An outdoor setting with chairs, plants, and hanging string lights.

8 DIY Outdoor Decor Ideas

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Stacy Risenmay
Not Just A Housewife

The great outdoors is full of its own natural beauty. There are so many trees, flowers, animals, and other things that you won’t find inside. And though you may have a nice outdoor space nestled in nature, that doesn’t mean you can’t decorate.

Like your living room or bedroom, your outdoor space deserves to be spiffed up with some nice decoration. Lighting, planters (yes, more nature), signs, cushions, and ornaments can all help to tie that space together. Not to mention the fact that you’ll get to put your personal stamp on that living area.

Dare I say, outdoor decor is just as important as indoor decor. So if you need to liven your space up a bit, check out these awesome ideas for any time of the year.


DIY Front Porch And Door Decor Idea

Robert & Lauren
Bless'er House

Having a beautiful front porch is kind of important. It’s the first thing people see when they come to your house, after all. And when people drive by, they’ll look at your house and think, “That’s a nice house.” You won’t hear them say it, but you’ll know they did.

Part of that porch decor could be painting your door a bold color. Or, it could be adding some nice, clean planters that say, “I take care of my house, inside and out!”

There are more subtle things you can do to spice your porch up, too. Like adding a wreath. Wreaths can work for literally any season. Just get a bunch and cycle through them once the weather starts to change. That kind of consistency is key.


DIY Outdoor Living Space With Cute Lighting Decor

Thistlewood Farms

Spending long, summer nights with your loved ones is one thing we look forward to all year. Having an outdoor space to enjoy those warm nights is definitely important. Having some lighting to help you see while enjoying those summer nights is preferred.

There’s something so magical about hanging up string lights or fairy lights outdoors. It’s the one way that you can transform your outdoor seating area into a mystical garden. It’s the kind of decor that would work really well for a cottagecore photoshoot.

Finding a place to hang those lights could be tricky, though. But if you’re crafty, you could DIY yourself some nice posts for your fairy lights, no problem. And every summer night will feel like an adventure.


Subtle And Summery Outdoor Porch Decor

Kelly Elko

Summer is the one time of year where you can be outside consistently. It’s the one time of year where nature is in perfect harmony. And all of the different plants you can have on display on your porch is kind of unreal.

Porch decor like this is kind of subtle, yet perfect for the summer. All of the foliage is so nice, and not too overbearing. The striped planters are a really nice touch (I’m not sure why, but there’s something about black and white stripes that scream summer). Dog’s not included, but could be a great addition, too.


Christmas Holiday Outdoor Porch Decor

DIY Beautify

Unfortunately, it can’t be summer year-round. Fortunately, with winter comes the holidays! There’s really no better way to celebrate Christmas or any other holiday than with decor, inside and out.

A cute porch set up like this one is going to carry you straight through to Valentine’s day. Since Christmas is a really cozy time of year, rustic decor works really well. Even on the coldest of days, you can enjoy some nice, warm decor right on your front porch.

And yes, changing up your decor for each season is a bit of work. But seasonal decor is just so fun!


DIY Outdoor Spring And Summer Table Setting Decor

Robert & Lauren
Bless'er House

Getting together with your friends and family is fun. Having a nice outdoor lunch or dinner is probably even more fun (unless the weather isn’t nice, but that’s another story). Having a nice, big outdoor dining table for all your loved ones to sit around is just great. But what’s even better is having one that’s nicely decorated.

A bit of color coordination and some light decor can go a long way. Like this dining set, for example. The yellow in the chairs really compliment the gold on the vase. And all of that white and gray looks really cute. It’s the perfect spring/summer set.


DIY Outdoor Fall Fire Pit Decor Idea

Kelly Elko

Fire pits are literally so much fun. Even if you aren’t actively roasting marshmallows or anything, they’re just fun to sit around. And that firewood smell is out of this world.

Naturally, you may want to use your fire pit for as long as you can during the spring, summer, and even fall. While you’re using it, you might as well decorate it to fit the season.

Fall decor is so pretty, especially outdoors when the leaves begin to change. And a fall-themed fire pit is the ultimate cozy space.


DIY Outdoor Lounge Area Decor

Stacy Risenmay
Not Just A Housewife

String lights aren’t just ideal for around a fire pit. They work on your porch, patio, deck, or anywhere you have seating. If you want your backyard parties to go late into the night, you will definitely need some lighting.

The way this space is decorated is top notch. Not only do the lights add atmosphere (and light), but they work really well with all the dark wood. There’s even a vertical planter! This is absolutely how you do outdoor decor. This would be such a nice space to sit around with your friends and talk until the sun comes up.


Cute Outdoor Table Decor

Beth Hunter
Home Stories A To Z

Okay, this is just adorable. The white tablecloth is so clean. The wooden arch thing with the lights and garland is mystical. Combined with that cool pendant light, the whole table gives off a rustic, cottagecore theme.

Funny enough, this kind of table setting would work for an outdoor wedding. Or really any kind of party that takes place outside. It feels so festive, yet so casual. It’s formal, but at the same time it’s nice and cozy. All of your friends and family would for sure be impressed by how nice your table setting is if it looked like this.