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13 DIY Pallet Wood Projects And Ideas

Originally contributed by • last updated 6/2/2021

Daria Shevtsova

When it comes to simple and budget-friendly DIYs, wood pallets have proven to reign supreme as one of the most sought after materials on the DIY scene. Not only is the reclaimed wood easily accessible — many DIYers snag pallets for free from hardware stores, freecycle programs, or on the internet — they are also incredibly versatile.

Chic nightstands, rustic hanging gardens, cozy homes for furry friends — there are so pallet projects you can do to creatively decorate your home. That’s why we’ve gathered 13 of the best DIY wood projects sure to inspire your inner DIYer. 


Hanging DIY Pallet Shelves

In as little as 10 minutes, you can add a rustic touch to any part of your home with these hanging pallet shelves. All that’s needed to make one of these pallet projects is twine and reclaimed wood. So simple, right? Leave the pallet planks in their natural farmhouse chic or paint them for a custom look. The sky’s your creative limit! 


Wood Pallet Bed Frame

Geneva Vanderzeil
Collective Gen

Home furniture doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes it can be super inexpensive — or even free! Take this DIY pallet bed made entirely out of four-way block pallets. The double bed is crafted with four sanded pallets, leaving ample room around the mattress for décor. Depending on how high you prefer the bed to be from the ground, you can stack an additional layer of pallets. This not only elevates the mattress but also creates more under-the-bed cubby storage. 


Pallet Wood Headboard DIY

Therese Antonsen
Home Talk

Ready to take your wood pallet bed up a notch? Why not create a rustic pallet headboard to match your pallet bed frame DIY? For under $60, you can upcycle pallets into a professional-looking headboard. After sourcing and washing the wooden blocks (a bed that measures 71 inches in width uses four pallets), begin joining the pallets into your desired width and length. From there, you can paint your headboard to fit your bedroom aesthetic or leave the wood bare for a rustic finish.


Wood Pallet Wine Rack DIY

And Possibly Dinosaurs

Happy hour just got a whole lot happier with this DIY pallet project makes a wine rack complete with glass holders. Using only one single pallet to create the frame and base (be sure to snag one with lots of character!), the result is a farmhouse chic floating rack strong enough to hold even the heaviest of full-bodied red wines. Finish the pallet wood wall project with hung inverted wine glasses and you’re good to go. Did someone say 5 o’clock?


DIY Wood Pallet Coffee Table

Creating a statement piece for your home has never been simpler with this DIY pallet coffee table on wheels. The unit consists of sanded pallet boards assembled to create two shelves with cubby-style storage stacked on top of each other. The overall design and dimensions of the rustic feature can be adjusted to create a custom-looking table fit for your space.


DIY Mud Kitchen

Social Dad

Perhaps the most unconventional of the DIY wood projects on the list, this mud kitchen pallet DIY may just be your next family project. With two wooden pallets, a plastic container, and some paint, you can transform reclaimed wood into an outdoor sensory play area for children. This miniature kitchen is so simple to construct even the kiddies can get in on the DIY action.


DIY Pallet Wood Planter Box With Privacy Screen

Cassie Fairy
My Thrifty Life By Cassie Fairy

Searching for a way to add more greenery to your garden while still maintaining privacy? Look no further than this DIY planter box pallet project complete with a garden barrier privacy screen. The entire project is crafted solely from reclaimed pallet wood to make up the large rectangular planter box and vertical privacy wall. Complete the pallet idea with some flower vines or climbing plants, and you’ll be basking in the peaceful green solitude.


DIY Wood Pallet Nightstand

One of the simplest DIY wood projects on the list, this pallet nightstand is built solely from upcycled pallet boards with the additional support of purchased lumber. This easy-to-build and relatively inexpensive pallet idea is sure to impress family and friends while adding a modern touch to any room. 


Hanging Wood Pallet Herb Garden DIY

Elevate your vertical greenery with this DIY hanging herb garden. Begin by sourcing your pallet boards and cutting them to your desired length depending on your number of pots per row. Drill holes into the boards for each pot to reside in, followed by two additional smaller holes to thread a pair of metal rods through. Evenly space out the shelves on the rod and secure with a washer and nut. All that’s left to do is insert your potted plants into their new home!


DIY Swinging Pallet Bed

The Merry Thought

Transform your backyard into an outdoor oasis with a swinging pallet bed. Using two wooden pallets fixed together with additional planks in between, the twin bed is securely hung with rope and can be decorated to fit any backyard style. Whether you decide to hang your bed from a pergola, tree, or other secure structure, be sure to acquire rope with a load limit of 700 pounds or higher. 


DIY Pallet Treehouse


Upcycling pallets into a treehouse may be one of the most challenging pallet wood projects on the list, but the outcome is sure to amaze not only your kids but your entire neighborhood! To ensure a secure foundation, the deck floor and structural framing of the treehouse are crafted from timber and treated pine decking. But nearly everything else, including the siding, roof cladding, and railings, are recycled pallet boards. Add a slide, zip line, or even a fireman’s pole, and the treehouse of your kid’s dream is ready to be invaded.


Wood Pallet Backdrop DIY

Lemon Thistle

From rustic outdoor weddings to celebratory high school graduations, the event possibilities are endless with this simple to build DIY wood backdrop. Made from recycled pallet boards held together with planks and metal brackets, this backdrop can be stained or painted any color suited to your celebration’s theme. Take the pallet project up another level with vinyl stickers, foil balloons, or even floral arrangements.


Pallet Dog House


Even your furry friends can get in on the DIY wood projects with a cozy dog house crafted from reclaimed boards. The base of this modern dog house is made of one whole pallet, while the sides and roof are made from individual planks. A propane burner was used to create the “ruff” finish, but sanding down the pallets followed by a coat of a stain is a simpler alternative. All that’s left is having your best pal test out their new living space.