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Originally contributed by Jeff Butler • last updated 1/17/2021

Maybe you’ve heard the phrase curing something. It’s a term that gets used in a lot of DIY or home improvement projects, usually to describe the final stages of preparation for various products and materials. But what does it actually mean?


The phrase curing something typically involves a method of preparation or alteration over a period of time, especially through chemical or physical processing, for preservation or use. The end result of curing is typically to achieve a type of fortification or strengthening of the final material or product, to maximize its potential and/or help it last longer. The term can be applied to a variety of materials and products across various types of projects from cooking to painting.

The Most Important Thing To Know About The Curing Process

Regardless of what you’re curing, there is one important thing to remember - curing takes time and patience:

  • With some projects, the final materials or products may require only a short time before they are fully cured and ready for use. Products and materials like this may include certain types of paints, adhesives, and even candle wax.
  • With other projects, the materials may take days, weeks, and even longer to cure before they are ready for use. Products and materials like this may include wood, cement, and certain foods like meats and cheeses.