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17 DIY Home Organization Hacks

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Who would've thought it could be so easy to transform everyday items you probably have at home into brilliant storage hacks that help keep your dwelling in order? Well, plenty of DIYers certainly did. And lucky for us, they shared their crafty projects for the rest of the Internet to marvel at.

Below you'll find 17 of these genius DIY organization hacks sure to get your creative juices flowing.


Spacious Command Center With Chalkboard

Michelle Cannon Smith
Iron & Twine

What better way to keep your entire family organized than by DIYing a command center complete with ample storage and a handy chalkboard? The project uses three Ikea shelving units combined to create a lovely command area that can help organize keys, mail, books, and even important files.

And for the final touch, one side of a particular shelving unit is painted with chalkboard paint to craft the super functional full-length chalkboard.


Lotion Bottle Charging Station

Make It & Love It

The next time you've used up every last drop of lotion be sure to hold onto that empty bottle instead of throwing it away. This way you'll be able to upcycle the plastic packaging into a portable cell phone holder that functions as a handy charging station.

All you'll need to do for this crafty project is cut your bottle into into the correct shape and decorate it to your liking.

This is quite a SparkNotes version of the DIY, so be sure to visit Make It & Love It for the complete tutorial.


Marker Caddy

Aunt Peaches

What do you get when you fix bare toilet paper rolls into an empty shoebox that's been elegantly decorated? The answer: a super crafty marker organizing unit that's just as adorable as it is practical. Take a look!


Stool Gift Wrapping Station

2 Little Hooligans

Not sure where to store all your gift wrapping supplies when they're not in use? Christian of 2 Little Hooligans offers a crafty solution — an upside-down stool turned into a wrapping paper organization unit.

This DIY requires a bit of sewing when creating the fabric bags, but the end result is certainly worth the elbow grease.


Custom Wardrobe Organizing Units

Mike Muldoon

Does your closet or wardrobe need some serious help in the organization department? Fortunately, there's an easy remedy — a super simple pegboard organizer that can house small accessories like perfume bottles and jewelry.

The pegboard is crafted of white plywood and dowels. It is then mounted onto the inside of a closet or wardrobe door. Additional shelves and cubbies can be added too.


Magnetic Makeup Organizer

Laura Thoughts

Framing a fabric-wrapped piece of metal creates this adorable vertical makeup organizer that can be easily crafted by anyone. Eyeshadow pallets, brushes, powder blushes and bronzers are all secured to the colorful unit with magnets.


Fold-Up Pallet Desk

Thistlewood Farms

Whether you're living in tiny quarters or just looking to free up more space in your home, this nifty fold-up desk may be the perfect solution.

The vertical desk, which frees up plenty of floor area, is made entirely of a stained wooden pallet and a piece of plywood that's fixed to the unit with a piano hinge, window sash, and cables.


Shutter Organizer With Chalkboard


Here's another clever command center that can be easily DIYed with an upcycled window shutter. After sanding down the wood, the lower part of the shutter was painted with chalkboard paint to craft a dark square perfect for writing down reminders.

The upper half of the shutter remains the same, with the gaps in the slats creating ideal slots for housing mail and memos.


Book Hidden Storage

Sewing Barefoot

Using hardcover books, a small wooden crate, exacto knife, hot glue, and scissors you'll be able to put together this chic storage unit discreetly hidden behind hollow books.

Disassembling a novel may be a difficult task for booklovers, but the good news is that the book's pages will still be intact despite being removed from its cover!


Soda Can Box Soup Organizer

Then She Made

Adding to the list of upcycled home organization hacks is this soup can dispenser made out of a repurposed cardboard soda box. The self-rotating and chicly decorated can rack features an opening at its front and back to both load the unit and dispense the soup cans.

Sound like the perfect hack you need in your pantry? Be sure to head over to Then She Made for the complete tutorial.


Headboard Lego Storage

Martin Storbeck
IKEA Hackers

Is your kiddo's bedroom overrun with mountains of Lego pieces that no matter how much you try never seem to find a home? Perhaps, this clever storage hack may just do the trick.

Mount an Ikea bed frame onto a wall and attach some heavy-duty binder clips to the slats. The clips hold organizing plastic bins to the unit for all the Lego storage a kid could ever need.


Crown Moulding Shoe Rack

Heathered nest

Struggling to find storage for your ever-growing collection of stilettos? Follow in the footsteps of Heather of Heathered Nest who used crown molding to create genius shoe racks.

The top edges of certain molding profiles are able to keep the thin heels of stilettos secured onto the wooden casing. It's such a clever idea that allows for open shoe storage that can easily function as a bedroom or walk-in-closet decor piece.


Bed Slat Storage Coffee Station

IKEA Hackers

A coffee table that can make toys, books, and all sorts of clutter disappear in seconds? Sign us up!

With wooden panels disassembled from several Ikea bed slats, one nifty DIYer was able to create this rustically chic coffee table with a removable top that reveals a hidden storage compartment below.


Mason Jar Bathroom Storage

Liz Marie
Liz Marie Blog

Mason jars are one of the most versatile crafting items among the DIYing community. In this bathroom storage project, the glass jars are mounted to a wooden board with large pipe clamps.

All sorts of bathroom accessories can be housed in the wall-mounted storage unit — we're talking makeup tools, Q-tips, cotton balls, and even toothbrushes.


Cardboard Desk Organizer


Keeping your workspace neat and tidy around the clock just got a whole lot simpler with this clever cardboard desk organizer. The collection of DIYed rectangular and square boxes can all fit within a larger, exterior box or be separated for even more storage possibilities. It's totally your call!


Upcycled Diaper Storage Boxes

Mandy Kay
Mandy's Krafty Exploits

If you're a new parent, your dwelling is quite likely stuffed with more empty diaper boxes than you know what to do with. Luckily, one DIYer shares just the hack that can help you upcycle all that cardboard packaging.

All you'll need to do is cut off the box's flaps and wrap its exterior in your fabric of choice to create chic storage boxes that can be used all over the home!


Toilet Paper Holder Jewelry Display

Catherine Mcever
Stuff You Can't Have

Here's a sentence you probably weren't expecting to read today: you can create chic jewelry storage by flaunting all your bangles and necklaces on toilet paper holders.

Yup, the trusty holders customary to the loo were painted a bright color and then fixed to a wall with nails. Don't they make adorable trinket displays? We sure think so!