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10 Creative Bedroom Paint Designs

Originally contributed by • last updated 6/2/2021

Atrin Mazinani

Paint colors, styles, and finishes are constantly evolving, which is why creative bedroom paint designs are such a fun area of interiors to explore. Though before starting in on your project, you’ll want to make sure you have the right tools. Using not just one, but multiple brushes with varied angles, textures, and thicknesses will help you create a more precise design with less effort.

You’ll also want to choose your paint colors and design last because, although it may feel counterintuitive, you’ll have way more flexibility with your overall look. These paint designs follow the beat of their own drum, so if you resonate with them, you’re in luck.


Circles And Arches

Sure, wall art often features soft blotches of color and abstract forms, but it’s less common to see shapes like these placed directly onto the wall.

To this end, painted circles, arches, or even swirled line art imbue a space with a whimsical and understated style. Creating these features does take a touch of precision, so following a tutorial can certainly help.


 Leading Lines

Creative bedroom paint designs don’t have to be complicated or even require a lot of know-how. Take the accent wall in this bedroom which has a unique, simple slash of dusty rose-colored paint. What’s more, its shape plays off the angled ceiling to give the space a funky touch.

To recreate this look, think strategically of how and where you will paint your color. For example, you can paint one-third of your bedroom wall and occupy the remaining space with wall art, hanging plants, or any decor you please.


Concrete Wash

Concrete is a versatile material since, depending on what you pair it with, its vibe can range from industrial chic to even warm and inviting. That said, you don’t have to commit to the real thing.

Instead, paint on a faux concrete finish for a fraction of the cost. Although, this technique doesn’t always come easy so it’s wise to do your research and even a few practice runs on scrap pieces of drywall.  


Multicolored Stripes

If you like neutral colors but dread the idea of drab, try using all the colors in your palette to create a chic series of painted stripes. Creative bedroom paint designs inspired by this look can use uniform and neat stripes, but if you prefer, you can also vary their length, thickness, and spacing.


Cubist Vibes

With its staggered shapes and multicolored palette, this paint technique embraces abstract beauty. If this look appeals to you, it’s wise to first choose a piece of artwork or decor that you can use as a motif for your painted design.

For example, notice how the two paint colors used to frame the wall art in this bedroom closely mimic the background color of the portrait. This causes the wall paint to feel like an extension of the art, as opposed to an element that clashes with it.



Incorporating a texture like stucco, plaster, or comb is a lovely option for creative bedroom paint designs since it adds intrigue and dimension to your design without any extra thought to paint color. Texture can also make your walls appear more natural and organic which fits right in with biophilic design.  


 Painted Ceiling

Creative bedroom paint designs can be as simple as painting an unexpected surface, like the ceiling. The design of this bedroom is so fun and free, it would actually look strange if the party stopped at the ceiling.

That said, this paint technique can create multiple moods. For example, you can paint your four walls and ceiling in the same hue of color for a provocative vibe or use a metallic finish on your ceiling to impart a touch of glam.  


Frame Your Bed

The bed is the true focal point of a bedroom, so why not drive the message home? You can paint a design that meets the edge of your bed frame like the accent wall in this bedroom, create a mock painted headboard, or even play with negative space by painting all of your walls except for a swath that frames your bed.  


Painted Brick

Exposed brick has a rustic vibe that’s perfect for city dwellers and country homeowners alike. Though if the color of natural brick throws you off, simply paint over it and enjoy the texture it offers.

You can paint your brick with white or a neutral hue for an understated feel, liven it up with a jewel tone like sapphire, or get funky with a paint color like bubblegum pink.



Stencils certainly come in a wide range of styles and sizes so if you dig this idea, you won’t be limited. To help yourself narrow things down, look for pre-existing patterns or shapes in your space.

For example, if your rug has polka-dots, you could paint a section of your wall in a similar style or use more rigid shapes. Just make sure your stencil either matches or contrasts the design you base it on — anywhere in between will look odd.



Creative bedroom paint designs can take classic ideas and change them just enough to capture attention. Enter the asymmetrical paint design, which uses either a single shape or multiple shapes and positions them off-center on your wall.

That said, you can still create visual harmony in the rest of your space by repeating elements from your painted design in your decor. Take the wall art in this bedroom, which features the same hue of intense blue as the painted rectangle behind it.   


Painted Panels

Paneled walls create a rustic, cozy mood that’s perfect for a farmhouse style or for those who aim for log-cabin vibes. Painting over paneled wood updates its look and provides you added flexibility with your color palette.

What’s more, you can play with how you install your wooden panels, creating herringbone, asymmetrical, or even checkered patterns.