DIY fire pit area with string lights

30 DIY Fire Pit Ideas

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Imagine for a second you and your fam are gathered around an open flame. You're watching a marshmallow began to charcoal as it hangs above the fire. The air around you is thick as a stream of smoke billows into the night sky.

You feel so peaceful, warmth radiating from the bonfire covering you in a gentle embrace. Sounds pretty amazing, doesn't it?

Well, here's the good news: this can easily be a reality, especially with summer just around the corner.

Below you'll find 33 DIY fire pit ideas sure to provide plenty of inspiration so that you can finally turn your backyard fire pit dream into a reality.


Simple Paver Fire Pit


Searching for a way to add a campfire to your backyard that's super easy to build in the span of a few hours? Well, look no further than this minimalist fire pit that's crafted entirely of pavers.

Cement or a noncombustible adhesive can be used to secure each layer of stone, but the mere weight of each paver usually keeps the unit in place without the need for a bonding agent.


Fire Pit With Pavers Of Different Sizes

Embracing Messy

Don't be afraid to let your creativity out when crafting your DIY fire pit. Just take a look at how charming this three-layered bonfire is with its use of varying pavers!


Cobblestone Fire Pit With Bench


Ready to take your DIY fire pit to the next level? Then perhaps this in-ground cobblestone fire pit with surrounding seating is just the project to tackle over a weekend.

The circular wooden bench completes the campfire area and functions as firewood storage. So genius!


Budget-Friendly Fire Pit

Kim Anderson
Thrifty Little Mom

Okay, so maybe a built-in campfire area isn't exactly what you're after. Perhaps, you're imagining spending an cool spring evening warming up around a minimal open flame. And if that's the case, you seriously need to check out this super inexpensive fire pit that is created virtually for free with stacks of rocks.


Brick Fire Pit with Ring Insert


Follow in the footsteps of Zach on Howchoo in building a super simple fire pit out of a fire pit ring insert, wall pavers, and granite rocks. This DIY cost less than $100 and can be created in a few hours.


An Adorable Faux Fire Pit

Bldg 25 Blog

Who said fire pit were limited to the outdoors? Okay, common sense does. However, you can most certainly bring a faux campfire into your home with this sweet DIY.

Using string lights, small rocks, and handcrafted hollow lace branches you can light your fireless pit anywhere you please. In the middle of the living room? Yup. On the bedroom floor? Uh-huh. Even in the bathroom? Sure, we don't judge!


Round Concrete Tabletop Fire Pit


Bring the open flame onto your patio with this charming tabletop fire pit. The base on the pit is made out of concrete that was set in a large bowl to mold the circular shape.

Once solid, a can of gel fireplace fuel was place in its center, surrounded by lava rocks, and then lit aflame. Pretty simple, right?


In-Ground Fire Pit With Concrete Blocks


Not all fire pits have to be above ground. Instead, consider a campfire area that is level with its surroundings. Take this border stone and pea gravel fire pit that was completely DIYed from the ground up as inspiration for your own yard.


Upcycled Washing Machine Drum Fire Pit

A Noodoll Life

Yup, you read that right! You can absolutely turn a washing machine drum into an impromptu fire pit. All you'll need for the project is a repurposed metal drum, three wooden boards to elevate the unit, and wood to light the fire.


Grilling On A Simple Brick Fire Pit

Baby Hedge Hogs

Who said fire pits were only made to roast marshmallows? Certainly not the couple behind the Baby Hedgehogs blog who shared how easy it can be to whip out a portable grill and cook yourself a four course meal right over an open flame.

Don't limit yourself to s'mores when there are so many yummy alternative waiting for you to explore.


Modern Tabletop Fire Pit


Here's another tabletop fire pit that's effortlessly chic. Much like the round concrete pit above, this modern open flame is crafted out of concrete.

But where this fire pit diverges is in its handy cast iron legs, small pebble exterior, and designated spots for two single-use gas canisters.


Rectangular Decorative Stone Fire Pit

The Crafty Ninja

Concrete and natural stone were used to create this decorative fire pit that is so warm and inviting. Can't you just picture yourself pulling up a seat by this stunning pit with a hot cocoa in hand taking in all the heat its flames have to offer?


Glassbox Tabletop Fire Pit

Karen Bertelsen
The Art of Doing Stuff

What do you get when you combe a DIYed glass box with a rectangular metal planter? The answer: a modern fire pit that although on the smaller side, is nothing short of a stunning backyard table centerpiece that gives off plenty of heat.


Galvanized Tub Fire Pit

Renew Redo

On a tight budget but you still want a cozy fire pit to gather around during cool summer evenings? We have just the solution — create a galvanized tub fire pit. All you need is a metal wash pail (you can purchase one for under $20 or repurpose one you already have) and four bricks to cover the bottom of the bucket.

Once complete, place logs atop the brick and set aflame. It's so simple, yet so effective.


Stone Fire Pit With Barbeque Grill

Red Door Home

If you plan on cooking over your fire pit quite frequently, consider DIYing a campfire area complete with a barbeque grill.

This fire pit was created using three layers of stone and a ring insert that features two grills, each of which can fold upwards to access the open fire.


Modern Cement Block Fire Pit

Deals, Steals and Heels

Or maybe your fire pit use will be strictly limited to warming up by the open flame or setting marshmallows on fire. If so, a simple, yet modern, fire pit like the one pictured above is potentially your best route to venture down.


Wok Fire Pit

Ink, Rust and Sawdust

If it wasn't already abundantly clear, we're state it again: don't be afraid to get creative when DIYing the perfect campfire area for your yard.

Take it from the couple behind Ink, Rust and Sawdust who transformed a large wok into an impressive cement bowl fire pit. How brilliant!


Propane Fire Pit Upgrade


Okay, so maybe we can stretch the word DIY when referring to this store-bought fire pit that got a serious propane upgrade. That eliminated the problems of the smoke overflow and messy cleanup.


Concrete Coffee Table With Fire Pit Insert

DIY Huntress

Looking for a way to spice up you currently patio area? Sure a cozy sectional is nice, but just imagine how easily a coffee table that converts into a fire pit one day and cooler the next would transform your space.

The dual-purpose unit is not only super functional, but also so chic!


DIY Fire Pit Cover


If creating your own fire pit coffee table seems like too challenging of a project, consider turning your existing pit into a table with a DIY wood cover.

The circular board slides onto your campfire when its not in use, and slide off when you're ready for a toasty, open flame.


DIY Campfire Area


This simple campfire area, complete with a brick fire pit and four wooden benches, can be built from the ground up in just a weekend.

The project costs close to $500 for all the materials needed, but it's well worth the splurge as the cozy area is a permanent addition that can seat up to eight people comfortably.


Concrete Tree Ring Fire Pit


Red concrete tree rings, which the DIYer of this project purchased on sale for $2 each, were used to build this super inexpensive, two-layered fire pit.

In the middle sits a small portable charcoal grill that provides impressive flames when turned on.


Wine Barrel Fire Pit


It's hard to believe that this wine barrel is concealing a full-sized propane tank that creates a warm and inviting bonfire when switched on.

The creative fire pit also features a DIY burner unit (made from a circular grill, pizza tray, and piping), a key valve to operate the propane, and black lava rocks.


Flameless Tabletop Fire Pit


Filling a decorative pot with flameless candles and clear gems creates a clever faux fire pit that you can actually bring inside the home. Plus, the decor piece will look so chic anywhere it's placed even when the candles are turned off.


DIY Stone Fire Pit Seating


Why bring exterior chairs to a fire pit when you can create a cozy campfire area with built-in stone seating? This is exactly what one homeowner did when they decided to remodel their existing stone pit into the bonfire space of their dreams.

The circular section is made with retaining walls (which double as seating), pavers to outline the area, and pea gravel to fill in the middle.


Concrete Fire Pit Table


Give your existing fire pit bowl a much needed facelift with a polished concrete top and wooden base that turns the pit into a cozy unit.


Four Canister Tabletop Fire Pit

Shelly L Nemeth
Home Talk

What's better than an adorable tabletop fire pit? An adorable tabletop fire pit that fits four gel fireplace fuel canisters. Don't let its tiny size fool you, this rectangular unit can still release plenty of heat to keep your warm all evening long.


Dreamy Fire Pit Area With String Lights


A stone fire pit, a patio made of interlocking pavers, lounging Adirondack chairs, and string lights all come together to bring this fairytale campfire area to life.

We wouldn't mind pulling up a lounger and roasting a marshmallow over the toasty open flame.


Portable Steel Fire Pit


For those DIYers ready for a serious challenge, we have just the project up our sleeve. Crafted entirely of steel, this tiny portable steel fire pit may require quite a bit of elbow grease (and plenty of welding!), but the end result is so worth it.


DIY Fire Pit Game Table Cover

Lori Greco
Greco Design Co

Here's another fire pit cover, but it comes with a twist — it has a checkers board painted right on it. The simple cover converts a campfire area into a competitive game zone in the matter of seconds.

And when the sun starts to set and you're ready for some warmth, simply pull the over off and set your pit aflame.