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23 Creative DIY Gift Ideas Everyone Will Love

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Sara Albers
Alice & Lois

Crafted with care and wrapped in love, sometimes the best gifts prove to be homemade. Whether they be for a family member, best friend, or even that new neighbor who just moved in, nothing tells someone you care more than taking the time to handcraft an item just for them.


Homemade Candles

Rachel Mae Smith
The Crafted Life

The smell of lavender drifts down the hall. It's a familiar scent that fills an entire home with its sweet, herbal notes.

Giving such a lovely fragrance in the form of a candle to your loved ones is not only thoughtful, but it's also darn easy to make. Visit The Crafted Life for the complete list of materials and instructions.


DIY Granite Planters

Almost Makes Perfect

Using PVC pipe caps and granite effect spray paint, Molly of Almost Makes Perfect was able to create these ultra-modern succulent planters.

Consider DIYing several granite pots at a time, this way you can gift them when needed and even proudly display one of your own.


Lavender Bath Bombs

Jen Causey
Something Turquoise

Whether you gift them as party favors or birthday presents, these fizzing bath bombs are sure to make a splash among your family and friends.

All you'll need for the craft is baking soda, citric acid, witch hazel, colorant, and of course, a mold which in this DIY is a muffin pan.


Spice and Herb Ornaments

Sprinkle Some Fun

Although these dip mix ornaments are such a perfect present for the holidays, they can certainly still be gifted all year round. The adorable bulb-like ornaments are packaged with printable recipe gift tags that provide your friends and fam with the instructions needed to whip together each dip.


Reusable DIY Glitter Cup

Why gift your loved ones a plain reusable cup when you could wow them with a shimmering tumbler made to shine. Using a double-wall cup, spray adhesive, and plenty of glitter, you'll be able to transform the tumbler — complete with a lid and straw — into a plastic tumbler that glimmers wherever it travels.


Citrus Body Moisturizer

Amy Johnson
She Wears Many Hats

Combining coconut oil, honey, and citrus zest creates an all-natural whipped moisturizer that can be used all over the body. The luscious body butter hydrates dry areas, protects the skin when used as a shaving cream, and can even scent bathwater after spoonfuls are swirled into the tub.

Since the moisturizer is comprised of organic ingredients and lacks any preservatives, the butter should be kept in an air-tight container and used within a week. Be sure to keep that in mind as you whip up a bunch for your family and friends to enjoy.


Coffee Bean Soap DIY

Gabby Whitaker
Living Well Spending Less

We all have that friend who has lives and breathes caffeine. If they don't have a mug in their grasp, they're thinking of when they'll be able to pour another cup. Show them you accept them and their slightly alarming coffee addiction with a coffee bean soap bar.

This way they'll be able to not only ingest caffeine, but cleanse in it. Check out Living Well Spending Less for the complete instructions.


Homemade Cleaning Slime


You've probably lost track of the number of times your kiddos have begged you to make slime. The gooey mess most likely reads as a no-no in your books, but what if we told you that the slimy goop can actually help you clean your home.

Yup, all-purpose cleaning slime actually does exist and it can help you tidy everything from the inside of your car to the crevices of a laptop keyboard. Gift someone the magical cleansing powers of slime. Sure, it may not be the prettiest, but boy is it useful!


Wood Tile Letter Coasters

Here's a perfect present for the person in your life whose palms get sweaty at the thought of water rings forming under a cup placed on a table without a coaster.

With cork squares, small wood tiles, alphabet stickers, glue, and clear gaze, you can easily DIY these nifty letter coasters during an afternoon. Visit Crafts Unleashed for the complete crafting plans.


Passion Tea Scrub

Crystal Owens
A Princess & A Pumpkin

Everyone could use more time for self-care so why not gift a little bit of 'me time' in a sealed jar wrapped up neatly with a bow.

Crystal of A Princess & A Pumpkin shares a simple recipe for an all-over body, passion tea sugar scrub that exfoliates and moisturizes for skin that's smooth and supple. 


Creative Gift Wrapping

Who said gift wrapped has to be plain paper that's bounded to be trashed? Well, it certainly wasn't this crafty DIYer who decided to wrap a gift in another present — namely candy bars on the left and money on the right.


Elastic Bookmarks

Make It & Love It

Gift the bookworm in your life these DIY elastic bookmarks that firmly stay in place, ensuring a page never goes lost again. All you'll need for the project are several pieces of fabric and elastic, which are sewn together to create the crafty page savers.

Pretty simple, right? Check out Make It & Love It for all the crafty deets.


Cozy Soap Socks

The Adventures of the Gingerbread Lady

Scratching your head wondering what in the world soap socks are? Well, as their name suggests a knitted sock is slipped over a bar of soap and used in a variety of ways. The first is as a body exfoliator. The socks help scrub your body clean, removing dead skin cells and trapped dirt.

The second way is making use of thin soap bars that are barely hanging on to life. This is because the socks help the bars last longer. And finally, if the soap has yet to be used, the socks can be placed in a linen drawer to help your clothes smell heavenly.


DIY Scrunchies

The Proper Blog

The trendy '80s hair accessories are not only super easy to DIY on a whim, they're also perfect to gift to family, friends, or even neighbors. For the simple crafting instructions, be sure to visit the Proper blog.


Nifty Knitted Pot Holders

Dazzle your friends and family with your knitting skills (even if you're only just a beginner) as you bestow upon them these modern and functional potholders with leather handles.

Check out Homey Oh My for the beginner-friendly knitting instructions.


Air Dry Clay Earrings

Francesca Stone
Fall For DIY

Francesca of Fall For DIY shares her process of creating adorable clay earrings into four simple designs — these include spirals, three-quarter circles, hoops, and hanging half circles.

Each set of earrings are quite easy to shape, dry (they set overnight without the need for heat), and glue together.


Whipped Soap Frosting

Shrimp Salad Circus

Despite how yummy these pink bath bomb cupcakes topped with a whipped soap frosting look, they certainly aren't edible.

But what they are made to do is add fragrance to your tub and transform your bathing time into a luxurious spa experience. Sound amazing? It sure does to us!


Pampering Gift Basket

Sara Albers
Alice & Lois

Take the self-care present up another level with an entire 'pamper yourself' gift basket. The crafty offering is complete with homemade body scrubs and bath salts among a slew of other store-bought pampering accessories.

Plus, the chic woven basket can be used as home decor after the self-care goodies are used up.


Eye Makeup Clutch

Brittni Mehlhoff
Paper & Stitch

Eye spy with my little eye the cutest DIY makeup bag around sure to dazzle anyone who's gifted the adorable piece.

Sure, this may be more of an intermediate-level craft that requires some sewing knowledge, but imagine how special your loved one will feel knowing you put in all that dedication just for them.


DIY Hand Jewelry Dish

Using polymer clay and your hand as both a stencil and mold, you'll be able to DIY this charming jewelry dish. Once baked, decorate your dish with paint and seal with a spray clear coat.

Finally, wrap the sweet gift up so that it's ready to be delivered to anyone you want to remind you'll always be there to lend a hand to.


Sleeping Mask

Let your loved ones catch up on some serious Zs with this sleeping eye mask that's crafted out of your fabric of choice, vinyl lettering, cotton batting, and ribbon. It's so simple to make and effortless chic. Visit Oh Happy Day for all the lovely details.


Hanging Photo Wall

Geneva Vanderzeil
Collective Gen

Share all your favorite captured moments with this suspended rainbow photo wall art. And the best part, the DIY is made with a tiny materials list which includes recycled cardboard.

This meaning you can repurpose materials rather than discarding them in the trash. Check out Collective Gen for the full tutorial.


Personalized Cutting Board

Michelle Inkley
The Glitzy Pear

Charcuterie boards have been so trendy within the last few years. So why not surprise that special someone in your life with a custom cutting board that allows for stunning charcuterie arrangements sure to wow guests.

A plain wood board is given a personalized touch with a painted handle and metal stamped phrase on its bottom. The gift is then complete with a ribbon tied to its top.