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5 DIY Outdoor Cat Shelters For Multiple Cats

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A catio for just one cat is a really nice idea, but a cat enclosure for multiple cats is even better. It's a spot where your cats can play and sleep while outdoors, which is honestly kind of ideal for them. After all, we all know cats love to be outside.

Some of us cat enthusiasts like to take it to the next level, taking care of any cat that wanders into our yard. And that’s a perfectly admirable aspiration to have! You just need to create a space for those cats to hang around whenever they stop by.

Luckily, there are so many cat shelter and sanctuary ideas out there that it's not too hard to find inspiration. These ones usually allow cats to come and go as they please, but still have enough protection to keep them safe from the elements.

If you’re interested in making your own outdoor cat shelters for all the local cats in your area, then you’re in luck. 


Outdoor Cat Shelter Made From A Chicken Coop

This cat shelter would be a great place for your house cats to hang around in, and because it was made out of an old chicken coop, it has a lot of space for multiple cats to roam around.

It also has a bit more structure to it, meaning that it’s great even when it’s raining or snowing. It’ll be pretty easy for a cat to stay warm and dry in there.

And don’t forget, since it’s made out of a chicken coop, a lot of the spaces are kind of cramped, which is how cats like it. So there’s no doubt that any cat would love to snuggle up in this kind of enclosure.

Though this example is fitted to let cats in and out of the house, it doesn’t have to be used like that. A larger structure like a chicken coop is designed to fit pretty much anywhere in a yard, so you could put it wherever you think it would work.


Outdoor Cat House Sanctuary

It’s pretty easy to forget the fact that cats need a lot less space than we think they do. They don’t necessarily need a huge enclosure to sleep in, though they can get territorial, so more space doesn't hurt

They can also hang around in tiny cat houses designed just for them. And yes, these houses would work inside as well as they would outside. 

There are little outdoor cat houses you can buy from a bunch of different retailers, but if you’d rather make something custom to what you need, then you can always make your own.

Something like this would be a great resting spot for an outdoor cat on the go, but it could also work for the strays that you may find wandering in and out of your yard. Either way, some cat out there will be happy for the resting spot. 


Large Outdoor Cat House Enclosure

This cat enclosure has everything a kitty would ever want. It has a little space for food and drink bowls, meaning they have a reliable place for a meal (and a shelf that’s perfect for resting on).

It has multiple little cubblies inside that are warm and safe from the elements, and even has little windows for any cat to stare out of, just like they would inside your house. This thing truly has it all.

And it’s so big, that it has room for a bunch of different cats. If you have more than a couple of kitties who love to be outdoors, this little structure would be perfect for all of them. No need for those cats to get territorial. 

As always, an enclosure like this one would also be really great for any of the local cats you may find wandering around from time to time.

Even if you don’t plan on taking them in, you can at least allow them to have a rest safely on a cold or rainy night.


Small But Mighty Outdoor Cat Enclosure

The winter backdrop that this outdoor cat enclosure is on definitely speaks to its sheltering abilities. As long as cats have a place to maintain their body temperature, they can keep themselves warm, even in colder climates. Something like this would be perfect for a cat on the go in the middle of winter.

As we already know, tight spaces allow cats to feel warm and safe, so even though this shelter looks small, it definitely has enough room for a cat or two to snooze for a few hours. It’s the kind of shelter that would definitely work in any part of your yard.

Having a little cat door along the bottom is the perfect addition, too. It lets you know that this is for cats, and it gives cats a way inside that isn’t too obstructive or would let too much cold air in.

So any cat that wanders by would be able to take full advantage of the warmth and safety that this thing provides. And there are lots of windows, which are also important.


DIY Cat Shelters Made From Tubs

These little cat shelters are purrfect. They may not be the prettiest on this list, but they do the exact job they need to do. They’re small, cozy, and have a little bit of an opening in the front. And honestly, what cat wouldn’t love that?

Each little shelter is the perfect size for a single cat, which is honestly how they like it. Since they’re just a matter of cutting storage tubs and fitting them together, they wouldn’t be that hard to make. They wouldn’t be expensive, either. 

Make one, or a few. Stack them like so, or place them all throughout your yard. The bottom line is, any cat that happens to find one of these will probably love you for it.