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13 DIY Outdoor Plant Stand Ideas

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Simple Made Pretty

Long gone are the days of keeping your outdoor potted greenery in simple planters that, frankly, don't do them justice. Instead, you need to flaunt your vegetation proudly, and fortunately, we have just the project — a DIY outdoor plant stand. From vertical planters that serve as a privacy screen to tiny stands crafted out of Jenga blocks, explore all the nifty displays sure to make your flowers and herbs radiant.


Multi-Shelf Plant Stand

Hydrangea Treehouse

Let's face it, not every home has room for a vast garden that seems to stretch on for miles. So what do you do if you want to grow your own herbs and veggies but your dwelling simply won't allow it? The solution's quite a simple one — create a multi-layered plant stand. A wooden three-tiered shelf, much like the one crafted by Hydrangea Treehouse, allows homeowners to finally grow their own garden while utilizing as much vertical space as possible. Whether it be in a tiny backyard, on a narrow condo balcony, or indoors near a window that streams in plenty of sunlight, this DIY plant stand can be the perfect addition to your living space.


Mini Decorative Plant Holder

Tylynn Sattler
Bitterroot DIY

Why buy a planter for your outdoor greenery, which can often cost upwards of $50, when you can DIY a plant stand in under two hours all while sticking to a serious budget? Take it from Tylynn Sattler of Bitterroot DIY who proved how simple crafting a plant stand from scratch can be. You totally need to check out her complete tutorial.


Hanging Garden

Hanging Garden
Homemade Modern

Here's another take on a simple garden that maximizes vertical space. This hanging DIY outdoor plant stand features five wooden shelves that each house a row of four potted plants. The shelf boards were cut to size, drilled into to create the holes for the plants to reside in, and then threaded together with rope. From there, zip ties were used to hold the boards in place and help support the weight of the plants. It's so simple yet so handy!


Modern DIY Outdoor Plant Stand

Ashley Basnight
Handmade Haven

This ultra-modern plant stand may be more of an intermediate build, but no one can deny how elegant of a display it is for your most treasured potted friends. Ashley Basnight of Homemade Haven details her process of building the crafty feature from start to finish, which is easily moveable and can be stored away during the winter months. Head over to her site for all the nifty details!


Dollar Store Jenga Stand

Simple Made Pretty

Now let's say you want a DIY outdoor plant stand to put even your tiniest of greenery on full display. Well, there's a project for that too and you'll be happy to know that it's doable for a dollar. Yup, you read that right — this DIY will cost you a single dollar! All you'll need is a glue gun and Jenga blocks. The small wooden blocks are glued together to create an elevated base for your potted plant to dwell in. It's unbelievably easy and so clever! You can find the full tutorial on Simple Made Pretty.


Upcycled Drawer

Jessica Fediw
Happy Together by Jess

Sometimes using what you already have is the best approach to a DIY project. Just take a look at this cabinet drawer turned plant stand created by Jessica Fediw of the crafting blog Happy Together By Jess. Not only is the design super clever, but it also adds a modern touch to any space, indoors or out!


Pallet Herb Planter

DIY Show Off

Wooden pallets have proven over and over just how versatile they are in the DIY realm. So it comes as no surprise that you can upcycle a pallet into the vertical herb garden of your dreams. All you'll need to do is source your pallet, remove a few boards on one side of the unit to create larger gaps between planks, stain the planter to whatever color works for your backyard, and finally use a fabric weed barrier to create pockets in each column to house the growing herbs. Okay, this is a super condensed explanation of the project, but luckily you can peruse the entire step-by-step breakdown by DIYer Roeshel on her blog DIY Show Off. And once you do, you'll be DIYing your own pallet garden in no time!


Simple Circular Plant Holder

The Merry Thought

Looking for a chic plant stand that you can use both indoor and outdoor? This simple DIY by The Merry Thought is for you! The short-statured unit features two circular shelves with room to hold one small plant on both the top and bottom. You can take the plant stand outside on warm sunny days to let your potted pals soak in all that sunlight, and then move the wooden feature back inside whenever the weather is cold and gloomy. It's the perfect setup!


Vertical Herb Garden

Michael Wurm
Inspired By Charm

What do you get when you combine a hanging wire file organizer with coco fiber liners? The answer is a vertical garden that's so slim it can be hung on practically any wall! You seriously need this DIY by Michael of Inspired By Charm in your life.


 Cedar Lattice Planter for Multiple Plants

Patti Estep
Hearth And Vine

Have a wooden lattice laying around your home that you have absolutely no use for? Well, now you do! You can DIY your own plant stand with nothing more than a six-foot lattice cut into two equal pieces that are hinged together at the top, as well as, two shelves (one longer than the other) made from a 12-inch by six-foot pine board. Pretty simple, right? Patti Estep of Hearth and Vine thought so too. Finish the project off with spray paint to protect the wood and give the unit a cohesive appearance. 


Rolling Outdoor Stand

Morgan & Sean McBride
Charleston Crafted

While many of the other DIY outdoor plant stand ideas on the list are mobile, none thus far have incorporated four easily moveable casters. But this multi-shelf stand, which can hold a plethora of outdoor greenery, does. The plant holder is created out of pressure-treated lumber and cedar planks in order to withstand the elements and create a modern look. Be sure to check out the full building instructions here


 Vertical Privacy Screen Planter

Angela Marie
Angela Marie Made

Not only does this lengthy planter hold up to three flower plots, but its tall stature also allows this stand to function as a privacy screen panel. How nifty! The dual-purpose unit — designed by Angela Marie of Angela Marie Made — is a relatively simple build and can be made out of both cedar or pine, but keep in mind that cedar tends to weather the elements better than the latter. 


 Outdoor Plant Stand

Handmade Weekly

Hannah of Handmade Weekly shares her plans for a modern double-decker cedar DIY outdoor plant stand that'll spruce up any exterior area. On a backyard deck? Yes. Beside your front door? Absolutely. Even on a tiny balcony overlooking the city? Okay, you get the picture!