Modern apartment with two loft beds.

18 Adult Loft Bed Ideas For Small Rooms And Apartments

Originally contributed by Amanda Naccarato • last updated 2/25/2021

Tired of feeling like you barely have enough elbow room in your tiny living space? Your queen-sized bed just fits, your walk-in closet doesn’t allow any walking, and your sitting area is practically non-existent. If you’ve said yes to any of these symptoms, you might have the small room disorder. But luckily, there’s a remedy popular among homeowners and designers alike — the loft bed.

Elevating your sleeping area from off the ground means you have more floor space for storage units, open-concept closets, and even a lounging area for when we can get back to sitting within six feet of each other. Whatever your bedroom or studio apartment needs are, these DIY loft bed ideas are sure to help you take your small living quarters to all-new levels.


Walk-in Closet Loft


A tiny studio apartment with both a queen-sized bed and walk-in closet may seem too good to be true. But this crafty loft and closet duo effortlessly combines both. The elevated queen-sized bed is built on a walled enclosure that not only allows for plenty of storage options, like mounted shelves, but also separates the sleeping area from the open living room and kitchen.


Take Inspiration From The Tiny Home

Liberation Tiny Homes
Tiny Living

Tiny houses are renowned for their clever multi-purpose designs to make the most of such small living spaces. Take a page out of the tiny home playbook and consider a floating loft that hangs above the bathroom. The crafty design saves floor area for other storage solutions, like the kitchen cabinets that function as a staircase.


Loft Suspended From The Ceiling

Wouter van der Sar
Standard Studio

Maybe a partial enclosure isn’t the best option for your tiny quarters, so why not suspend your bed from the ceiling? This might be one of the more unconventional DIY loft bed ideas, but the result is a clever sleeping area that frees up square footage for other small living hacks, like a staircase crafted entirely of storage units. 


Bed Frame Bookcase Loft

Joakim Ohlsson
Svenska Mäklarhuset

What does a love of reading and a tiny apartment that only comprises a single room get you? The answer, a floating loft with a built-in bookcase. While the ceiling-mounted sleeping space may be a book lover’s dream, the elevated double-bed allows for a quaint lounging area underneath, making entertaining a total breeze. 


Hidden Living Space Loft


A bed doesn’t have to be suspended in the air or built on a tall, sturdy structure to be considered a loft. Instead, lower lofts mounted on storage units are equally as crafty as their overhead counterparts. The loft in this micro-apartment, measuring a mere 205 square feet, may be on the shorter side, but it is a game-changer when it comes to maximizing floor area. Comprising three separate storage units, this bed hides a closet, couch, dining table, and seating when the living area/kitchenette is not in use. 


Double Loft Beds


Every inch of this small Scandinavian apartment is put to good use with its multi-functional design, particularly the two loft beds. One queen-bed hovers over the kitchen with an attached storage-friendly staircase, creating a chic sleeping space above and charming dining area below. The second is built on a rectangular enclosure equipped with a row of wardrobes, allowing for plenty of storage in the 570 square foot open-concept unit.


Kitchenette Loft With Sliding Ladder

NEVA Interior Design

The design of this micro French apartment optimizes its 192 square feet by housing a loft bed over top of the Ikea Voxtorp kitchen. A sliding ladder allows homeowners to climb onto the bed. And when the sleeping area isn’t in use, the ladder conveniently slides away from the kitchen space and onto a nearby wall.


Built-in Storage Loft Box Bed 

Bazi Studio

A bed in a box may not be among the typical DIY loft bed ideas, but it is one sure to spark a conversation the next time you’re entertaining. The bed is crafted out of stained pine panels and rests upon a storage unit consisting of a dresser, drawer, and wardrobe. Plus, the stairs to climb into the sleeping area also come equipped with hidden pull-out drawers. 


Floating Desk Guest Bed

Eugeni Bach
Anna Eugeni Bach

The high ceiling in this small apartment is taken complete advantage of with this guest bed that also doubles as a study area. The innovative design of the loft structure sees a full-sized bed above and small kitchenette below. The open enclosure also features two bookshelves on either end for even more storage possibilities. And if that’s not creative enough, the space is then taken up another notch with an office table suspended from the ceiling. Talk about a multi-functional space!


Hidden Wardrobe Elevated Bed

Karin Matz Arkitekt

One Swedish architect got crafty when designing a space that could double as both a closet and a bedroom. After remodeling an apartment that hadn’t been renovated since the '80s, she came up with a design that sees a cozy sleeping area hang above an assortment of Ikea kitchen cabinets and storage units. The latter serves primarily as her wardrobe/walk-in closet. A sheet of plexiglass separates her bed from the upper part of her kitchen to divide the two areas while still letting in plenty of sunlight.


Sleeping, Work, And Laundry Area

Lark Architecture
Lark Architecture

A loft that houses a bed and wardrobe duo is a practical addition to a tiny bedroom, but how about one that can fit a bed, closet, office workspace, and laundry area? If you’re intrigued, wander no farther than this charming loft designed by Lark Architecture that is completely multifunctional without sacrificing square footage.


Scaffolding Structure

Michael Hsu Office Of Architecture

Who would have thought a scaffolding could be turned into a functional DIY loft bed idea? Well, one designer did, and effortlessly transformed a tiny room into a comfy sleeping space above and lounging area below. Still not convinced? Perhaps the best part of this design is that the scaffolding already comes with steps to scale the towering structure. That means you won’t have to worry about spending money — or time — on an additional ladder or staircase. 


The Murphy Loft Bed

Géraldine Laferté

The bed and sofa duo in this Parisian apartment may seem to be on the simpler side, but really, it houses a crafty secret. Despite its rigid structure, this loft is actually a Murphy bed that effortlessly hides away when the lounging area is in use. It is the perfect solution for a multi-purpose tiny space.


Floating Guest Bed

Christine White Design

Taking complete advantage of high ceilings in an apartment that just measures 530 square feet is exactly what one German designer did. Creating a floating loft installed onto surrounding walls and a lone pillar allowed the smaller living space to feature a guest bed. The unit comes equipped with a permanent ladder that is strategically placed to the side for free passageway into the open-concept kitchen and living area.


Staircase Storage Solution


Multi-purpose furniture equipped with clever storage space is essential to a tiny bedroom. And the rustic wooden loft in this small living space is just that. The structure is built onto a walled enclosure featuring a staircase that doubles as a crafty storage solution. Each step is accompanied by pull-out drawers leading to the larger wardrobe landing. It is a simple design that even the most novice of DIYers could take on.


Greenery Wall Loft

Jenna Sue Design

Ready for one of the most avant-garde DIY loft bed ideas on the list? Meet the faux fern wall bunk room oasis. This stunning multi-functional living space, designed by Jenna of Jenna Sue Design, takes a simple loft bed to a whole new level. The wall’s pop of both color and texture contrasts the raised dark bed in a way that effortlessly exudes boho vibes. Sure, this concept may not work for the average room, but it is a chic touch to living areas that want to pack a punch!


Bookshelf Bed Base

Guillaume Bouvet

The reading nook in this loft attic may typically function as a bench, but the unit can also easily double as a guest bed. The structure rests upon a bookcase overflowing with novels that opens into a clever pull-out drawer for additional storage of the stories that didn’t make the cut onto the front. 


Shelving Loft Bed

Kia Designs

A loft bed built onto a platform of storage units offers a crafty solution for small spaces with barely enough leeway for a full-sized bed and single wardrobe. The dressers in this loft structure are simple in design, but a bedroom that craves more cabinet space can consider installing pull-out drawers built into the wooden staircase leading to the raised sleeping area.