A wooden DIY headboard that doubles as a shelving unit holds pictures and books and sits behind a bed in a bedroom.

11 DIY Headboard Ideas

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Homes To Love

No matter how minimal its design, a headboard has a way of making a bedroom look and feel complete. That said, they can get expensive quick, so unless your pockets run deep, it can be daunting to find the right one. This is where the DIY headboard comes in. It allows you to flex your creative muscle and stick to your budget while still satisfying your desire for a stylish space. These DIY headboard ideas vary in style and skill level, so you can get inspired. 


Painted Doors


Who knew an old refurbished door had so much potential? Depending on the structure of the door you choose and the finish you give it, you can make your DIY headboard look polished and minimalist, or rugged and natural. You can also arrange several doors vertically to put a different spin on the same idea.


DIY Faux-Live Edge

Petite Modern Life

A faux-live edge DIY wood headboard keeps things feeling natural and casual. What’s more, it’s simple to make since you don’t need a steady hand to cut its shape. This tutorial by Petite Modern Life uses a single piece of plywood but if you’d like something more sturdy, you can layer and stack your plywood together.


DIY Tufted Headboard

Better Homes & Gardens

A tufted headboard can easily run a few hundred dollars but this DIY version runs less than $100. This cheap headboard tutorial also provides you with a list of many popular silhouettes to choose from, but keep in mind that the more complicated the shape, the more difficult it will be to get your fabric to lie flat.


Chalk Headboard

If you look back and besmirch the transition from chalkboards to whiteboards, this is the DIY headboard for you. Just about all it takes to make your own chalkboard is wood, chalkboard paint, and a few tools — which also means it’s equally as easy to adapt it into a chalkboard headboard.



Installing curtains is a cinch and they’re a great way to frame your bed. You can also take the look of curtains in virtually any direction — from short and crimped for a proper feel, to long and billowing for a more whimsical one.


Canvas Headboard

Alisa Burke

Make your bed into art with a DIY headboard made from a canvas frame. This one comes from the blog Chris Loves Julia and the author recommends you grab an extra set of hands to help you stretch the canvas. Once you’ve got that step down, you’ll of course need to decide how you’d like to decorate your blank canvas.


Wall Decal


Wall decals are a lovely way to distinguish a room and there are virtually endless patterns out there to choose from. You can frame your bed using the negative space created by a design, like this cherry blossom decal, or go for a bold pattern like a mandala. Just know not all wall decals are created equal — some are meant to be easily removed while others are not.



A pegboard DIY headboard isn’t just a fun rhyme, it’s functional too. Use it to hang and arrange a variety of items so you can make the most of a small space, or simply treat it as a rotating exhibit of miscellaneous finds, whatever fits your fancy.




Macrame came onto the scene in the 1970s, but its understated style makes it timeless. If you’re a beginner to macrame, don’t sweat it, there are plenty of resources on how to make your own macrame wall hangings. If you’d like to take the look a step further, you can also learn how to create an ombre effect or paint a pattern on your finished macrame piece.


Geometric DIY Wood Headboard

For those who like neat, geometric patterns, you’ll be pleased to know this DIY wood headboard is well within reach. I Spy DIY shows you how to make a herringbone headboard and DIY Huntress does her own take on a geometric headboard, too.


DIY Upholstered Headboard

One Kings Lane

A DIY cushion headboard is just unconventional enough to catch the eye but subtle enough to blend into the overall vibe of a bedroom. This version from One Kings Lane offers a different take on the concept, using individual cushions that suspend beautifully from the wall.