Outdoor Gym Pull-Up Bar

13 DIY Outdoor Gyms

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Larry Craytom

DIY outdoor gyms let you challenge yourself from the comfort of home. Use your preferred workout style — Crossfit, weight-lifting, HIIT, etc. — and fitness goals to determine the right design, layout, and equipment.

You can get creative and incorporate nature into the design or focus on a DIY calisthenics gym if that’s what works for you. The point being, you can adapt and create an outdoor home gym that’s perfect for you and your available space.


Pull-Up Bar In The Outdoor Home Gym

Larry Craytom

The pull-up is a classic exercise that works the entire upper body, including the abs. Be sure to install the pull-up bar at a height that works for you.

Another option is an adjustable pull-up bar. Adjustable models allow you to lower or raise the bar for different uses. Users of different heights and strengths can successfully use an adjustable bar, but it can also function as a push-up bar at the lower levels. 


Outdoor Gym Equipment — The Battle Rope

Milada Vigerova

Simple in design, battle ropes use gravity and physics to challenge the muscles. They’re an excellent addition to an outdoor gym because you can buy ropes that withstand rain and sun.

If the DIY outdoor gym plans include a tower of some kind, a battle rope can easily be attached for use during various exercises. Rope can also be stored in a bin or hung on a wall when not in use. 


Outdoor Gym Equipment — The Humble Tire


Outdoor gyms open the door to unconventional workouts, including the use of everyday objects as equipment like old tires. A tractor tire, or any tire really, becomes an obstacle to jump over, lift, or push.

They make a good addition to a functional fitness gym, where practical exercises strengthen the body for everyday activities.


DIY Outdoor Gym With Lights


Think about lighting when designing your DIY outdoor gym because daytime isn’t the only time you might want to hit the weights. String lights, extra porch lights, or even spotlights can do the trick.

However, the gym will look better if the lights are incorporated into the design rather than slapped on as an afterthought. Be careful of placement. You don’t want lights to end up where they can get hit by a medicine ball, barbell, or wall stand.

For your safety, they should also be specifically designed for the outdoors.


Wooden Outdoor Gym Equipment


Don’t discount the power of simple beams and bars. Over, under, and in-between, you can pull up, push out, or attach extra equipment to the structure, like a TRX system or rings.

This type of layout takes some basic building know-how. However, there are pre-made kits available if the design part isn’t something you're keen on. This deceptively simple setup can seriously challenge the body (and provide a play area for kids).


Weather Protection For The Outdoor Home Gym


Weather protection is a vital element for a year-round (or close to year-round) outdoor gym. Outdoor home gyms let you enjoy the fresh air. However, sometimes that air is a little too fresh, meaning too much sun, wind, or rain.

A gym under cover keeps you working out even when the temperatures rise or fall. This gym includes rollable sun shades that offer extra sun and wind protection, in addition to the under-deck coverage.


DIY Calisthenics Gym With Plyometrics Box


Get your calisthenics on with a series of box jumps. This easy DIY plyo box features a sturdy build that can take the heavy forces that developing a vertical requires. Consider making several boxes of varying heights that can nest inside each other.

Or, flip them over and use your plyo boxes to store extra exercise equipment. You’ll save storage space and give yourself several difficulty levels to work into your exercise routine. 


Outdoor Home Gym Built Into The Existing Design


Outdoor gym equipment isn’t always the most attractive in the backyard. This DIY outdoor gym fits within the existing structure of the deck and has materials that fit within the home design.

The wood matches the house and backyard divider, with the beams featuring a trellis-like design. The overall design also blends natural materials (the wood) with the synthetic materials and build of the gym equipment. It still looks like a gym, but it definitely fits the design of the home. 


Outdoor Home Gym Ideas With Mobile Storage


It doesn’t matter whether the gym is inside or outside, you're going to need storage. This outdoor trunk with a DIY wheelbase provides easily accessible (mobile) storage. Mobility is an important factor.

Mobile storage lets you pull it out to access equipment and tuck it away when you’re not using the home gym. In some cases, all you have to do is attach casters to an outdoor storage bin, and voilà, you’ve got a mobile outdoor storage unit.


A Place For Everything In The Outdoor Home Gym


An organized outdoor home gym lets you smoothly navigate workouts. You’ll get better use out of your space if everything has a place.

This setup features distinct stations with flooring and storage racks to define the space. The use of flooring or tile provides an impact-absorbing surface to protect your equipment (and your body), too.


Outdoor Home Gym Ideas With Atmosphere


Setting matters to your workout mindset. This gorgeous outdoor gym features tropical plants, stepping stones, and zen-like rocks to calm the entire workout space.

The entire setting lets both the mind and body come to a healthier place. Creating an attractive setting also keeps the outdoor gym from becoming an eyesore. In this setting, it almost becomes part of the landscaping.


DIY Outdoor Gyms With Creativity


Who needs pre-built gym equipment when you have wood, metal, and tools? If you want to take DIY to a new level, check out this outdoor home gym setup.

From the cement “weights” to the bench and barbell, it’s all either homemade or repurposed. Impressive — yes. Easy — no.

However, use it as inspiration for small aspects of your home gym that you can DIY. A bench, for example, doesn’t require an expensive design to offer sturdy usage, and almost anything heavy can act as a weight.


Use Nature As Outdoor Gym Equipment


What if you could set up a gym without pre-built equipment? Or a homemade bench or barbell? In some cases, it’s entirely possible to use nature as an outdoor gym. Take this example.

The tree trunk becomes the plyo box, branches act as pull-up bars, and the surrounding area transforms into an obstacle course. Look at what exercise equipment makes your body do. Then, examine what areas of your natural environment can make your body do those same things.

It could be carrying a sack of flour, jumping onto or over a tree stump, or using lines in the pavement as obstacles. Suddenly, the entire world becomes your DIY outdoor gym.