Mesquite outdoor bench

15 DIY Outdoor Bench Seat Ideas

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The great outdoors gets greater when the backyard includes amazing outdoor seating. Many people don’t have a fortune to furnish those gorgeous outdoor living spaces, though.

Enter DIY outdoor bench seat ideas to solve your seating problems and let you take full advantage of Mother Nature’s creations. We’ve gathered the classic and the creative to ignite your imagination and get you lounging (comfortably) under a blue sky.


DIY Outdoor Bench With Back

Rogue Engineer

A sturdy bench with a back is not only comfortable for your spine and good for posture, but it’s durable. This bench won’t break the bank either, coming in at under $50 as long as you already have the tools to do the job.

This model’s natural wood grain fits perfectly with the outdoors, but you can use paint or a colored stain to add personality if you prefer.


DIY Outdoor Bench with Colorful 2x4s

Jenny Meese

Benches don’t necessarily require exotic woods to catch the eye. If you’re new to DIYing, this bench offers easy materials, construction, and a low cost by using paint samples for the seat. 

The rainbow effect is fun and bright, but let your imagination go by using two (or three) colors in complementary shades for a subtle touch of color.


$20 X Leg Bench Woodworking Plans

Sandra Powell
Sawdust Girl

If you’re looking for an easy build that looks more complicated than it is, this X leg bench might be up your alley. The legs add a touch of design that’s fun and different.

We’re loving the black paint. It’s sophisticated and looks gorgeous with the brick and red door. Think about how you can use color to accentuate the landscaping and exterior of your home with color or a stain.


Simple DIY Outdoor Seating


Simple seems to be a theme when it comes to outdoor seating. We all want to spend our time in the outdoors not building the seating to enjoy it. This is another design that’s deceptively simple yet looks complicated.

It also gets top points for functionality and attractiveness. If you tell your friends you made something like this, they’re likely to be impressed.


Unusual Woods For The DIY Outdoor Bench


Sometimes you can make a great DIY outdoor bench with 2x4s and sometimes, an exotic wood like jarrah makes its way into your life. Jarrah wood naturally resists bugs and is durable enough for outdoor use.

It isn’t the only exotic wood on our inspiration list, but it’s an unusual one that makes a gorgeous outdoor bench. If you find yourself in possession of an unusual piece of lumber, do a little research to see where it might best be used. Some woods handle the outdoors without a problem while others are too soft and delicate.


DIY Outdoor Bench Seat With Arms


DIY projects let you put your personal stamp on each piece. This bench’s metal legs make the bench look like it’s floating.

It’ solid arms that feel like a porch swing minus the swing. Be creative when thinking about legs, arms, and if you want a back on the bench at all.


DIY Outdoor Seating With Cushion


Outdoor benches can be as soft as you make them. This gorgeous bench features a simple cushion that makes lounging in the sun that much more comfortable.

All it would take to push this bench to the next comfort level are outdoor throw cushions tossed into the mix. You can also use cushions to add color, pattern, or a complementary pop against a wood stain or paint.


DIY Outdoor Bench/Shoe Rack


Families know there are always extra shoes floating around. Why not add some extra storage to your outdoor space? This DIY bench/shoe rack gives you a place to sit and stash your shoes.

Make the bench longer or shorter based on your available space. For that matter, you can also make it wider or narrower based on the size of your feet!


DIY Outdoor Seating With A Side Table


Seating isn’t the only thing you need when you’re lounging. Somewhere to set your drinks, book, or sunscreen makes it easier to relax.

This design extends the bench for a cute built-in side table. The comfy cushions add a softness that borders on luxury when you’re enjoying some sunshine. Of course, you could keep it simple and leave the cushions for another day.


DIY Outdoor Storage Bench


Versatile pieces get top marks. Ones that hide your clutter go off the charts. This bench does both. It’s a great piece for a front or back patio.

The littles can toss in their toys, boots, or flip-flops on their way in without tromping mud and dirt through the house.

You can use simple 2x4s keeping the cost down, too.


Simple Garden Bench


Small and simple works beautifully in a garden. This bench looks deceptively elegant with its A-frame design. It’s a good option for a backyard table seat, too, because it’s narrow enough to slide underneath.


DIY Outdoor Bench With Unusual Woods


Mesquite is another wood worth trying. Its beautiful red tone and swirling grain mean guests won’t walk by this bench without taking notice. Some wood types are only found in certain areas.

If you happen to get your hands on a local variety, an outdoor bench lets you and everyone who visits take advantage of the local beauty.


Double DIY Outdoor Bench


This little beauty falls somewhere between a bench and chair. The double chair back design almost says outdoor love seat. No matter how you look at it, it’s got character.

Outdoor furniture is the perfect place to put something a little fun and funky. This piece falls on the fun side while still looking sophisticated.


DIY Outdoor Bench Inspired By Williams Sonoma

DIY Candy

When you’re on the hunt for DIY inspiration, don’t forget to check out your favorite (most expensive) retail stores.

Williams Sonoma products have class that you can get on a budget if you’re willing to DIY it. This solid, stately bench rivals the original inspiration at a fraction of the cost.


DIY Outdoor Bench With Personality

Delicious and DIY

Outdoor spaces are the perfect place for colorful, playful pieces. This bench’s pineapple motif is deliciously fun.

Experiment with stencils and colors to brighten your backyard. Whether it’s polka dots, stripes, or a favorite animal, stencils can create a bench that won’t be found anywhere else.