A wooden table with a cross design along the legs and a concrete slap for a tabletop.

8 DIY Outdoor Furniture Ideas

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Amy Baesler

With the weather looking better each day and more and more of us venturing out of our indoor hibernation, this is the perfect time to start thinking about your outdoor furniture. If you want to entertain — or even just want a place for yourself — you’re probably going to want a nice al fresco lounge area.

Chairs, tables, benches, even rugs and other accents. These can all help you create a great space in your yard. And if you’re looking to save a buck, you could definitely do a lot of the work yourself. There are plenty of DIY outdoor furniture ideas out there.

There are also a lot of ideas right here, so make sure you take a look. You never know where inspiration could hit, after all.


DIY Wooden Outdoor Table And Bench Furniture Set

Picnic tables and benches are the perfect outdoor furniture pieces to have. You can fit a lot of people on those benches, which means you can do a lot of entertaining. You can also elevate the look of a classic picnic table by making it look a little more upscale. Sort of like the table and bench set shown here.

This DIY furniture set is based on a similar item sold at the Pottery Barn (but will cost you a lot less to make yourself). Their beautiful wooden surfaces are so classy, and they definitely look sturdy enough to withstand rain and cooler temperatures.

There’s so much room at this table that you could have a lot of family and friends over at once. This is definitely a great idea for anyone looking to make the most of their outdoor time this summer.


Simple DIY Outdoor Wood And Concrete Bench


A bench is a must-have piece of furniture for any space. This DIY outdoor bench is kind of perfect, if only because of how simple it is. Seriously, it’s just wooden planks and some concrete pavers! It wouldn’t take a long time to make at all.

The best part about benches like this one is that you could make it shorter or longer if you wanted to. You know it’s going to be sturdy because of the concrete and wood, so you won’t have to worry about it breaking down. And it’s really nice to look at; you could even stain the wood different colors and make it fit your space even more.

There’s definitely a lot to love about a bench like this. Not only because it’s so simple to make, but because it would cost way less than buying an outdoor bench at the store. The power of DIY is truly amazing.


DIY Outdoor Hanging Porch Swing Furniture Idea

Okay, seriously, what’s cooler than this? Porch swings are kind of the best outdoor furniture pieces, and to DIY one just like this would be a dream. It looks like so much fun to sit and swing in!

Of course, you would need a space to hang this. A porch would work, but if you could build some kind of reinforced frame for it to hang on, that would probably also work. It just needs to be a structure that can support the weight of the swing plus a couple of humans when they sit in it

With the cushions, it looks so comfy! We only wish we could sit in a swing just like this one.


DIY Outdoor Coffee Table With Storage Space

Crazy Wonderful

Having a coffee table next to your outdoor sofa is kind of ideal. Where else would you put your drinks or set your book down when you’re having a relaxing day out in the yard? The great thing about a DIY outdoor coffee table is the fact that you can make it the exact size you want. Plus, you’re going to spend way less to make than to buy!

The cool thing about this DIY table is the fact that it has all that room underneath. It’s the perfect storage space for anything you’d need. Cushions, blankets, towels, tablecloths. This thing could hold pretty much anything (or at least, anything you’d be comfortable leaving outside).


Octagonal Coffee Table Outdoor DIY Idea

Amy Baesler

If you’d prefer a bit more of an unconventional look, then why not an octagon? Octagonal tables may not be super common, but that doesn’t mean they’re going to be difficult to make. It’s all about knowing what angles to cut.

And this cute coffee table is a great way to bring a farmhouse look outdoors. That cross lattice effect along the base is so cool. It’ll help you get one step closer to making your backyard look more like a barnyard.


DIY Wood And Concrete Outdoor Coffee Table

Amy Baesler

You know what would be a sturdier material for a tabletop than wood? Concrete! As difficult as it sounds to pour concrete onto a wooden table, it’s not really that complicated. Mostly because, with a design like this, you wouldn’t be pouring concrete at all.

The trick is to just get a concrete paver that’s big enough to act as the top for a coffee table. Build the frame, put the concrete slab on top… and that’s it. Really. It’s actually as simple as that.


Wood And Cinder Block DIY Outdoor Sofa Furniture Idea

This wood/cinder block hybrid is kind of like if a bench met a sofa. And honestly, that’s pretty cool. It’s so long, looks sturdy, and thanks to the cushions, is probably comfy to sit on. And it wouldn’t be a terribly difficult piece of furniture to throw together, DIY style.

The 4x4’s go into the slots in the cinder blocks, creating a stable area that you can sit on. That means you could potentially take it apart and move it if you wanted to. And because it’s wooden planks, you could make it longer or shorter in order to better fit your needs.


Claw Foot Tub Converted Into Outdoor Sofa DIY Idea

This is one piece of furniture we didn’t know we needed until now. Seriously, who would ever think to convert an old claw foot tub into a functional outdoor sofa? This has got to be the absolute coolest thing in the world.

This type of DIY would probably take a bit more expertise, since it involves cutting a bathtub to make room for seating. But if you can swing it, it’s definitely a great DIY idea to get some nice furniture into your outdoor space.