IKEA Kallax shelving unit turned into hamster cage

23 Cube Storage Ideas For Your Home

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Kelsey & Becky
The Sorry Girls

Keeping your living space organized 24/7 is not always the easiest task. But luckily, there are plenty of handy solutions waiting to find their way into your dwelling, and cubby storage units — which can be used all over the home — are one of them!

From cozy reading nooks to elegant hamster cages, these cubes are extremely versatile and can be customized for any room.

But don't just take our word for it. Explore the 23 creative storage cubby projects below, which are sure to inspire your next DIY endeavors.


Media Entertainment Console


Several Ikea shelving units were used to create this mid-century modern media console. The doors of the cubby storage were given an upgrade with self-adhesive walnut veneer. New legs were also installed to complete the chic look.


Modern Changing Table

John Petersik
Young House Love

The cubbies in this nifty changing table are perfect for storing all sorts of baby products, like diapers, blankets, and toys. Much like the console above, a piece of Ikea furniture was given a facelift to create the modern unit.

More specifically, stained wood was installed around the outer edges for a contrast of dark and light between the white interior cubbies and wood exterior.


Adorable Rabbit Home

IKEA Hackers

Even pets can get in on the cube storage DIY action as a sweet bunny calls this lengthy storage unit home. The piece is created from an Ikea KALLAX shelf, in which archways were cut through the dividers to allow the rabbit to roam freely.

Only one door was attached to the unit at the far end — this is the bunny's designated sleep area. A panel of wire fencing was then used to seal off the rest of the cubbies so that bun-bun wouldn't get loose.


Floating Box Shelves

Miss Cutiepie Inspiration

Cubes of all different sizes were attached to a wall to create a new take on floating shelves. These boxes may be in a child's bedroom (and work extremely well!), but they can also be used all around the house.

We're talking bathroom organization, cooking utensil storage, and even living room decor.


Record Player Storage

Sarah & Nick

Building a vinyl nook in your home just got so much simpler with this budget-friendly record player storage hack.

Pairing an Ikea KALLAX storage unit with wooden mid-century modern legs stained a darker color, Sarah & Nick from the blog of the same name were able to put together this radiant record shelf.


Open Closet Cubby Storage


Putting your entire closet on display for all to see can be a dealbreaker for those considering an open wardrobe. Luckily, cube storage can help keep your tees, jeans, and even PJs, neat and tidy.


Spacious Kitchen Island

IKEA Hackers

What do you get when you combine a cubby storage unit, wooden tabletop, and metal legs? The answer: a nifty kitchen island that's incredibly affordable and super easy to put together.


Makeup Storage In A Cubby Unit


Sometimes you don't have to completely reinvent the wheel when it comes to chic organization. Simply take a look at how effective an Ikea KALLAX shelf unit was used as a simple vanity station.

It houses both makeup and plants in such an elegant and functional way.


Plywood Built-In Shelving Unit

Amelia Tatnall Lawrence
Paper & Stitch

Ditch the storebought cubby units for handcrafted, built-in plywood shelving organization. It's a simple structure that provides plenty of storage options.

The dimensions of the unit and number of cubes will be determined by the size space it's being built into.


Adorable Cube Nightstand

IKEA Hackers

Adding hairpin legs to a floating wall cube was all it took to transform the simple square into an adorable nightstand table. How lovely!


Nifty Coffee Station


Installing a wooden countertop on a cube storage unit created this adorable coffee bar. The caffeine station was completed with two dark doors that contrast the white inner cubes so wonderfully.


Work Desk With Plenty Of Cubby Storage


Working from home has become a new, and very much accepted, reality for many. So what better time than now to craft yourself a functional desk with sufficient storage.

Follow in the footsteps of this nifty DIYer who used several Ikea KALLAX shelving units to create a long desk, complete with a 10-foot long tabletop.


Giant Hamster Cage

Kelsey & Becky
The Sorry Girls

Here's another pet home DIY that's crafted out of cubby storage. The hamster cage project was similar to the rabbit house above as tiny archways were drilled into the inner panels to allow your little buddy access to each cube.

A wooden frame with mesh wire was also attached to the unit creating a long door that opens and closes. The entire piece was then elevated on legs and adorned with hamster accessories.


Entryway Console Cubby Unit


Searching for a functional multipurpose unit that can actually fit in your tiny entryway? Look no further than this mid-century modern console that features four storage cubes. The affordable piece is built out of plywood and houses wicker baskets for easy, pull-out storage.

As for the best part, the console doesn't have to be kept to just the foyer. It can also function as an adorable changing table in a nursery.


Functional Island For Tiny Kitchens

Christoph Molitor
IKEA Hackers

Even homeowners with tiny kitchens can craft an island. Space restrictions may not allow for the large cubby storage island above, but a unit that's half the save can be turned into a work table with the addition of metal legs and a bamboo shelf turned into a countertop.


Cube Storage Room Divider

Leendert & Nienke
IKEA Hackers

What do you do if you need to divide one large space into two separate sections but don't want to completely isolate them?

Well, if you're anything like this crafty DIYer you'll combine several Ikea KALLAX units into a towering room divider that comes equipped with a built-in desk. 


Hidden Wardrobe In Storage Cabinet

The Sorry Girls

Running low on closet space? Kelsey and Becky of The Sorry Girls offer a crafty solution — a concealed wardrobe in a cubby storage unit.

The cabinet is crafted from an Ikea KALLAX shelf that was given an update with mid-century modern legs, stained pine wood doors, and contemporary handles. A wooden rod and gold hooks were also installed inside the unit for even more storage possibilities.


Give Your Existing Cubby Unit A Modern Update

Purely Katie

A fresh coat of paint — or in this case, stain — can do wonders. Take it from Katie of Purely Katie who gave a cubby organizer she bought at an auction for $5 a complete makeover by sanding down the entire unit and applying stain to each panel. The result is nothing short of stunning.


Shoe Cubby

Sara Davis
Sincerely Sara D

In collaboration with Cassity of Remodelaholic, Sincerely Sara D shares the crafty building plans for this shoe storage unit. The DIYer was able to use quite a bit of elbow grease to transform a vintage mail sorter into the perfect entryway staple.


Four-Room Dollhouse

IKEA Hackers

The four cubes of an Ikea KALLAX shelving unit can create an adorable house for dolls. The home has a bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, and living room. Each is decorated with wallpaper, lights, and tiny furniture. How adorable!


Wooden Crate Ornament Display

Sarah Ramberg
Sadie Seasongoods

Turn a wooden bottle crate that comes equipped with cubby storage into a festive ornament display. Hooks were installed into all 12 of the cubes to suspend the holiday decorations. Yup, it's that simple!


Diagonal Wall Shelving

Daan Rot

Shifting the orientation of a traditional bookshelf from running vertically to diagonally may be a simple change, but it is one that can drastically alter the aesthetic of a space. Plus, the diamond cubbies allow you to get creative when stacking novels and decor.


Reading Nook With Hidden Storage

Natalie Stein
IKEA Hackers

A cube storage unit can even be turned into a super sweet reading nook in a child's bedroom. The cube piece became a square bench with a cozy quilt and rug top and toy storage below. It's such a simple, inexpensive, and adorable DIY that can be built in a few hours.