Beautiful modern home with an abundance of natural light due to a glass roof with wooden slats and also a lush indoor garden.

16 Cool Designs To Take Your Home Renovation To The Next Level

Originally contributed by Trent Weston • last updated 1/14/2021

As DIYers, we’re often faced with a dilemma. We want to embark upon a new project, or we feel like making an alteration to our home, but we don’t know exactly what our next venture will be.

The desire to make something or create a change is there, yet we can’t always pinpoint specifically where to direct our creative energy.

To help get the ideas flowing, we’ve compiled a list of 16 inspirational home renovation designs to motivate home DIYers to do what they do best, innovate and make the extraordinary!

1. Cabinet Overhaul

When in doubt, you can’t go wrong with cabinet renovations. Whether in the kitchen, bathroom, or even revamping an old dresser, a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware can go a long way.

Modernize with updated cabinet knobs or handles, or make your cabinet the focal point of the room with bold, vibrant colors.

2. Bring Gardening Indoors

Houseplants are one thing, but what about bringing a whole garden from the outdoors, in. A fantastic way to add some freshness to your space is by livening things up, literally.

Even better, you can finally grow those lush tropical plants you’ve always wanted, but couldn’t because the weather outside is, let’s just say, less than ideal for those sorts of greenery.

3. Declutter With Innovative Storage

Storage, it’s something we all need, we often don’t have enough of it, and the possibilities for innovation are endless. Think about your existing decor and what you could modify to serve double-duty as a hidden storage option.

Take this incredible staircase. Go from one level to the next while clearing out the clutter by covertly storing all your belongings.

4. Create Your Own Light Fixture

Swapping out a pendant light fixture can radically alter a space, especially if you construct a light that’s truly one-of-a-kind. Infusing natural items such as tree branches to custom-made lights can really make a space shine.

Maybe just keep the shadows the light will cast in mind. We’re getting a serious haunted forest vibe from this twisted branch chandelier.

5. Innovative Aquariums

“Under the sea, Darling it's better, Down where it's wetter… Under the sea!” If you love all things aquatic, there are so many options for DIY aquariums that go beyond the standard goldfish bowl.

Custom aquariums infuse spaces with a sense of wonder you’d be hard-pressed to imitate any other way short of actually living underwater.

6. Brighten Your Bathroom

There’s nothing comparable to natural light, and bringing it into your tub or shower helps to create that coveted spa-like oasis feeling at home.

Skylights are a wonderful way to illuminate a bathroom and add some vivaciousness to any morning routine. Waking up early for work seems a lot better when you can shower with the sun on your face!

7. Outdoor Fire Pits

Fire pits are a great project to undertake because they can be as simple or elaborate as you decide. From planning your backyard decor around this sizzling-centerpiece to simply creating an area to gather around the warmth, fire pits are functional, fabulous, and in some cases, even free to make!

And no matter how modest or ambitious the project, they’ll still always fuel our fascination with fire.

8. Stained Glass

There’s an air of sophistication inherent in stained glass. It’s reminiscent of times past and exquisite craftsmanship, yet it certainly never goes out of style.

Installing stained glass in your home provides a pop of color that changes with the light, and there are so many customization options available, from deciding where to install it, to designing and even creating your own pieces.  

9. Map Murals

Love to travel? Why not bring that admiration for geography and discovery into your home. Map murals are timeless decor items that work with a vast array of design schemes.

Transform your space by importing worldliness from the map room onto your walls. You can create the murals yourself, and you might just discover your next destination in the process.

10. Live Edge Decor

Why purchase a table when you can acquire the materials you need from the natural world and build one yourself? More than that, like nature itself, each piece will be intrinsically unique. 

Take things one step further by adding other elements such as stone or cut glass to emulate water. You can even purchase certain kinds of epoxy to truly make a statement with live edge.

11. Multipurpose Bed

The space around our beds and even beds themselves can be utilized for much more than just strictly sleeping purposes. And you can take things much further than the classic storage bins under the bed frame mentality. 

Even when dealing with smaller bedroom spaces, making alterations to your sleep sanctuary’s main staple piece can expand your home’s living areas and functionality.

12. Book Repurposing

As if there weren’t already enough reasons to love literature, book repurposing has turned the way we think about design-forward a few pages.

If you have some books at home that you feel you’re never going to read again, try making a book lamp, wall decor, or even a floating bookshelf made of books. Just let your imagination, and the books themselves, guide you.

13. DIY Hammocks

Hammocks have transcended their previous life as outdoor lounge spaces by the beach. In fact, incorporating a hammock into your design scheme can provide that getaway feeling without having to leave your home.

Like this stairs hammock. What was once empty, un-utilized space is now an extra place to unwind in comfort and grace. And they’re easy to make!

14. Art-Inspired Storage Solutions

Who ever said that storage absolutely has to be hidden? Sometimes we want to show off our collection of things, so why not do it in the most artful way possible?

Being cognizant of what your displaying and the infrastructure you will use when displaying it can lead to some truly stunning creations. Functional, check. Spectacular, check. DIYable, check. 

15. Lofty Ideals

Take your home renovation to new heights by creating your own loft space and let the design enhance the existing structural bones of your home.

Build the loft that makes sense for you. It can easily become the ideal solution for establishing a hidden sanctuary to get cozy with a book or act as extra sleeping space when guests arrive.

16. Shiplap It Up

Shiplap is a fantastic DIY project that promptly adds character to any space. It goes beyond the standard drywall and gives your home a more lived-in, rustic, cottagey feel but can be equally suitable for a modern design plan.

Even better, it’s manageable. And if you’re looking for a fast shiplap project, accent walls are an excellent solution!