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13 DIY Outdoor Tiki Bar Ideas

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Coconut cups and little umbrellas may look festive, but when they’re made at a tiki bar, they’re transformative. It’s tropical fun and relaxation from your own backyard.

Whether it’s a poolside retreat or the ultimate party decoration, these DIY outdoor tiki bar ideas set the right tone. In warm locales, you can keep the party going year-round.

However, just because the temperatures drop in the winter doesn’t mean a tiki bar isn’t the perfect way to luau your way to better backyard celebrations. 


Bamboo DIY Outdoor Tiki Bar Ideas

Archie Binamira

Bamboo, a common tropical grass that’s used to make just about everything these days, is the epitome of tropical style. If you’re lucky enough to have access to the real deal, it will give your bar authentic flare.

Plus, it’s incredibly strong. Bamboo grows quickly and is nearly impossible to get rid of. If you know someone who has bamboo in their yard, chances are they’ll willingly part with some. 


Tiki Bar Decoration Ideas With Lights

Jon Tyson

Don’t forget to light it up! If you can’t see the bar, the party will end early. These outdoor lights offer a more permanent solution to twinkle lights.

String lights over the bar itself or use them to illuminate the entire backyard. Either way, your tiki bar will feel that much more authentic in the lighted twilight. 


Small And Simple DIY Outdoor Tiki Bar

Amber Kemp-Gersiel

Sometimes it’s the look you’re after rather than a functioning bar from which to serve drinks. This small and simple tiki bar adds color and life to a pool party or luau.

It’s made from a bookshelf, so it doesn’t take the design know-how to build the full meal deal. It can hold party favors or simply be the eye candy. 


The Full DIY Outdoor Tiki Bar


This DIY tiki bar takes the style to the full extreme. You need some construction skills (and tools) to pull this one-off. However, if you have a backyard pool, it’s totally worth it. 

It includes a roof, decor, and a fully functioning bar. Personalize it by changing the sign for something that speaks to your outdoor style.

With this tropical bar, if you put in the work, you reap the rewards. The rewards, in this case — awesome backyard parties that will make the neighbors jealous.


PVC Home Tiki Bar Ideas


Don’t let this picture deceive you. This PVC tiki bar functions just as well outside as it does inside. The PVC provides the structure for the bar, making it an inexpensive way to create countertop space .

The top can store drinks, snacks, or provide sitting space for party-goers. We love the faux bamboo, too. It screams outdoor party, in the nicest (non-hysterical) screaming kind of way. There’s no way the PVC is going to throw off the tropical vibe. 


Faux Tiki Bar Ideas


You can transform a party from blah to brilliant with this faux look. Soup up an existing table or go bare bones like this gorgeous, lightweight bar that functions indoors or out.

Inexpensive roll-up blinds are repurposed as a canopy to provide shade. Add a few lights and torches, and voila, you’ve got a tropical bar ready to go. This type works well for drink or food displays, keeping up the theme while providing practical space.


Pallet DIY Outdoor Tiki Bar Ideas

in the househouse

Are you going for authentic on a budget? Then look no further than the wood pallet tiki bar. Wood pallets litter shipping yards and alleys behind grocery stores. Snag yourself one, and put it to good use.

Always ask permission before taking pallets, and make sure the wood is heat-treated, not chemically-treated. Safety first.

The weathered wood brings a rustic island feel to the outdoors. You also save yourself some construction time by keeping the pallets, for the most part, in one piece.

We also love the jute-wrapped beams at this bar. The natural texture feels right at home in a backyard oasis.


Themed Tiki Bar Ideas


Tiki is already the theme, right? Wrong. Themed tropical bars can fit your personality or party better than just a plain bamboo-covered hutch.

This bar goes for Indiana Jones, looking like it’s straight out of the Temple of Doom. Pick a movie, book, or other island-inspired favorite, and use it as inspiration.

Pay attention to the details. A lantern, poster, or other accessories can make all the difference in the theme’s success. 


PVC Tiki Bar Decorations Ideas

Awesome Crafts

PVC pipe can provide the structure of the tropical bar or, in this case, the accessories. These island-inspired pieces bring the power of the totem to your party.

They’re simple and inexpensive to make and a fun way to get ready for a party. Make them in different sizes and widths, and don’t be afraid to be creative when making the faces. 


Poolside Backyard Tiki Bar Ideas


Water and tropical bars go together like peanut butter and jelly. Who doesn’t want to sip a drink while they lounge poolside? (The answer is no one.)

This tropical bar brings the island to the backyard pool. It’s not just the bar that feels like you’ve stepped into an Oceania vacation. The sign, ropes, and every accessory belong seaside. They’ve even brought in a faux parrot to complete the island look. 


Coconut Tiki Bar Decorations


Holy Coconut Head, Batman! A little creepy — these coconut decorations are the perfect blend of fun and (a little) scary. Using real coconuts, you can create different faces and use them as illumination around the tiki bar.

You’ll need some sculpting and painting skills, but no one will mistake this party theme.


Wine Bottle Tiki Bar Decoration Ideas


If you’re looking for something a little more romantic than a coconut head or standard backyard lights, look no further than a wine bottle tiki torch.

They put off a beautiful light, with the glass giving off a colored glow of its own. Be careful where you place them. You don’t want to add an unplanned bonfire to the party. 


Copper Tiki Torch


If you haven’t already noticed, lighting is almost as important as the tiki bar itself. These DIY copper tiki torches are full of character and gorgeous illumination. They look good alone or in clusters of three set up around the yard.