A fire burns inside a miniature tabletop DIY fire bowl on top of an outdoor patio table surrounded by patio furniture.

12 DIY Outdoor Coffee Tables

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Tidy Mom
Tidy Mom

There are plenty of outdoor seating and dining sets out there, but sometimes all you need is a simple, but durable coffee table for comfort.

When you can't find the ideal option in stores, why not make one? There are plenty of DIY outdoor coffee table plans and ideas that'll turn your porch or backyard into an oasis.

Whether you want wood, concrete, or metal, grab a hammer and maybe some paint and let's get makey.

Outdoor coffee tables are typically the same height as indoor ones, between 15 and 19 inches.

However, remember that some outdoor sectional sofa sets sit lower to the ground than indoor sofas so a lower coffee table height might be more comfortable for your space.


Pretty White And Cheap Outdoor Coffee Table

Anika Gandhi
Anika's DIY Life

You can't beat the price of this lovely outdoor coffee table: $15! Plus, it's easy enough for a beginner to tackle.

With some lumber, glue, and weather-resistant screws, this simple wood table looks anything but cheap. Table slats can be painted before assembling the table.


Nesting Round Outdoor Coffee Tables

Louis Hansel

If you have a covered outdoor space, you can reuse indoor-specific items to create an outdoor coffee table. Here, three smaller nesting side tables cling together for a modern coffee table.

Repaint the pieces with materials made for outside use. You can even paint the tops with spray paint formulated to make the surfaces look like stone.


Metal Outdoor Coffee Table With Fire Pit 


Why not make a modern metal outdoor coffee table with a mini firepit in the middle. The fire from the flames will reflect off the metal at night to create a magical atmosphere.

This table is made entirely from scratch with square tubing welded together under metal sheeting. Every welded area is ground down to look seamless and professional.

If you already have a base or legs, you can adapt the plans so that all you need to do is design the top.


Vintage Outdoor Wood Coffee Table 

Funky Junk Interiors

If you have an old wood sawhorse collecting dust in your shed or garage, transform it into a functional outdoor coffee table with character. This reclaimed wood DIY coffee table sits on a deck and since it's already weathered, it doesn't mind the sun.

The folks at Funky Junk Interiors added a top made of pallet wood and stenciled lettering on the sides makes it appear like a vintage roadside find. Look for any reclaimed wood for the table top. You may have some left over from other DIY projects, like outdoor planter boxes.


Reimagined Rustic Outdoor Coffee Table

J Ackerman
Ikea Hackers

What happens when trees fall on your aging wood patio set and crushes them? Well, you try to salvage any of the wood to create something new, just like this homeowner had to do.

Though an old Ikea set was water damaged, then tree damaged, she found some intact and undamaged lumber, just enough for a DIY outdoor coffee table. She also used some extra lumber to form a lip around the edge to finish it off.

A polyurethane coat can be added to shine it up, but the homeowner preferred the all-weathered look.


Rattan Outdoor Ottoman Coffee Table


You can certainly purchase a big and beautiful round rattan outdoor coffee table like this one from Wayfair. Or, you could make your own.

All you will need is a round outdoor rattan ottoman to top with the right size glass to recreate this look. Or, for a colorful alternative, group three smaller ones of varying colors.

Simple And Classic Red Cedar Wood Patio Coffee Table


If you would like the challenge of making this classic western red cedar outdoor coffee table, this plan from Instructables user mwawoodworks is right for you (also check out the video tutorial).

Red cedar is rot resistant and not too heavy. So you can move this rectangular piece around your patio or deck easily. It's an incredibly sturdy, stable coffee table that looks like it came from an upscale outdoor furniture store. You can varnish it in either satin or gloss for an elegant finish.


Summery Outdoor Tile Coffee Table

Censational Style

There's a bit of a backstory to this particular tiled outdoor coffee table from Centsational Style. It didn't last because it wasn't finished with polyurethane. It's a lesson for anyone who loves the look of tiled outdoor tables and wants one in a coffee table format.

You can choose any base and top it with a piece of wood you have treated with tile. Note that the edges are tiled too. Tiled tables may not fare that well in rainy weather, so it's best to keep it outdoors in an area that's sheltered from weather.

A polyurethane coat will finish and protect it too. Coat both top and bottom of the tabletop for a more durable outdoor table.


Colorful Mosaic Outdoor Coffee Table


If you prefer mosaic to regular square tile, then you will love these tables made mostly with sea glass. Making mosaic tables takes patience, time, and a lot of varnishing to protect the pieces.

The artist who made these tables had collected sea glass over the years and wasn't sure exactly how to display her collection. So she turned her stash into tables that she gave as personal gifts to family.

Rather than slather on polyurethane over the top after it was grouted, she took the time to varnish each piece individually using a small brush for extra durability. The tops are not as smooth as a regular tile table would be, so use of a tabletop tray will help keep drinks from toppling over. 


Outdoor Coffee Table With Cooler And Planter


Why build an ordinary outdoor table when you can have one with a built-in cooler and planter? The middle part of this one includes a space for a planter that can be removed and replaced with an ice bucket or cooler to fill with beverages.

This multipurpose coffee table is ideal for a small space where you can have one piece of furniture to fulfill many needs.

This DIY outdoor coffee table was made from scratch, but if you have a coffee table that needs to be put to better use, you can always adapt it with this plan: Cut out the center, brace the underside, and fill it with the right size planter or cooler.


Rugged Concrete Outdoor Coffee Table 


For the most rugged of all DIY outdoor coffee tables, you'll want a concrete top. Concrete is easier to "build" with than you may expect. You simply need molds to make the concrete parts, and a base that can support the weight.

You don't need to buy a mold, you can make one — this one was made from a sheet of melamine — to fit the base you are using. Although this base is made from cedar, you can make your base concrete, too.


Sturdy Square Outdoor Coffee Table


Here's another version of a DIY outdoor coffee table with a stone top, but this one is square for larger spaces. The star here is the X-brace base that's built to hold any kind of material, even heavy stone. Top the base with wood planks or any type of slab stone for a custom look.

There's nothing stopping you from using an indoor coffee table for an outdoor one. All you need to do is protect it with a weatherproofing product. Spray on weatherproofing protection is available for wood, wicker, and metal furniture.


Ingenious Outdoor Coffee Table With Storage For Cushions

Crazy Wonderful

This coffee table is an idea that's clearly out of the box. It's built with a hinged top that can be open to store seat cushions or other outdoor items. Or, you can leave it empty for a lightweight piece of furniture you can easily move around.

The sides are open so cushions are the only things making its home in the table, rather than spiders or other critters who love closed, dark outdoor spaces.