A floating corner shelf made of wood with plants, books, and magazines on it.

17 Corner Shelf Ideas For Home Decorations

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Rachel Claire

Whether you live in a house or apartment, chances are you could probably be using your space in a more efficient way. There's always room for improvement. Case in point: corner shelves!

After all, every home or apartment has corners — unless you live in a dome or sphere, of course. And most of the time those corner spaces pretty much go unused.

There are at least four corners in every room. There are corners between cabinets, corners in the bathroom, corners in the kitchen, in the bedroom and living room. You get the idea.

Take a look at these 17 corner shelf storage and decoration ideas.

Corner Shelf And Decoration Ideas


Modern Floating Living Room Shelf Design

These are excellent decorative shelf ideas for living rooms with unused corner space. It's the ideal spot to place various decor items and can even function as a storage area for smaller items.

A shelf like this serves double-duty as a storage solution and a corner decoration idea!


Corner Night Shelf

Don't have enough room for a nightstand? You can use the corner next to your bed to make a great shelf!

If you have a tight floor plan in the bedroom, you don't need to sacrifice your bedside table.

By installing this clever little shelf on the wall above your bed, you'll suddenly have room for books, an alarm clock, and any other bedside necessities.


Decorative Bathroom Shelves

This is a great way to make use of the space in your bathroom. And in more ways than one.

The triangle shelves are a great area to place toiletries in a smaller bathroom where storage may be limited.

For larger bathrooms, this corner shelf idea is the perfect element to create that sought-after spa-like oasis as you fill it with all sorts of plants and decorations.


Hallway Corner Shelf Idea

This corner shelf idea uses a bookshelf to make outstanding use of potentially awkward hallway space.

We don't often think about corner storage solutions being on convex corners, but this wrap-around shelving proves they're just as versatile as their concave cousins.

Next time you're frustrated with that load-bearing wall or structural pillar that you simply can't remove, keep wrap-around shelving in mind!


Corner Desk Shelf

Corner shelves like these are a great way to make an efficient office in even the smallest spaces.

You can add as many shelves as you need to fulfill your storage requirements, and undermount lighting can also brighten your working day, both figuratively and literally.


Study Shelf Ideas

Studies are usually a bit small, so a corner shelf like this is a great way to make use of the space!

Ideal for books and decor items, shelves like these add height and interest to a room. Including plants can invigorate the area and provide some freshness, too.

A reading chair underneath creates a cozy little nook where it's easy to get lost in a book or get some studying done.


Antique Corner Shelf Ideas

Transforming or even repurposing antique furniture is a wonderful idea for creating corner shelves and decoration.

Sometimes you can find older pieces specially constructed to be used in the corner of a room.

If not, taking old ladders or altering other old items not only adds character to your room's design, but it's a budget-friendly upcycle that often requires only a can of paint!


Loft Space Shelf Ideas

Most lofts have lots of corners and unused wall space. A shelf like this is a great way to increase your storage!

Not only that, but corner shelves can add visual interest. So while they're certainly functional, they'll also be beautiful in their own right.

This modern wood shelving unit acts as a stunning example of a corner decoration idea as it contrasts with the older floors, exposed brick, and an antique railing.


Kitchen Nook Shelf

Does your kitchen have a little 'nook' area that's been a bit of a puzzle? You can make use of that space by adding a shelf like this.

Even if your kitchen doesn't have a 'nook' per se, chances are there's a corner that could be better utilized.

Who among us would say no to having a little extra storage space in the kitchen? No matter how much we have, we always seem to need more!


Kitchen Corner Shelf Ideas

Here is another great shelf idea for your kitchen that's kind of the sibling to the previous one! This small shelf is perfect for cookbooks, spices, or other small items.

At the very least, it looks beautiful. This type of shelf, in particular, looks like one that could be a great DIY project for those who want to make an impact on a tight budget!


Rustic Corner Book Shelf

Check out this amazing rustic corner shelf idea! Perfect for cabins or homes with rustic decor.

Using live-edge shelves or even a tree as the support beam creates an organic sense of warmth. Perfect for developing a cozy space.

If you're able to source the wood you need yourself, then this is a project where all you need is materials from your backyard and a creative DIY attitude!


Wooden Block Shelf

This is an easier DIY project. Wooden blocks like these can make a stunning shelf with an inherent sense of intrigue.

To create one of these corner shelves yourself, just create wooden blocks and stack them on top of each other.

This design is highly customizable and suits a modern decor scheme well. If you need more storage, simply add more blocks!


Corner Wooden Book Shelf

A few tree stumps like these cut to fit in a corner is a fantastic home decor idea! Both alluring and inexpensive.

Ask around if anyone has a fallen tree in their yard or if they need to cut one down. If so, grab a few cut slabs of the wood.

Then you can sand and seal the tree rounds and attach them to whatever you want. In this case, a modified floor lamp.


Brightly Colored Corner Shelf

A fun-colored corner shelf like this is a great way to add a splash of vibrancy and brighten up any room in your home!

With all corner decoration ideas, painting your shelf a lively color is a superb option if you want to add a new or bold color to your space.

You can do it without committing to painting the whole room. So if you have an accent color in mind, a corner shelf may be an ideal place for it!


Small Kitchen Area Shelf

If you have cabinets in your kitchen, you can use the space between them to add shelves like these.

As we said before, storage is always front of mind when it comes to the kitchen areas of our home.

A corner shelf and decoration ideas like this demonstrate that more storage can be achieved if you're willing to think outside the box (or cabinet in this case)!


Decorative Dining Area Shelf

You can make great use of underutilized dining area spaces with a corner shelf like this one.

Using small shelves with not much depth doesn't run the risk of getting in the way of livable areas.

So if you merely want to display some decor pieces or create interest on blank walls, corner decoration ideas like these easy DIY shelves are fabulous!


Kitchen Counter Corner Shelf Instead Of Cabinets

A shelf like this is a great way to make use of the space above your countertops in a less traditional way.

Since at this point we're all quite used to seeing cabinets in the kitchen, perhaps going a different route will set your culinary zone apart from others.

Corner shelf ideas like this are perfect if you have charming crockery and tableware that you want to showcase!