13 DIY Outdoor Games

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Summer may be a ways away but it's never too early to start daydreaming about all your outdoor adventures. You might want to tan under the sun getting lost in a novel one day and take your once cooped-up bicycle out for a spin the next.

Or maybe you're picturing days where your entire family is outside challenging each other to a game of giant Jenga. Does that sound like the perfect way to spend your free time? Then you'll certainly enjoy the DIY outdoor games below that are just as simple to craft as they are fun to play!


DIY Outdoor Party Games

The Crafting Chicks

Nothing screams a party for kids then pin the tail on the donkey. The classic game can be converted to a DIY outdoor game with a large, printed donkey hung on an exterior brick wall or wooden fence.

A printable picture of an adorable donkey, complete with its accompanying tails, can be downloaded for free on The Crafting Chicks.


Cheap DIY Outdoor Game Of Cornhole


Have any scrap plywood laying around? If so, take this as your sign to transform all that leftover wood into a nifty backyard cornhole game that's practically free to create.

The wood unit is complete with four holes ranging in sizes that are painted and adorned with numbers to indicate points. Leather bags filled with small stones were then used to create the throwing pouches.

But if you don't have any leather on hand, the material can easily be swapped out for fabric or vinyl. Use whatever you have available at home!


Chip Shot Golf Is Such A Fun Outdoor DIY Game

Addicted 2 DIY

Want to take your cornhole yard game up another level? Follow in the footsteps of Katie from Addicted 2 DIY, who combined the bean bag tossing game with mini-golf.

In doing so, she crafted a brilliant DIY outdoor game she named chip shot golf. The structure is built entirely of plywood, including the unit's legs that fold up for easy storage.

A hole saw was used to drill ten circles into the top section of the game board. Finally, astro turf was applied to its front for a grass-like appearance that brings the mini-golf game to life!


Giant Jenga Is The Perfect DIY Outdoor Yard Game

Kelsey & Becky
The Sorry Girls

Cutting seven 2x4s into 54 rectangular blocks was all it took to create this jumbo Jenga game set. Kelsey and Becky of The Sorry Girls finished the simple project off by painting the ends of the wooden blocks in bright colors.


DIY Outdoor Game Table


Made popular on TikTok, a custom beer pong table is the DIY outdoor game for adults every summer party needs. To begin the project you'll need to get your hands on a standard folding table and begin sanding down its top surface.

Once rough, brush on several coats of latex primer. You'll need to wait a day for each layer to dry before applying another. After the final coat of primer is dry you can start taping off sections to be painted with your crafty designs of choice.

The table was then finished with four coats of resin epoxy to ensure all that hard work is securely sealed and ready for beer to be spilled on!


Balloon Batting Practice Is A Splashing DIY Outdoor Water Game

iCandy handmade

Replacing baseballs with water balloons may not be the most practical way to score a home run, but it sure will help you cool off on a hot summer day.

And hey, who wouldn't want to smash water-filled balloons with bats in their backyard? We sure do!


A Scavenging DIY Family Outdoor Game

Squirrelly Minds

You'll want to wrangle up all the little ones for this DIY outdoor game for kids that turns the classic game of Bingo into a scavenging family affair.

The printable scavenger hunt available on Squirrelly Minds will have everyone in your household searching your yard for all sorts of plant life, insects, and outdoor items.

Players can win by collecting an entire line, whether that be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal. Or for an added challenge, consider competing for a full house, where all squares are filled.


DIY Outdoor Board Game Mat

Kojo Designs

Why create one outdoor board game for you and kiddies to play with when you could have three games literally rolled into one?! Using a table runner, fabric paint, tape, and sponge brushes, you'll be able to DIY as many board games as you can fit on the runner.

The above project sees checkers, tic tac toe, and mancala boards painted onto the fabric. But the sky is truly your limit when it comes to your own rollable board game mat. And as for the game pieces, consider using whatever natural materials you can find outdoors, like seashells, small rocks, or flower pedals.


The Beersbee DIY Outdoor Drinking Game

Great Lake Locals

Beersbee — known by many names, including Polish horseshoes and frisknock — is a competitive game that sees two opposing teams trying to knock their opponent's beer bottle off of a pole.

It's a simple game that can be just as easily DIYed for under $20 using PVC pipes to construct the poles and wood scraps to create the bottle platform. All that's left to do is pour everyone a cold one and go to town flinging frisbees at empty bottles.

For a family-friendly option, opt for soda or juice instead of beer.


Giant Dominoes DIY Wooden Outdoor Game

Allison Murray
Dream A Little Bigger

Much like the giant Jenga blocks, creating jumbo dominoes involves cutting some eight-foot-long 2x6s into individual pieces.

Each block was sanded, stained, and turned into classic dominoes with painted dots and divider lines. For all the crafty details, be sure to visit Dream A Little Bigger.


DIY Outdoor Tic Tac Toe Game

Emily Waddell
Seeking Alexi

As one of the simplest DIY outdoor games on the list, this large-scale tic tac toe game requires little actual crafting since the jumbo Xs and Os are premade.

Thus, the only real DIY element of the project is gluing wooden spheres to the ends of four pieces of rope to create the parallel line game board.


DIY Outdoor Ring Toss Game

Anika Gandhi
Anika's DIY Life

Bring the classic carnival game of ring toss to the comfort of your backyard using wooden boards, copper pipes, manila rope, and electrical tape.

As you've probably guessed, the wood and pipes make up the base, whereas the rope and tape create the tossing rings. For the complete instructions, check out Anika's DIY Life.


DIY Outdoor Twister Game

DeDe Bailey
Designed Decor

Don't have a Twister mat around? DIY your own set of colorful circles with chalk, much like DeDe Bailey of Designed Decor did. To make the spinner (if you don't already have one available), get your hands on a black foam board and paint a circle divided into 16 equal parts with colors that match the chalk circles.

The nifty board was then completed with a wood finger that when flicked points to a color on the spinner. Pretty simple, right?

And we haven't even got to the best part — the game washes right off your driveway or sidewalk after the kiddos are done playing!