Interior of Dining room with wooden furniture and green wall

12 Dining Room Paint Ideas

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The dining room is a reminder that meals and time spent with family and friends matter. As a result, your space should feel both comfortable and chic. Deciding between dining room paint ideas can help your set the right mood.

Though before getting started, remember it's wise to choose your decor first and match your paint colors last since it’s a far easier to match your paint to your decor than the other way around.

This guide is here to inspire you with a variety of paint ideas so that when you're ready to pull out the drop-cloth, you'll have a direction.


Metallic Dining Room Paint Ideas

Metallic-painted walls set a sophisticated mood in a dining room and work especially well for those who like to hold dinner parties or entertain. When it comes to choosing the right paint color for you, there are several options.

First, consider the finish, which can vary between a true metallic finish, high gloss, or a satin sheen. Second, consider the technique you will use, which can give a muted look or a super sleek one.

For example, the silver-painted walls in this dining room are very subtle, indicating it may have been sponge painted.


Dark And Stormy Paint Colors

Dining room paint ideas that use dark, rich colors grounds the look and feel of a space as well as provide a great contrast for decor.

The dining room in this photo uses plenty of natural light, earthenware vessels, woven lampshades, and other natural features to bring some levity to the overall design.

That said, if your dining room doesn’t receive much natural light, you can always try a nearly-black color on for size.


Color-Blocked Dining Room Painting

Color-blocking your walls is one of the simplest ways you can update the vibe of your space. The dining room in this image features two different shapes in popping hues of yellow and orange.

That said, you can also choose a subtler approach and paint your background wall in a darker color so your shapes appear as negative space.


Painted Pattern Dining Room Walls

Painting a funky pattern on your dining room walls is a great way to distinguish your space, particularly if you have an open floor plan.

The fun design featured in this image is painted on just the lower section of the walls, doing the double-duty of hiding stains and creating a natural frame for wall art. You can recreate this look with painter’s tape and a steady hand, or opt for a wall stencil instead. 


Painted Vertical Stripes

Creating a vertical stripe is one of the best dining room paint ideas for its ability to totally transform your design. It's also a great way to create aesthetic harmony since the eye will naturally follow the colored stripe from one side of the room to the next.

Use this technique to highlight architectural features, like the fireplace in this dining room, or a statement light fixture.


Painted Brick Dining Room

Exposed brick is super chic and feels almost quintessential to an industrial aesthetic. That said if you don't love its natural color or it doesn’t blend well with your design, consider painting it.

The brick wall in this dining room is ombre-painted, but you can also create a pattern or mural on your wall.


Highlight Architectural Details With Paint

If you have ceiling beams, moulding, columns, or other architectural details in your dining room, consider making them pop with a coat of paint.

This idea works particularly well in homes with open floor plans or high ceilings, because the touches of color help fill a spacious room and add dimension where otherwise it may not exist. 


Candy-Colored Dining Room Paint Ideas

Who says you can’t have dessert first? If you’re a fan of bold statements, combining colors on your walls is one of the dining room paint ideas that you’ll be sure to love.

To choose your color palette, it helps to have selected the majority of your decor first.


Dining Rooms With A Punch Of Color

Color certainly affects mood, so if you want to use your dining room as a space for entertaining and lively gatherings, consider painting it with a vibrant, bold color.

The robust orange in this dining room is reflected in its warm-hued furniture.


Mix Up The Dining Room With Paint And Wallpaper

If you love the idea of an ornately patterned wallpaper but still want to maintain balance in your space, consider painting a portion of your walls. The eye is naturally drawn to compositions divided into three, so it's helpful to keep this in mind while planning your design.

You can create a horizontal stripe of paint like the dining room in this image or choose to paint three of your walls in the same paint color, using wallpaper to accent your fourth. 


Vintage Dining Room Paint Ideas

The trick to pulling off a vintage vibe is not to overdo it — that is, don't stress over imperfections because things should look a little rough around the edges.

To this end, dining room paint ideas that give your walls a distressed look are perfect for vintage lovers. You can fill your space with decor that’s a little mismatched, refurbished, or found in second-hand shops, all tied together by paint color.


Frame Your Windows With Paint

Framing your windows with paint is a subtle way to set your dining room apart and what’s more, it’s a simple technique to nail. You can follow the natural outline of your window, or trace a shape like a cinquefoil, reverse ogee, or any other style of arch.

The dining room in this image is tied together with touches of green but still has an eclectic feel thanks to its mix of patterns, styles, and colors.