Outdoor patio kitchen with stone countertops, TV, bar/seating area, and wooden pergola in a backyard by a body of water.

7 DIY Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Originally contributed by Ashley Hunte • last updated 1/15/2021

These days, outdoor kitchens are all the rage. And honestly, you can’t go wrong with them. Not only do they give you the space to prep and cook outside on a nice day, but they give you a chance to show off to all of your friends and relatives.

You may look at an outdoor kitchen and think they’re a luxury, something that only the biggest backyards and the most infinite budgets can have. But that’s actually not the case. If you have space to grill (and space to eat), you can fit a decent sized kitchen in your yard. Even smaller yards can benefit from a bit of counter space near the grill.

Bigger and more elaborate kitchens may come with a price, but you can actually DIY an outdoor kitchen for a lot less, as long as you’re willing to put in the elbow grease. Whether you want all the bells and whistles you can fit in your yard, or you just want a place to grill that’ll give you a little bit of shelter, you’re sure to find plenty of ideas for your DIY outdoor kitchen.

Remember that every backyard is different, and some spaces will be bigger or smaller than others. You may need to go outside and find the measurements for yourself to see what exactly you can handle, and tailor these projects or inspiration pieces to your specific needs. But that’s okay because you can at least say your outdoor kitchen is one-of-a-kind.

These seven outdoor kitchens will inspire you to go out and get one – or make one – for yourself.

1. DIY Outdoor Kitchen With Pergola

This outdoor kitchen is cute, quaint, and mighty functional. It has a good deal of prep space and a sink, meaning you can wash and rinse ingredients right there. The overhang counter behind the grill is an ideal place to put stools, making it perfect for entertaining. It also has a pergola, which provides some shade (though more importantly, it looks mighty nice). The best part? It’s a DIY project.

The DIY plans for this outdoor kitchen are from  The Owner Builder Network and can be found here. This includes all the materials you’ll need and detailed instructions with images that show each step. This is not a day project and you will need a good chunk of time to complete it, but the end result will last a long time.

2. DIY Brick Kitchen

This DIY outdoor kitchen from Chris Loves Julia packs a lot of charm into a small space. The brickwork is not only breathtaking but adds a bit of sturdiness to the overall structure.

Although the plans for this kitchen do not come with detailed measurements (because the structure itself is tailored to the size of the grill), it shows you what materials to use and details the entire process from start to finish. If you already have a grill of your own or plan to get one with an outdoor kitchen in mind, you could definitely follow along with this kitchen plan.

3. DIY Barbeque Shack

This kitchen enclosure has room for barbeques and grills, all while providing some shade from the sun. It gives you the feeling of being inside, all while being outside. The metal roof paired with the wood along the walls makes it feel very rustic, but it also gives you shelter, meaning you can keep grilling in the rain.

The plans, which can be found here on While I Linger, don’t give exact measurements – as this is specific to what you need and how much space you have – but it details the entire process and shows you which materials they use.

4. Pallet Outdoor Kitchen

This outdoor kitchen is made using reclaimed wood pallets. As strange as that sounds, pallets are incredibly versatile and readily available from a number of sources, so they make great materials for DIY projects. The end result is a very clean, quaint kitchen.

This DIY project, which can be found on 1001 Pallets, walks you through the process but again does not give any precise measurements. With that said, seeing how this project uses wood in different ways will definitely provide inspiration.

5. Backyard Kitchen Oasis

This incredible outdoor kitchen is part of a larger entertainment area. Despite its high-end appearance, it’s actually a DIY project. The entire process can be found here on Place of My Taste.

This kitchen really has it all. A grill, a mini-fridge, a sink, a beautiful pergola and multi-tiered decking, plenty of seating both at the bar at the back of the counter and at the table next to the kitchen area, and so much more. It has string lighting around the pergola and the rest of the entertainment area, meaning it can be used day or night. It’s overall a great outdoor kitchen to look at if you’re in need of ideas.

6. Spacious Concrete Kitchen

With its sturdy concrete countertops, this outdoor kitchen is ready to withstand all kinds of weather. The spacious U-shape of this kitchen gives you plenty of room to prep and cook, along with a sink, as well as room for barstools along the back end. And yes, that is a TV on the wall.

A kitchen like this may scream luxury, but it’s so beautiful to look at that it’s sure to get your creative juices flowing. You’re bound to find an idea or two from this outdoor kitchen.

7. Outdoor Kitchen With A View

This outdoor kitchen takes backyard entertainment to the next level. Not only does it have everything you would need in a kitchen, but it also has an island, perfect for seating. The shelter and lighting mean you can keep the party going day or night, and it even has a television, because why not? Not to mention the breathtaking view. If only we could all have a view like that.

Of course, a kitchen like this may be nothing more than a dream, but it doesn’t hurt to take a look at what’s out there. You know, for inspiration.