A closeup of an outdoor bench made out of wood and concrete.

8 DIY Outdoor Seating Ideas

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Even if you have a nice outdoor set up with a kitchen, tables, and decorations, you aren’t going to get very far without seating. Outdoor seating is where you go to relax and hang out. It plays a huge part in your ability to entertain guests.

There are so many different kinds out there. From dining chairs to couches to lounge chairs, you’re going to find a lot of variety.

You’re also going to find a lot of different DIY possibilities. Whether you want to save a bit of money, or you want something unique and custom to your tastes, there’s a DIY outdoor seating project out there for everyone.

Check out the different options in this list. They’re definitely going to impress everyone you know.


DIY Outdoor Swing With Comfortable Seating

Probably the best kind of outdoor seating out there is the porch swing. They’re so much fun. Unlike a swing set, they won’t make you dizzy, so you can relax on one all day.

Though they may seem like a difficult piece of furniture to build, they’re not really hard to DIY. It’s more or less the same process as making a sofa or loveseat. The only difference is, you know, the swing part.

Since it’s a porch swing, it’s going to work best there, but if you don’t have a covered porch like the one shown here, you can probably still make it work. You would just need some kind of bracket structure or A-frame to hold the cords. As long as you make it strong enough to keep everything from toppling over, you’re good to go.


Outdoor Sofa Made From A Bathtub DIY Seating Idea

Claw foot tubs are, like, the gold standard of bathtubs. Even if you don’t have space for one or you already have a bathtub, chances are you’ve dreamed of owning one. And we’re here to tell you that you can, just maybe not in the way you may think.

If you happen to luck out and find an old claw foot tub that probably couldn’t hold water anymore, save it. Cut a hole in the side, and turn it into a sofa. Yes, a sofa. Though it may sound crazy, it actually works really well.

This may take a little more skill or specialized tools than some of the other DIY seating ideas in this list. But it’s definitely worth it. How many people can seriously say they can sit in a bathtub in their yard? And how many more can say that the tub in their yard looks good?


DIY Comfortable Outdoor Chair Seating

There’s nothing more classic than a nice outdoor chair to lounge around in. They’re perfect for reading books, sipping on drinks, or talking to friends. With a comfortable cushion in the bottom, they’re the best stay-at-home getaway you can have.

A DIY outdoor chair would be a pretty straightforward project to take on. It’s all about building the frame for the seating, and then putting a couple of cushions on top. There’s so many ways you can make it your own, from painting and staining, to using colorful cushions.


DIY Outdoor Pallet Sofa Seating Idea

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We already know that pallets are basically the perfect DIY material. You know, since you can do nearly anything with them. That includes building an entire loveseat sofa.

Some pallet furniture doesn’t look the best. But if you know how to use pallets, you can make it so that your project doesn’t even look like it’s made of pallet wood. And a DIY seating area like this one is a really great way to do that.

Seriously, at first glance, you wouldn’t be able to tell that this baby is made of pallet wood. That’s probably partially because the seating looks so comfortable with those cushions on it. And really, the best kinds of DIY projects are the ones that have these kinds of incredible transformations.


DIY Wooden Bench With Planters Outdoor Seating Area Idea

A bench is another really classic kind of outdoor seating you’ll probably want for your own yard. They’re great for around the garden where you can look out onto all of your plants. They’re also great along a porch, or anywhere else you need a lot of seating.

This bench is super cool because it has planters built into either side. The planters help give it a bit more character, and bring some life into the bench. It’s a really fun DIY idea that will elevate a simple bench into something extraordinary.

And while building the planters may equal a bit extra work, it’s worth it. You’ll have two new boxes where you can plant whatever you want. Get creative and add cool flowers. Or go a bit more traditional with some small shrubs.


DIY Wood And Concrete Seating Bench


If you prefer your benches to not have planters attached to them, you might find this a bit more appealing. It has a wooden seating area supported by concrete legs, giving it a really cool look.

We really love the contrast between wood and concrete. In an outdoor setting, it just seems right. These are two materials that are often used in DIY and construction projects, after all. So this bench really combines the best of both worlds.


DIY Wooden Sofa Seating Idea

This particular outdoor sofa has a really clean look to it. It’s wood, so it can pretty much go with any design. And it’s a really simple design to boot. You won’t have to worry about it clashing with rustic tables, or modern rugs.

The best part about a simple DIY outdoor sofa like this one is that you can use any kinds of cushions that you want. You could go crazy with some funky patterns. You could try bold solid colors. You could even go classic with a white or off-white seating. It’s all entirely up to you.


DIY Outdoor Sectional Seating Area

If you want to entertain a lot of people (and you have the room for it) then you may want to think about a sectional. A nice, outdoor sectional is a great way to ensure all your guests have seating to feel comfortable in.

Sectionals are a lot bigger than chairs or even benches, which means more work to DIY. But if you know what you’re doing, that project can still go by pretty quickly. And you’ll save a lot of money doing it yourself versus buying.