Living room with sheer curtains.

15 Curtain Styles For Living Rooms

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Jarek Ceborski

Curtains tend to be an afterthought, but, besides providing privacy, the right curtains can enhance a living room's style.

We've gathered ideas for curtain styles for living rooms decorated from modern and industrial, to farmhouse and Victorian, and everything in between.


Sheer And Fresh Modern-Style Curtains


What makes a living room curtain modern? It's a clean, uncomplicated look that's more efficient than decorative. Modern curtains offer you privacy with patterns and styles that stay in the background.

You'll find these styles may have streamlined grommet or tab tops. It's rare to find fussy rings or rod pockets that create shirring. Simple and no fuss is the key.

Modern curtains can be sheer, but also blackout. The key to contemporary curtain styles for living rooms is in the soft and undulating curves. Keep patterns or colors simple.


Ornate And Elaborate European-Style Curtains


What do you think of when you envision European-style curtains? You may think of lacey sheers from the South of France. Maybe you imagine the ornate old-world drapes of Italian villas.

Many European-style curtains are sheer with delicate embroidered patterns. Embroidered floral patterns remain popular on the windows of homes from Sweden to Eastern Europe.

If your living room is decorated with a European flair, there are plenty of sources, such as Etsy and Amazon, where you can find the right window covering to match.


Casual And Bright Farmhouse-Style Curtains

Lush Decor Store

Farmhouse-style interiors can be modern, eclectic, rustic, romantic, or all of the above. The living room curtains shown in the example bring a cozy and casual charm into a farmhouse living room. The curtains would blend in beautifully in a room filled with natural materials, neutral colors, and vintage decor.

You could add plaid or lace drapes to a farmhouse living room, too. Adding a bit of color to the window with gingham would complement any painted pieces in the room.


Mixed Patterns And Colorful Country-Style Curtains

Folk N Funky

Farmhouse and country decor are similar, but there are subtle differences. A country living room may have more of a rural vibe with a touch of cottage and cabin decor.

The colors in a country living room tend to be more pastel or vibrant rather than the neutral, earthy hues found in farmhouse interiors. Because a country living room typically has a blend of colors and patterns, anything goes for curtains, too.

The example combines everything pretty about country style. The curtains blend shabby chic, plaids, and florals for the ideal country-style window covering.


Eclectic And Colorful Boho-Style Curtains


Look up the word bohemian and you'll find the word is means far more than just "hippy." A bohemian is defined as a socially unconventional person who's involved in the arts. If that's you, you'll resonate with the vibrant living room above.

If you have a boho-style living room, it will likely be a feast for the eyes. There will be a mix of colors, patterns and accessories. So, why stop at the windows? You could have traditional macrame pieces covering your windows or layered sheers in a rainbow of colors.

There are other types of curtain styles for living rooms with bohemian decor. Go beaded or try drapes with mandalas and other patterns representing cultures from around the world.


Lush And Plush Victorian-Style Curtains

Max Vakhtbovych

If you like an embellished look in your living room, you're probably a fan of Victorian decor. You're also probably a fan of The Crown, which is filled to the brim with Victorian and Edwardian decor.

The Victorian era spanned from the 1830s to 1901, when Queen Victoria died and King Edward VII came into power. It embraced ornate and elaborate decor. Victorian rooms were typically finished with heavy velvet or textile drapes in deep jewel tones.

Modern Victorian style is more streamlined and less stuffy. It can incorporate lavish and elegant touches, like floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains in a deep delicious color and trimmed with fringe. Pool the drapes on the floor for an extra opulent effect.


Streamlined Industrial-Style Curtains


An industrial-style living room is chic and modern. It brings to mind old factories turned into urban lofts. If you love the look of Edison light bulbs, concrete coffee tables, leather furniture, and unfinished wood, then you're into industrial decor.

An industrial-style living room is not cold or unwelcoming. It does, however, embrace wide open spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and eclectic fabrics and furniture. Curtains help soften and warm up an industrial living room.

Use pipes for curtain rods for consistent styling. Since the style is popular, you'll find ready-made pipe curtain rods at various retailers. Just pop on modern gray or neutral curtains to finish your industrial style living room.


Open And Airy Scandinavian-Style Curtains

Collov Home Design

A Scandinavian-style living room is typically no-frills, casual, and calming. It speaks the language of hygge, the cozy, comfortable feeling of well-being that the Danish culture has so beautifully defined for their interiors.

Curtain styles for living rooms that subscribe to hygge are simple. Drapes will typically be made of natural fabrics, such as cotton or linen, and are often sheer. They'll also be white or another pale shade to softly diffuse any sunlight streaming in.


Shabby Chic Cottage-Style Curtains

Simply French Market

Cottage decorating is characterized by a light, bright color palette, and almost always in shades of white. The airy, romantic curtains above embrace all the elements of cottage-style living.

In addition, cottage-style living rooms have an eclectic flair. There's nothing cookie-cutter about a cottage interior, which often incorporates vintage items. Curtain styles for living rooms with cottage decor will often be billowy and sheer, as well.


Pretty In Toile French-Style Curtains

Linen Is Love

French-style curtains have many different looks. The curtains in the living room above are simple drapes with a toile de Jouy blue floral pattern on a white background.

Other types of French-style window coverings are a bit more ornate than toile prints. French curtains, whether found in city apartments or country homes in the South of France, can also be made of lush, elegant solid-colored silk or taffeta, and pooled on the floor.


A Twist On Southwest-Style Curtains

East Urban Home

Here's a unique twist on Southwest-style curtains for a living room. These contemporary white curtains, with patterns of iconic steer's heads, are subtle enough for a living room or dining room.

Other types of Southwest-style coverings for living rooms include Western and American Indian motifs in earthy colors and roughly textured fabrics.


Sheer Vintage-Style Curtains


Are you ready to unleash your inner Mad Men decorating style? If you are, you'll be happy to know how easy it is to replicate 1960s retro decor inspired-curtains. Just think sheers with pocket rods, which create that necessary shirring.


But if you want to scream 1960s decor, then you'll want curtains with iconic mid-century modern patterns, like the pair above.


Lacey Rustic-Style Curtains On Birch

Magic Birch Shop

If you dream about cabin living, start with your living room windows. Opt for a sheer lacy panel of fabric draped over a primitive curtain rod made from birch. You can't get any more rustic than that.

More curtain styles for living rooms in cabins range from cafe curtains and valances with a lodge vibe. Look for buffalo plaid and gingham patterns in nature's colors, including green and black. Many lodge-style fabrics will be printed with patterns of cabins, pine trees, pinecones, bear, moose, and antlers.


William Morris Patterned Craftsman-Style Curtains


The Arts & Crafts movement of the late 1800s led to the popularity of the American Craftsman bungalow in the early 1900s. Whether you call the style Arts & Crafts, Craftsman, Mission, or Prairie, the style celebrates nature's motifs and materials.

Textiles were extremely important to the interior decor of the era. William Morris, one of the most influential designers in the Arts & Crafts movement, is regarded as one of the greatest textile designers of the 19th century. Today, there are plenty of sources for modern curtains and drapes with genuine patterns from the era.

The curtains above, are blackout drapes. The pattern is one of William Morris' most recognized textile patterns, called "Strawberry Thief."


Easy Breezy Beach-Style Curtains

Hutomo Abrianto

Curtain styles for living rooms with beach or coastal decor are typically breezy, gauzy, and lightweight. Why would you want to cover up your windows from the scenery outdoors with anything but sheer fabric?

Beach style coverings are usually white or another light neutral. That's because you don't want your window treatments to compete with the view.

If you need curtains for your outdoor living space, consider waterproof curtains. They look and feel just like indoor curtains, but weather better than indoor fabrics.