DIY pallet bed base with white mattress on top

25 DIY Pallet Furniture Plans

Originally contributed by Amanda Naccarato • last updated 4/28/2021

Wood pallets have long proven not only their versatility but also popularity in the DIY world. This is largely due to the fact that the wooden units are super easy to get your hands on — sometimes even for free.

But that being said, it's important to know which pallets you're bringing home. Not all are safe for DIYing purposes, so always be sure to look for pallets that have been heat-treated rather than chemically-treated.

According to 1001 Pallets, a good indication that a pallet is safe to use is if it's been stamped with the initials HT, which stands for heat-treated.

Once you've obtained the proper pallets, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to work crafting one of the many nifty DIY furniture plans we've curated below!


Pallet Strawberry Planter

Tanya Anderson
Lovely Greens

Turn your backyard into a luscious fruit garden with a crafty wood pallet planter. Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens shares her process of cutting a heat-treated pallet into three equal pieces, removing the excess wood, forming the box, and finally elevating the unit with box feet.

From there, Anderson placed a layer of landscaping fabric on the base of the wooden box and planted her greenery right on top to keep all the soil from spilling out of the gaps. It's a simple process that yields gorgeous results in the form of a blooming strawberry patch.


Budget-Friendly Pallet Fence

Siff S
Home Talk

Creating a fence for your outdoor space just got a whole lot simpler — and not to mention super affordable — with this DIY pallet gate. The project sees pallets secured onto each other with a combination of screws and supporting wood boards to craft a wall.

The final pallet, which serves as a gate, is fixed with hinges to allow the unit to swing open and close.


Modern Outdoor Lounge


Wooden pallets were used to create the entirety of this chic outdoor lounging space. The cozy sectional, terrace floor, and coffee table — they're all crafted from pallets.

Pretty impressive, right? We sure think so!


Wooden Garden Walkway

Funky Junk Interiors

Connect your driveway to your lawn with a super simple and inexpensive wood walkway. The charming path is made of upcycled pallet boards arranged tightly together to create an eclectic passageway that flourishes in any garden it's placed in.


Nifty Garden Tool Storage

Carmen Whitehead
Flea Market Gardening

Here's a clever way to reuse a single pallet without the need for power tools, additional materials, or elbow grease. All you'll need to do is get your hands on a wooden pallet, lean it up against a wall, and slide all your garden tools within the gaps. Seriously, it's that simple!


Rustically Chic Headboard


Ready to take your pallet DIYs to the next level? Consider trying your hand at building this nifty headboard that was crafted entirely of upcycled materials.

The main structure is built from pallet boards and the floating shelves are repurposed, square glass samples. The wooden bedroom piece also features built-in lighting and electrical outlets.


Adorable Pet Bed

Home Frosting

Does your furry friend need an upgrade in the sleeping department? Look no further than this sweet repurposed bed. The original DIY sees the moveable bed crafted from a crate box, but this can easily be switched out for a pallet.

Using the reclaimed wood boards from the pallet, you can get to work building that bed form which is complete with rolling casters.


Cozy Pallet Hammock


Can't you just picture yourself gently swaying side to side as your lay lazily in this cozy hammock under the summer heat? We absolutely can! The project may be quite extensive, but the building plans are extremely thorough and super easy to follow.


Nifty Pallet Bar

DrBeardlicious Next

Using four wooden pallets, one crafty DIYer was able to put together this impressive bar. Two pallets were used for the front, one was cut in half for the sides, and the last was also split in two for the interior shelves.

The project was then completed with a wooden top, which was also crafted from reclaimed wood, and laminate glass.


Vertical Pallet Garden

DIY Show Off

What better way to integrate a vertical garden into your outdoor space than by DIYing your crafty planter out of a single pallet. All you'll need to do is remove three horizontal boards from the wood unit to create gaps in the pallet.

From there, you can stain each board in your color of choice. Once dried, insert fabric weed barriers in between the boards to create pockets for the herbs to reside in. Simply plant your greenery and watch your vertical garden flourish before your eyes.


Herringbone Ceiling Accent

Using reclaimed wood from 10 pallets, Kimberley from @home_kimprovements was able to create a rustically chic herringbone accent that fits perfectly in her inset tray ceiling. The process is quite time-consuming but it's certainly worth the commitment.


Comfy Pallet Daybed

Tanya Anderson
Lovely Greens

Napping throughout the day is so much more inviting now that you have this pallet daybed build in your life. Tanya Anderson of Lovely Greens is the mastermind behind the charming bed and side table duo that's crafted entirely of four pallets and covered in wood facing. The project was complete with a coat of paint and cozy furnishings.


Wood Laptop Stand


Sitting at a desk for hours at a time can take a toll on your body. With the new normal of working from home as the COVID-19 pandemic drags on, sore necks and painful backs are a common reality.

This is exactly what led one nifty DIYer to create a laptop stand from reclaimed pallet boards to alleviate their neck pain and correct their bad posture.


Charming Pallet Love Seat

Funky Junk Interiors

Building an entire lounge may not be possible for your tiny outdoor space. But that doesn't mean you can't still create cozy seating for your backyard, patio, or porch. You certainly still can, it just may have to be on a smaller scale.

Take a look at how lovely this DIY loveseat is which was built out of reclaimed pallet wood and adorned with comfy, rustic upholstery.


Chevron Coffee Table

The Merry Thought

Bring the pallet DIYs into your living room with this modern coffee table that looks straight out of a Pottery Barn catalog. Complete with a stunning chevron top and handy inner shelf, the small table is crafted out of repurposed pallet wood to give the unit a rustically charming appearance. Visit The Merry Thought for the full instructions.


Wood Serving Tray

DIY Huntress

With upcycled pallet planks, a coat of stain, and a whole lot of hard work, Sam of DIY Huntress was able to put together this modern serving tray. The DIYer based the design of the wooden piece on a similar West Elm tray that retails for $120, and her result is uncanny for a fraction of the cost.


Wine Rack


A wine rack crafted out of reclaimed pallet wood? Yes, please! Here's what you'll need to do for the crafty project: simply cut your pallet wood to size, sand down each piece, brush them with a coat of stain, and then assemble them into the chicest rack around.


Pallet Bed Base

The Sorry Girls

With four large pallets, MDF boards, a light sanding, and a coat of white paint, Kelsey and Becky of The Sorry Girls were able to create a modern bed base for a mere $50. Talk about a total steal!


Nifty Reclaimed Wood Nightstand


It's hard to believe this charming Mid-century modern nightstand table was crafted entirely of upcycled pallet wood. And on top of that, it was created during the first wave of the COVID-19 quarantine. Boredom certainly does yield some impressive results!


Coffee Cup Rack

Gail Wilson
My Repurposed Life

Let all your family and friends know you have a raging caffeine addiction with this reclaimed pallet wood mug rack. The project sees a wooden pallet taken apart, sanded down, and then stained a dark color.

Once dried, the pallet is reassembled to its original glory and painted with white lettering. The DIY is then completed with hooks installed on the bottom plank. Be sure to visit My Repurposed Life for all the crafty details.


Pallet Porch Table

Her Tool belt

Adorn your front porch with a slim table that's just as farmhouse chic as it is functional. The project is built from — yup, you guessed it — upcycled pallet wood, and given an update with a dark stain and white paint. Check out Her Tool Belt for the free building plans.


Pool Storage

Alexandra Stapleton-Smith
Home Talk

Not sure where to store your pool accessories? Enlist the help of a wooden pallet, spray paint, and cup hooks. Pool noodles, slim inflatable floats, and water guns can all be stored within the pallet gaps, where towels and bathing suits can be hung from the hooks to dry.


Pallet Swinging Lounge Chair


Using three pallets and fresh coats of paint, one DIYer was able to create this cozy tree swing with a shade roof. And by the looks of it, the lounger is already being enjoyed by all its inhabitants. How adorable!


Slim Backyard Work Table

Gail Wilson
My Repurposed Life

Gail Wilson of My Repurposed Life came across some free pallets in her neighborhood and decided to put the wooden pieces to good use. In doing so, she crafted a super functional table perfect for all her gardening adventures.

It was a simple process of dissembling the pallets, building the table, and finally sanding down the wood to remove its rough surface.


Pallet Deck


For less than $300, a DIYing couple was able to create a pallet deck that serves as an extension of their existing backyard patio area. The project required hard work, tenacity, and of course, plenty of pallets. You can check out the full build on Remodelaholic.