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34 DIY Flooring Ideas

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Neven Krcmarek

Many people don’t realize this, but your floor is the most viewed part of your home.

If you're looking to improve the design of your home, a great floor is a must. However, often installing certain types of flooring yourself can take a lot of time and even be costly.

So we thought we'd share a whole bunch of easy DIY flooring ideas that will change the way you see your home.

The projects below are all DIY, meaning you can do them yourself without spending money on a contractor. It's why these designs are so popular.

Some of these flooring ideas look like they came right out of a show on HGTV, and now you too can have them in your home with a bit of time and elbow grease!


Layered Rugs

Laying area rugs is one of the easiest DIY flooring ideas. It can add warmth, texture, pattern, and color to a space.

If you get tired of a particular rug, swap it out for something new!


Home Depot's Two-Hour Vinyl Flooring

Home Decorators Collection
The Home Depot

Vinyl plank flooring is inexpensive, looks great, and is remarkably easy to install on your own.

When you're watching a home renovation show, and you notice they've installed the entire home's floors in one day, chances are it's vinyl!


Quadro Vinyl Flooring

Floor decals or floor tile stickers are even easier to install than vinyl planks.

Patterns are printed on low-tac adhesive vinyl which won't damage existing floors making this a fantastic DIY flooring idea for renters.


Patterned Linoleum Floor

Yes, linoleum is different than vinyl flooring.

Linoleum is made from all-natural materials, tends to be a bit stiffer than vinyl, and is known for being a highly resilient DIY flooring option. It's a great option for high-traffic areas.


Stenciled Tile

We don't often associate painting with beautiful flooring, but we really need to start.

Using a stencil and painting over old tiles can develop charming patterned floors in bathrooms, kitchens and mudrooms. Did we mention it's cheap, easy, and fun?

The key to making this project last is using the right kind of paint and using a quality clear sealant.


Wallpapered Floors

Grillo Designs

Wallpaper? On Floors? But wallpaper is only supposed to go on walls. Not anymore!

If you didn't expect to see paint on the floor, then wallpaper will really throw you for a loop. As far as DIY flooring ideas go, wallpaper is a great one. Just make sure you use a sealant after installation to protect the floors!


Dyed Plywood Floors

As it turns out, plywood flooring looks quite impressive if you treat it the right way!

This dyed flooring looks as though you're walking on a blue sky with clouds. Once the plywood is dyed, you can install the planks on top of existing floors.


Simple Bathroom Tile Pattern

Tile flooring is a timeless option for any bathroom, and is a manageable DIY.

It's easy to clean and can handle the wear and tear of our mourning bathroom routines. This herringbone tile floor is a luxurious variation on classic square tiles.


DIY Pine Wood Floors

The Roots of Home

These large plank wood floors add to the farmhouse style of this beautiful dining room.

Pine tends to be a more inexpensive option for wood floors. It also does a wonderful job creating a chic cabin look that radiates a comfortable vibe!


DIY Painted Kitchen Flooring Ideas

There's a simple rule for when you're looking to make a change in your home but not sure where to start. When in doubt, paint!

Painting has a revitalizing effect that simply can't be matched. Certainly not cost-wise, anyway. These old kitchen floors have been transformed into something modern with a lovely teal.


Pebble Shower Floor

There's something so spa-like about having your feet touching smooth pebbles while having a shower. It feels so natural and yet so lavish at the same time.

Getting a foot massage each time you step into the shower is easier than you think. If you can lay tiles, you can definitely DIY a pebble-floored shower!


Blue Painted Floors

Here's another prime example of the color blue belonging on the floor just as much as it does in other home design elements.

These floors look as though you're walking on an art installation. If the color blue isn't your first choice for floors, maybe this kitchen will inspire you to try another, more daring color!


Paper Texture Flooring

Okay, so this is really neat. You know those brown paper bags you sometimes take your lunch in? Did you know you can reuse them to produce incredible, unique floors!

To create flooring like this, the bags made of kraft paper are ripped up, dipped in glue, and carefully placed to create a layered effect. Adding stain and polyurethane after give it a glossy, richly-colored finish that no one would guess was paper!


Stencil A Subfloor

Even if you don't have a finished floor, you can revamp your subfloor so nobody would ever be able to tell the difference!

DIY stenciling flooring ideas go as far as your imagination will take them. In this case, an unfinished subfloor looks positively magazine-worthy with paint and an ornate design.


Laminate Floor Planks

Another great alternative to wood flooring that can achieve a similar effect is laminate. It's also much easier to install, making it ideal for the first-time DIYer.

There are so many varieties to choose from, and you'll be spending a lot less at the checkout counter. It's hard to believe this isn't real wood flooring!


Peel And Stick Wood Floors

Looking for an even easier alternative to wood flooring? Peel and stick flooring give you the grain look without all the grit.

For these floors, it's as easy to install as...well, putting on a sticker. Once in place, these floors are durable and low maintenance. You can even have that wood floor look in the bathroom!


Geometric Wood DIY Flooring Ideas

While this technically is still 'wood flooring,' it's far from the traditional sense of the term.

Using pieces of wood cut into triangles and then carefully arranged, a stunning geometric pattern comes to life. While more ambitious than the other options, a floor like this is sure to make a statement!


Pergo Outlast Floors

This mid-range laminate option certainly looks the part, but it does so much more than that.

Pergo Outlast flooring comes with a waterproof top layer so you can use it throughout each area of the home. As far as versatility goes, this is one to keep in mind.


Farmhouse Vinyl Flooring

Vinyl flooring has clearly come a long way, and these rustic-looking plank floors prove it for sure.

For those who love farmhouse-chic, you can now have your cake and eat it too. You'd be hard-pressed to tell that these floors aren't real wood, and they cost a fraction of the price.


Simple Plywood Farmhouse-Style Flooring

While we're on the subject of farmhouse-style flooring, plywood is another option that can achieve excellent results.

Once the plywood is installed, using an appropriate wood stain can transform the bare plywood into something sensational. And for roughly $100, it's a budget-friendly option, too!


Black Floor Tiles

These black hexagonal tiles really make this bathroom feel polished and sophisticated.

Try opting out of the more traditional light-colored tiles and going for a darker shade instead. It can really add some elegance to your space, contrasting nicely with white porcelain plumbing fixtures.


Painted Patio Tiles

These blue-painted tiles give this outdoor patio a beachy, Mediterranian feel with its energetic color.

The best part about painting your own tiles (aside from not having to buy new ones) is you can customize the color and pattern to match your exact decor preferences.


Penny DIY Flooring Ideas


This DIY flooring idea uses pennies with different tarnish levels to create dazzling geometric patterns with the copper-coated coins.

The best part about this kind of flooring is it will only cost you a couple of cents. Okay, a lot of cents. But since you're covering an entire floor, that makes a lot of sense!


Stenciled Concrete Floor

Thanks to stencils and paint, plain concrete floors can look unrecognizable.

A perfect idea if you have an unfinished basement and don't exactly want to install all new flooring at the moment. This is an elegant-looking option for those who just want a quick and easy DIY project.


Acid Stain Concrete Flooring

Since we're now on the subject of concrete floors, acid staining your concrete can truly achieve a one-of-a-kind finish.

With a variety of stains, color combinations, and application methods to choose from, you certainly can devise a unique space with floors like this! Great for basements or even a trendy loft!


Wood Pallet Floor

It should come as no surprise that wood pallets would make an appearance on a list of DIY flooring ideas.

Pallets are so versatile and are imensely popular in the do-it-yourself sphere right now. But who knew that could look so wonderful on a floor! Seriously, what can't pallets be used for?


Easy Gray Kitchen Tiles

Large rectangular gray tiles aren't going out of style anytime soon. And they're popular for a reason.

They're faster to install as there are fewer pieces. It also actively modernizes a space, and some tiles are very affordable. It really does create a different look than the standard square tiled floor.


Paint And Vinyl Floors

If you love the idea of using stencils, did you know that you can paint linoleum and vinyl flooring?

That's right. As long as you use an appropriate paint suited for the material, you can upgrade these types of flooring with stencils. Metalic paint colors look incredible on this medium!


White-Painted Rustic Floors

White paint works exceedingly well on large plank wooden floors. An almost effortless DIY flooring idea that can cause quite the transformation.

This shade really brightens up these floors and gives the whole room a sense of freshness. If the area doesn't get a ton of natural light, painting the floors white can make the space feel more luminous.


DIY Brick Flooring

Bricks can be used for more than exterior purposes. Why not try introducing them into the interior, starting with the floor?

These bricks placed on their side make for a beautiful herringbone pattern. Think of it as laying a patio, but inside your home rather than outside.


Old Belt Floor

DIY flooring ideas can get very creative, and this definitely threw us for a loop. A belt loop, that is!

The strips of old leather give this floor an antique appeal that is truly unique. The belts have been cut into strips and upcycled into a sort of wood-looking flooring with an amazing twist!


Heated Floors

Do you enjoy walking around barefoot but often find your feet getting too cold? Heated floors might be perfect for you!

Radiant floor heating could be exactly what you've been searching for to create that luxury bathroom. Imagine stepping out of the shower onto warm, toasty tiles. Yes, please!


Balcony Makeover With Wooden Tiles

Wooden tiles are so simple to install and make a big impact. Just click them into place, and you can transform your balcony.

The best part about these tiles is if you decide to move to a new home, you can pick them up and take them with you!


Herringbone Vinyl Planks

To conclude our list, we have another great vinyl option —flooring with a beautiful herringbone design.

Having the pattern is one thing, but you can establish a truly breathtaking design when you start mixing and matching different colors!