A wood burning stove in the corner of a room, next to a basket full of firewood.

8 Corner Wood Burning Stove Ideas

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Sven Brandsma

Having a wood burning stove means upkeep, but it also means cozy fires in the winter. Seriously, there's no better way to keep yourself from freezing than by bundling up next to a perfectly controlled fire. The smell alone is incentive enough for us to want to go out and get one for ourselves.

Though they can look good as the centerpiece of a room, a really nice spot for them is in the corner. A corner wood burning stove means a dedicated space just for them, and leaves room on your walls for other things, like televisions.

If you're looking for ideas on how to make your wood stove shine in the corner it calls its home, then you definitely won't want to miss these.


Cute Rustic Corner Wood Burning Stove

This little corner model feels so rustic. It's probably all of the wood furniture surrounding the stove. And the wall paneling. And that metal bucket. All of those things together create such a clean, cohesive space that show you that sometimes, less really is more when it comes to design.

This would be such a great little room for a winter cottage, or a cozy corner in an urban living room. It definitely feels like the kind of space you could cozy up in while looking at the snow falling outside.


Elevated Stone Corner Wood Burning Stove

We're absolutely digging the little step that this corner wood burning stove is on. It feels so cozy, while also helping the overall rustic, homey feel of the entire corner.

The stone pavers compliment the flagstone bricks perfectly, and the color scheme is so cute and timeless. All of those little decorations make this corner look like the perfect fall getaway.

Seriously, everything is so carefully placed along the mantle and around the stove, that it really feels like a work of art. It would be really hard to get up and leave the house, when you could just stay home and sit by the fire in this room.


Clean, Modern Corner Wood Burning Stove

A stoves and fireplaces may evoke feelings of warmth we most associate with cottages and rustic decor. But that doesn't mean that you can't have yours in a more modern setting.

There are no bricks, no stones, and no backing of any kind in this example. It's just the two tones of paint that adorn the walls to decorate this corner.

It's all so sleek and minimalist, but it's also so warm and inviting. It definitely feels a lot more modern than what we'd usually see around a wood burning stove. This is the kind of corner you could cozy up in, but also do it in style.


Small Cottagey Corner Wood Burning Stove

This little corner may not have a lot of room (and it has an incredibly tiny wood burning stove to boot), but it has all the essentials. There's somehow room for everything you'd need to tend to a fire in such a small space.

It even has a nice little tiled border that keeps the corner contained and cohesive. But don't worry, even if the stove is on the smaller side, it's still sure to heat up an entire room and then some. And it looks like it's a great addition to a warm evening in front of the tv, watching a movie or some shows.


Cool, Contemporary Corner Wood Burning Stove

The clean, white lines of the mantle and molding give this corner a distinctly contemporary vibe. Additionally, the gray and white stones that form the backdrop are so fresh and clean. Their blue tones bring a bit of a cooler energy to the whole space.

But that doesn't mean that the fire won't be hot, and that wood burning stove looks like it's ready to bring the heat. The most interesting part of the corner is the stone slab that the stove rests on top of.

While the rest of the look is a bit more contemporary, that slab feels a little bit more rustic. We do love to mix and match different styles, so that sill looks amazing.


Corner Wood Burning Stove, But With Plants

The white bricks that surround this example are really nice. They're painted, which is what gives them that unique texture. There's a lot of charm to that corner, but it also has a little bit of a modern flair.

Now, let's talk about the plants, since there are so many and they're kind of hard to miss. Somehow, though you wouldn't think that plants and wood burning stoves go well together, this looks and feels really cool.

It's like looking at a jungle, except instead of worrying about a devastating forest fire, you can enjoy a perfectly safe, controlled blaze.


Christmas Cottage Corner Wood Burning Stove

Look, it's never a bad time to think about Christmas, or any holiday for that matter. Even if it's January 15, or July 3. There is no wrong time for holiday vibes.

And this corner, with its stone wall, slate floor, and the abundance of tasteful holiday decorations, looks as festive as it does warm.

There's also a really neat little design along the door of the wood burning stove which really helps to maintain that cottage-y, wood cabin vibe that this little corner is successfully displaying. It feels like the kind of house Santa Claus would live in.


Corner Wood Burning Stove, And More Wood To Boot

What would be the best material to use when decorating a wood burning stove? Well, more wood doesn't seem like the most obvious answer, and yet it also makes perfect sense.

This small wood burning stove fits perfectly in this corner, and it looks great among the wooden planks that are all over the walls. And of course, the stone step helps to tie it all together.