A Dad Transforms His Son's Door Into The Blue Police Call Box From Dr. Who

Father Spends 4 Months Handcrafting A Doctor Who-Inspired Doorway For His Son

Originally contributed by Ali Carroll • last updated 1/15/2021

This dad just got bumped up to Father of the Year after spending 4 months creating a stunning DIY replica of Doctor Who’s TARDIS for his son. 

For those of you unaware of BBC's hit series Doctor Who, it is essentially the story of a reincarnating alien who travels the universe with a human companion while fighting bad guys in a time/teleportation machine known as the TARDIS. 

The show has gained a massive following since it first aired all the way back in 1963, including one very lucky little boy with a doting father. 

In September of 2020 when much of the world turned to DIY as a way to make the best of a tough year, one loving father decided to pick up a hammer and make his 8 year old son the happiest kid in the world. 

Inspired by his son’s love for the BBC series Doctor Who, this father (henceforth referred to as #1 Dad) got the idea to turn his son’s room into his very own TARDIS. Big on the inside and small on the outside, the TARDIS looks just like the common blue Police Public Call Boxes that are seen all throughout Britain.

#1 Dad took the unexpected time offered him by a worldwide pandemic to turn his son’s door frame into a replica of this very same TARDIS, shocking the world when the result was shared on Twitter by his wife.

Made to look identical to the TV prop, #1 Dad used his veritable carpentry skills to craft a detailed extension to his son’s door, creating the optical illusion of a phone box sitting in a corner.

Painted a bright and bold blue, the framing and paneling is handled with great care and precision, equipped with an inlaid sign, opaque windows, and a fully functional electric sign. 

When opening the door to what appears to be only a 4x4 box, you now get the wonderful reveal of an interior much larger than its outward appearance, achieving the same sense of awe and magic invoked by the TARDIS in the TV series.

Laced within the Twitter comments are numerous DIYers reacting in amazement to this father’s craftiness, sharing their own Doctor Who themed designs, and being inspired to try the project out for themselves.

As with so many DIY projects, one single idea can inspire a hundred more and spread the joy of creation to a whole world of like-minded DIYers. Because of #1 Dad’s hard work and dedication, this little boy will now get to walk into a room filled with wonder, and forever have a reminder of just how much his daddy loves him.