Copper cabana with chevron curtains surrounds a black and white daybed

11 DIY Outdoor Daybed Ideas

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Ursula Carmona
Home Made By Carmona

Is there anything better than drifting off to sleep on a cozy bed that snuggles you like a soft cocoon? The answer should be an automatic ‘heck no.’ But surprisingly, there is something superior.

Feast your eyes upon the outdoor daybed. Imagine all the comfort of your bedroom's mattress and bedding but add in another dreamy component — nature.

Whether it's a swinging pallet bed secured to a tree or a soft sofa that turns your balcony into the oasis of your dreams, these DIY outdoor daybed ideas are sure to help you catch up on some major z's. Don't believe us? Just take a look at the swoon-worthy designs below. You won't regret it!


DIY Outdoor Bed On A Budget

Lovely Etc

Why purchase a daybed that can retail for upwards of $300 when you can DIY one yourself for a fraction of the cost! All you’ll need for the project is some plywood, paint, and a bit of elbow grease. Super simple, right?

Once you've crafted the bed structure, there's one last step to do — go to town picking out a comfy mattress and assortment of decorative pillows. Don't be afraid to let your personality shine! And be sure to check out the full tutorial on Lovely Etc


DIY Copper Cabana

Ursula Carmona
Home Made By Carmona

Ready to take your DIY outdoor daybed to the next level? Consider creating a dreamy cabana — crafted out of copper pipes — to surround your bed. You might be thinking to yourself: “won't copper oxide in the rain?” And that's a valid concern, one that Ursula Carmona of Home Made By Carmona pondered as well.

This is why the DIYer decided to seal her pipes with a clear coat before she assembled the structure. And once the cabana was built, she hung curtains from the pipes to complete the swoon-worthy look.


Wood Pallets Daybed

Tanya Anderson
Lovely Greens

Maybe a DIY outdoor daybed with canopy attachments or an overhead cabana may not work for your backyard. So perhaps this daybed and side table duo by Lovely Greens might be more up your alley.

The exterior seating area is crafted from four pallets stacked upon each other. For a cleaner, built-in appearance, additional wood planks were used to conceal the pallets on the front and sides of the structure. All that was left to do from there was add a coat of paint and finished the build off with bedding. 

When using pallet wood in any home project, always be sure to look for pallets that are marked “HT.” According to Tree Hugger, this marking meaning the pallets are heat-treated, and therefore safer to use, as opposed to pallets sprayed with neurotoxin and methyl bromide (marked as “MB”). 


A Porch Swing Can Double As A Daybed

Zoe and Andrew Hunt
Crafted By The Hunts

Here's a clever hack in the DIY outdoor daybed realm: a porch swing can make a pretty nifty bed. Now if you don't currently own a swinging bench, don't fret. The DIY couple of Crafted by The Hunts share a simple porch swing project that you can build over the span of a weekend.

Can't you just picture drifting off to dreamland whilst gently swaying back and forth in a soft breeze? We sure can!


Pallet Swinging Bed

The Merry Thought

There's an unwritten rule that states any outdoor space becomes so much more tranquil when swinging furniture are incorporated. We're talking hammocks, suspended macrame chairs, and even swaying pallet daybeds.

Okay, so maybe we made up this rule, but what we didn't fabricate is this swoon-worthy pallet bed oasis. In fact, you'll be able to relax in one of these bad boys by following the DIY outdoor daybed plans by Manda of The Merrythought. The bed base is built entirely of pallets and secured to a tree with pro-grade rope that has a load limit of 700 pounds. 


Daybed With Storage

Lexy Ward
The Proper Blog

Searching for a daybed that allows easy storing throughout the winter season? Look no further than this minimalistic daybed with built-in storage that can house all its accompanying bedding during harsh weather conditions.

While the bed may have been intended for use indoors, its simplistic nature makes it the perfect option for exterior lounging as well (especially when using materials that are made to withstand the elements). Be sure to check out this DIY outdoor daybed project by The Proper Blog.


DIY Mini Daybed

Erin Spain

Now let's say your outdoor space doesn't have the biggest square footage. Can you still have a daybed in your backyard? The answer's a definite yes! Just take a look at what DIYer Erin Spain was able to create while upcycling an old crib mattress.

Her daybed —which was created with interior use in mind — may be smaller than a traditional outdoor bed, but that doesn't make the miniature lounging area any less tranquil. Plus, get a load of all that surrounding storage space!


Outdoor Sofa Made From Ikea FJELLSE Bed Frames

IKEA Hackers

Who says a sofa can't double as an outdoor daybed? It certainly wasn't this clever DIYer who crafted her own sofa out of two Ikea FJELLSE bed frames. Once the structure was built, the daybed was stained and then adorned with bedding. From the looks of it, the outdoor couch is already being enjoyed. 


Daybed On A Balcony


Picture this: it's a late summer evening. You're enjoying a glass of red wine and reading a paperback novel on comfy bedding. The moment is so relaxing that you never want to leave it. It's only a gentle breeze, which blows unruly stray hairs out of your face, that makes you remember you're not in your bedroom. Rather, you're sat on your balcony breathing in the crisp air. Sound too good to be true? 

Well, we have good news. Creating a DIY outdoor daybed that's slim enough to fit on a balcony is absolutely possible. Just take a look at this pallet L-sectional sofa that easily doubles as a daybed. It's the perfect addition to a bare terrace!


 Dreamy Outdoor Bedroom

Simon Fritzell

Why stop at just a simple DIY outdoor daybed on your balcony, when you could create an entire bedroom complete with side tables, dreamy curtains, and a plethora of colorful accessories. Doesn't sleeping under the stars sound amazing? It sure does to us!


DIY Daybed With Canopy

Anne Peram

From the flowy sheer drapery to bold, comfy cushions, just about every element of this daybed with an accompanying canopy screams serene backyard haven.

Pinterest user, Anne Peram, was able to craft the relaxing outdoor piece in just two days by following the free plans of a DIY daybed by the sisters of Shanty2Chic. The structure looks absolutely peaceful, and we're so ready for some sweet slumber!