A wooden outdoor coffee table with cross designs and a hollow inside full of towels.

6 DIY Outdoor Table Plans

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Crazy Wonderful
Crazy Wonderful

An outdoor table is definitely something you’re going to want to have in your yard. If you ever plan on eating outside, you’ll need something to do it on. If you like to read or have drinks out on your patio, having a table to set those things down on would make things easier too. Most importantly, they’re a huge part of your outdoor decor.

A table is one of those DIY projects that can be fairly simple and straightforward. You don’t need a lot of skill to make a table (though you’ll need a bit more skill to make a nice one).

If you’re in the market for a DIY outdoor table of your own, then don’t go anywhere. These table project ideas will help you plan out your perfect outdoor living space.


DIY Outdoor Coffee Table With Chevron Tabletop Pattern

This table looks so unbelievably clean. It’s the perfect piece for someone who’s into that modern kind of style. The chevron pattern on the tabletop is a really nice touch. It’s almost hard to believe this is a DIY project because of how professionally finished it is.

The metal frame is definitely a big part of why this table looks so solid and clean. But it’s the tabletop that brings the whole thing together. While it does look like it would be a complicated process, making that chevron design would be fairly simple.

Like any other patterns, this one is all about measuring and cutting at the right angles. If you can do that, you can pretty much do anything. A table that looks as amazing as this one doesn’t have to be expensive or a challenge to make.


DIY Wooden Outdoor Dining Table With Concrete Tabletop

Concrete is more than just a really interesting choice for a countertop. A concrete tabletop would work really well, too. So long as it’s on a solid frame, it’ll be a great addition to your outdoor eating space.

Concrete is a really great material to use in outdoor furniture because of its durability. Concrete is built to last; it’ll weather cold conditions, rainstorms, even fires. The drawback is that it’s heavy, but it also won’t blow away in the wind, so there’s that.

Though it may seem like a challenge, it shouldn’t be too hard to make a DIY concrete tabletop. It’ll definitely cost you a lot less to make one than to buy one. Just again, make sure the frame of that table is nice and sturdy. You’ll want to be able to use it without it falling apart, after all.


DIY Pallet Outdoor Coffee Table With Tiled Table Top

Pallets are probably the one material any DIYer should know about. They’re durable, versatile, and most importantly, inexpensive. You can get used pallets from a bunch of different places. You can take them apart, use them in any project, paint or stain them, and make them look radically different.

Pallets are made with treated wood, which makes them pretty ideal for outdoor furniture DIY projects. Projects like this pallet coffee table, for instance. Something like this would be fairly simple to make on your own. Since it’s made with pallets, it would be a cheaper alternative to a store-bought outdoor table.

The tile on the top is a really nice touch. It gives this pallet table a touch of class, while still allowing it to feel really rustic. And the fact that it’s on wheels is definitely an added bonus. You’d be able to move that coffee table anywhere on your deck or porch. How cool is that?


Outdoor Picnic Dining Table And Bench DIY

The most recognizable outdoor dining table is probably the picnic table. A staple in parks and other public areas, they’re kind of synonymous with outdoor eating. And while they’re probably a little less common in our backyards, they’re still going to work well out there.

You don’t have to go for the true picnic table with the built-in benches. You could always opt for one that has picnic-style benches instead. A table set like the one here would give you the look of a picnic table, but with a lot more flexibility.

This is definitely the kind of DIY project anyone could do. If you have plans to really revitalize your outdoor living space this summer, then this would definitely be a great option. And remember, since it’s made of wood, staining and painting are always great ideas to make that table a little bit more you.


DIY Wooden Coffee Table With Built-In Storage

Crazy Wonderful

What’s better than an outdoor coffee table? An outdoor coffee table that just so happens to have storage space in it, that’s what. It’s really great when we can have furniture that does double-duty. Of course, it's not a requirement, but we love to have it.

This table has a really nice farmhouse feel to it. So it’ll be great if you’re into having a backyard that looks like it could be part of a ranch. But it would also look super good next to a nice outdoor sofa with some comfy cushions in it. It would also probably be a really fun DIY project to take on.

And of course, that storage. You could put anything you wanted in there. It would be great for towel storage if you had a pool. Or maybe cushion storage for when you don’t quite need all of them out at once. Or pretty much anything else.


Wooden Dining Table With DIY Cross Legs

A table like this one is just so nice and classic. It has a fun, versatile feel to it, even though those cross legs are making it feel just a bit rustic. But really, it could go with any backyard decor. We would love to eat at an outdoor dining table like this one.

The nice thing about this table is the way it’s been painted. Black and white wood just looks really good. Of course, you could opt to DIY your own table and not paint it, or you could decide to stain it instead. Either way, a wooden table like this would look amazing.