A bike lane on a bridge that has no fence to protect cyclists from falling; a lotion bottle with a pump that's the same length on both ends.

14 Crappy Designs So Bad That There Aren't Enough Facepalms To React With

Originally contributed by Ashley Hunte • last updated 4/26/2021

You can always tell when a design wasn’t thought out very well. It’s pretty hard to make a truly horrible design if you’re paying enough attention. Unless a bad design is intentional, of course, but in that case, why? There’s truly no reason to confuse, baffle, or frustrate your audience.

And yet, these questionable designs continue to exist. People continue to create without thinking about what they’re making and how they could come across.

But at least they’re funny to look at. So check out these designs that may make you do a facepalm, but will also probably earn a chuckle or two.


Strange Arrow Key Placement


Someone in a computer company decided that it would be best to have the arrow keys laid out like this, instead of the standard cross shape that literally every other keyboard in the world has.

This is so frustrating because you wouldn’t be able to use this without having to consciously search for the arrow keys each time. The Delete button is on the bottom, too, which is weird. This whole thing is weird.


Giant Gift Card


Why any company would design gift cards that are too big to fit in your wallet is highly questionable. It’s like J.C. Penny did that on purpose to make sure people spend money on the cards, but then the cards never get redeemed. Wait, did we just stumble on a money-making conspiracy? More likely, though, it’s just a bad design.


Half Of A Ramp


What started out as a good idea ended up as a pointless one. Since there’s a door right there, they couldn’t have put a ramp there too. So instead, they cut through the middle of the ramp in order to access the door, which also rendered the ramp completely useless. A lot of effort for something you can’t even use.


Lots Of Lights


That’s a lot of pot lights. Possibly too many pot lights, but since we’re not electricians, we can’t be too sure. At least whoever lives in this home will never get lost at night?

Still, that ceiling looks so incredibly busy, and it probably gets too bright. There is such a thing as too much when it comes to interior design.


Benches You Aren't Supposed To Sit On


There’s really no point to benches like these. Sure, they may stop people from sleeping on them, but they also stop people from sitting on them, since they’d be super uncomfortable to sit on in the first place. And since that’s the entire point of a bench, why would you design them like this? It’s a complete waste, and an eyesore to boot.


A Wall In The Window


There were probably better places to put that wall. Like, maybe in between the two windows on the adjacent wall. It may have made allocating space a bit trickier, but it’s a lot better than just having a wall that intersects an entire window.

How would you clean that window? And what would happen when it needs replacing? It’s but another really weird design that wasn’t thought out very well.


Unusable Drawers


What a nice, spacious drawer. Too bad you can’t use it. For some reason, whoever designed that hotel room (and possibly other rooms in that hotel) decided to put the drawer right up next to a bump in the wall, which evidently prevents anyone from opening the drawer.

So not only is it a waste of space, but it’s also a waste of a perfectly good set of drawers. Hopefully no one stays in that hotel room long enough to need to use them.


Door Window


It’s part window, part door, all weird. If this was someone’s attempt at repurposing a door into a window, it very obviously doesn’t work. That thing probably lets in little-to-no light, so having it there seems like a waste. If privacy was the issue, just frost the window. Or install blinds or curtains. This thing just looks so confusing and unnecessary.


Wooden Letters Of Mystery


It looks like this sign was supposed to be painted or printed on before hitting the shelves, but it just wasn’t. It could potentially say, “but first, coffee,” or it could be saying nothing at all.

Unfortunately, we may never know what this little wooden sign was trying to communicate with us, unless it really is saying, “but first, coffee.” But we don’t really know that for sure.


An Unwanted Sight


It’s probably not the best idea to have a huge window looking into a restroom like that. Especially if the window is against an area where people can walk and stand directly next to it.

That’s got to be super awkward for anyone using the restroom, and also for the people walking by who just happen to glance through the window. Maybe frost the windows?


These Bootleg Mario Toys


Third-party Super Mario toys never look right. Sometimes, they’re just slightly off, while other times they don’t look anything like the characters they’re meant to be portraying.

These toys have creepy faces and even creepier bodies. They’re like a weird combination of Lego and nightmares. The proportions on every single character are just so unsettling. Why would anyone try to market these?


Upside Down Magazine


This is definitely a huge printing error. We’ve probably all seen at least one book or magazine with a cover that goes in the opposite direction of the contents. And honestly, that’s kind of hilarious. Frustrating, but hilarious.

You definitely don’t expect the pages of a magazine to be upside down when you first open it, so it may come as a bit of a shock. But like, a hilarious shock.


Dangerous Bike Path


Cyclists probably have a bad rap because they’re always on the road. But if we want to get cyclists off the road and onto their own little bike lanes, maybe we shouldn’t build them like this.

It would be way too easy for a cyclist to fall off of this thing. And while we don’t always like cyclists, we don’t dislike them that much. It would be so easy to just stick a fence on there and keep everyone safe.


Strange Symmetry


For starters, with a symmetrical pump like that, you’d have a hard time determining which side is the nozzle side at a glance. It also seems like it would be really difficult to actually use that pump since there’s even weight on both sides. It also just looks incredibly silly. So all in all, not the best design out there by a long shot.