them in a way that lets you easily close your cabinet door. This hack saves time you usually spend noisily searching for those lids.

5. Hooks In Cabinets

This tiny but genius cabinet storage tweak will transform an otherwise cluttered space. Find pretty key holder hooks small enough for kitchen cabinets, nail or glue them in high up to utilize wasted space and to organize small baking and measuring tools.

6. CD Rack’s Second Life

What’s super slim and tall? A CD holder rack. Slip one into the dead space between your refrigerator and wall for a narrow pantry or pan storage solution. Add casters on the bottom, and you’re rolling in the storage.

7. Storage Solutions For Bedrooms

Your walls are your best friends when it comes to bedroom storage ideas. Here, hanging hats retain their shape rather than being squished stored in a closet.

8. Rolling Shoe Storage

If you have a dozen shoes strewn around in your bedroom, do what this mother/daughter DIY team did and tear apart an old crib for storage. The bottom of an outdated crib, outfitted with casters, is low enough to slip under the bed while holding a dozen pairs of shoes, but it’s versatile enough to hold other items, such as towels or bedding.

9. Things Are Looking Up

This teeny-tiny bedroom claims the usually dead space above the door as a mini-library. A simple white shelf that blends into the wall reaches near the ceiling to handle storage overflow.

10. Tension Rod Upgrade

Tension rods and S-hooks create storage solutions out of thin air for any room. This tension rod and hook combo hangs an overflow of costume jewelry. The rod below it is home to hair accessories. Use tension rods under kitchen and bath cabinets and rest cleaning container lids on them or use them as pan storage dividers, plate and plastic container dividers.

11. Storage Solutions For Bathrooms

Wherever there’s even a hint of bare wall in a bathroom, install floating shelves for an instant storage solution.

12. Triple Vanity

It’s a common scene where a tiny bathroom vanity is surrounded by empty space. Put that space to work by building two side vanity extensions. You can hack this storage idea by buying two small bookshelves the same height and color as your vanity and slide them in place for a built-in look.

13. Tub And Towel Rack

Towel bars, though not as mobile as tension rods, can also create storage space out of thin air. Here, a simple towel bar over the tub holds plastic bins that hook onto the bar with bath toys for the little ones. This storage idea combines the Ikea Rationell Pull Out Trays (with drainage holes added) with an Ikea Grundtal stainless steel rack. For the adults, the same system holds luxury towels and magazines for a much deserved spa soak.

14. Vertical Bed Slat

If pegboards aren’t the look you’re after, consider the clean, contemporary look of slats for the same job. Make it easy by grabbing an already-built bed slat for vertical storage. A few S-hooks and baskets give you the ultimate storage solution for any room, especially an entryway where you can quickly deposit keys and devices into hanging storage bins and baskets.

15. Modern Pegboard Use

Pegboards get an upgrade thanks to Ikea’s Skadis board and hook system. But any white pegboard will do. It’s always an elegant storage solution for any room, from mudrooms, garages, home offices, and even bathrooms. Grab S-hooks and hang small baskets and trays, along with other items that are too awkward to put in a cabinet or easily get lost in the daily shuffle.

16. Jars For The Small Stuff

It’s a shame to have to toss away beautiful and elegant glass jars that can be put to good use elsewhere as storage. Use smaller jars or larger clear glass cookie jars in the mudroom or entryway filled with mints or gum for family to grab before heading out the door. Throw spools of thread in jars and other odds and ends in your kitchen, bathroom, or home office.

17. Unlikely Steps For Storage

One of the most brilliant places for storage? Stairs! There are a few ways to add storage to your staircase, and any of the ways require at least intermediate to advanced DIY skills to pull it off. Turn one or all of your stairs into custom drawer space. Or maximize the dead space under your stairwell with pull out storage components.

 For spacious instant storage, fill in space beside your desk with two etagere units.

18. Frugal Drawer Dividers

For simple, pretty storage ideas, turn to cereal boxes, or any other throw-away boxes or storage containers, for that matter. All you need to do is cut boxes down to fit your drawer. Then cover them up with decoupage, paint, or contact paper to make them fit your décor. No nails required!

19. Hanging Shelf Space

This storage idea literally grabs storage space from thin air. These quick and easy bins slide in and out from under a shelf and hold oodles of odds and ends or piles of paper. It takes crafting cleats, attaching them to the underside of your shelf, and sliding in bins you’ve already measured for a perfect fit.

20. A Hidden Home Office

No room for a home office or study area? Pop open a storage bench and get to work. This bench is home to paperwork and paper clips rather than bedding and blankets, but it’s organized from top to bottom. Drawer dividers keep this deep and spacious “desk” organized and Post-It notes and hanging files double the storage space.

21. Hiding Under The Desk

The smallest detail in your home office can add the most function. This simple metal shelf can be easily screwed to the underside of a simple desk. It can hold paper, books, or even devices to get them safely out of the way.

22. Storage Hangers

A slim gold-toned curtain rod and curtain clips get a second life in the home office. Add it to your wall as an alternative to a corkboard where you can hang items (rather than tacking them up) that you need for inspiration or items that need immediate attention.  

23. Storage Solutions For Living Rooms

Grab an old, rustic ladder for instant storage in your living room.

24. A Fan Of Shelves

Even if you’ve added shelves above every window, you haven’t installed any over all the doorways yet. Here’s a storage idea for arched openings in your living room, or an especially inviting entrance into your home office. The shelf is engineered to hold books in a wedge-shaped and fanned design.

25. Welcoming Door Top Shelving

Over-the-door shelving was a typical Colonial-era storage idea. Add one above a living room doorway for an unusual display shelf like this one here with decorative bottles. This shelf is edged to beef up its design and to act as a safety rim to keep items from slipping off the edge.

26. Hidden In The Armrest

Who doesn’t love those hideaway spots in armrests? But those big, beefy armrests can be wasted space unless you do what this homeowner did and add a super storage area that goes beyond just the typical cup holder and USB charging space. Not for beginners, this advanced project is a modification of existing armrest modules.

27. Crafty Coffee Table

There are coffee tables with lids that lift for storage space. Then, there’s this sophisticated, streamlined, and contemporary round table with a sliding top that reveals spacious interior storage. This beautiful table is ideal for toy, magazine, or device storage to unclutter your living room.