A kitchen with shiny, reflective, iridescent cupboards.

13 DIY Repairs That Should Have Been Left To The Professionals

Originally contributed by Ashley Hunte • last updated 4/28/2021

Repairing, refacing, and refurbishing furniture can be a pretty fun experience, and when it’s done right, it can be rewarding, too. Unfortunately, not everyone has what it takes to fix things themselves.

For those who aren’t professionals or who don’t have a lot of DIY experience, there is always a chance that their latest DIY projects will turn out to be disasters.

These DIY repairs look like quick fixes at best and failed attempts at worse. But on the plus side, if your DIYs don’t look like these ones, you’re probably doing something right.


Unfinished Corner Shelf


This could have been so nice. There was so much potential to be had. Yet, the person who made this did the absolute worst job possible. Sure, it has all it needs to be a corner shelf, but it lacks any kind of finish, making nothing more than a total mess.

If it were sanded down and painted properly, it could’ve actually looked cool. As it is, though, it reads as a low-effort attempt to earn some cash, even though $90 is way too high for that thing.


Rolling Bench


Unless we’re missing something here, this is literally just a wooden board attached to two office chair bottoms. How would this even work with all of those wheels under there? Why would anyone want anything like this anywhere near their homes, or worse, inside of them? What possesses a person to make something like this? We will probably never know…


Powered By What!?


Something about this seems really unsafe. It could be the fact that a regular bicycle, one that’s meant to be powered by human effort, has been fitted with a motor. It could be that the motor in question is from a chainsaw. It could easily be both of those things. Hopefully it comes with a helmet, and maybe some insurance too.


Teeny Tiny Door


It’s always so baffling when people decide to build screened-in porches but neglect to account for one of the most important parts of them: the door. If this is at the front of your house, you’re going to need a door, or else there’s really no point.

Whoever made this clearly forgot about that incredibly important factor, and put in the only door that would fit, which is unfortunately too small for the average human to use. On the plus side, though, it’s a nice door.


Pretty Sure It's Still Broken


Judging by the look of this door and its handle/lock, it looks like this repair probably won’t be enough. Even with all the haphazard bolts holding it up, the lock looks like it’s on its last legs.

And the door itself doesn’t look any better. We get it, front doors are actually really expensive to replace. But they’re also kind of necessary. This probably won’t cut it in the long run.


Table Legs


Some people think they’re really clever, don’t they? Just because tables and people both have legs doesn’t mean that table legs have to look like human ones. It’ll probably be pretty hard to find someone who would actually want to purchase something like this and put it in their homes. Especially since the tabletop itself isn’t even nice enough to justify having such atrocious legs.


Dumb Bells


We’re guessing that someone made a pair of dumbbells out of concrete. And then, whoever made those decided to paint them as well. Altogether it’s definitely a choice, though not a very good one.

Though concrete weights probably work just as well as any other kind, and it’s true that concrete almost never looks good when painted, these just don’t seem right. It could be that the bars aren’t centered, which probably isn’t the best for lifting. Then again, what do we know?


Window, Interrupted


When it comes to house repairs and renovations, there is always someone who decides to put a wall up that directly crosses into a window. We’re not sure why people do this, but it happens so often that it’s unbelievable.

If a larger room can’t properly accommodate having a wall in it to split it into two rooms, just leave it. It’s really not worth having something like that in your home.


A Bit Too Rustic


This sink may be taking rustic a little too far. The basin is one thing, but the fact that water is meant to be dispensed through an old oil can that’s controlled with red exterior water valves is really baffling.

There was definitely an idea in there somewhere, but it got lost among the need to incorporate as much farmhouse-looking decor as possible. 


Bright, Shiny, And Busy


Because what everyone wants is to be blinded by the ultra high gloss finishes of their kitchen cabinets. It could almost be excused if the cabinets looked good, but they unfortunately miss the mark in many ways.

The colors could’ve worked in smaller doses, but it’s way too loud for a kitchen. And really, if you can see yourself reflected back on every surface of your kitchen, you’ve probably done something wrong.




There’s so much going on here, and it’s hard to tell what the worst thing is. Is it the door knob that’s replaced the car door handle? Or maybe the valve that’s being used as fan controls?

No, it definitely has to be the uncomfortable-looking wooden chair that replaced an actual car seat. There is no way anyone could actually drive this monstrosity. It’s actually kind of stressful to think about.


Stacked Chair


We’re pretty sure you can just replace the wheels on a chair, rather than putting an entire bottom part underneath the bottom of your chair. Not only is it woefully redundant, but it also seems pretty pointless, too.

This is just a quick fix for something that could have actually been fixed and made to look normal. You probably can’t even sit on this chair properly.


Little Truck Lock


There’s only one thing that can be said about the makeshift lock on this truck door: why? There really isn’t a point to this thing. If it’s a matter of security, it’s probably unlikely that anyone would want to steal a truck in that state, but that’s neither here nor there. If it’s a matter of aesthetics, yeah, it doesn’t work at all.