Dining room accent wall matches painted wall in open kitchen

15 Cool Room Painting Ideas

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Olive & June

A striking avant-garde accent wall. Full-width chalkboards perfect for little artists. A chic rainbow archway. What do these things have in common? They're all part of these cool room painting ideas awaiting your exploration.

We've taken the work out of searching for modern designs, by gathering 15 trendy paint ideas circulating the Internet. All left for you to do is roll up your sleeves, dip your paintbrush, and unleash your inner Van Gogh.


Boys Room Paint Ideas

Mallory & Savannah
Classy Clutter

Calling all Jedi! If this Star Wars-themed bedroom doesn't make you feel the force, we don't know what will. The adorable room is filled with lightsabers, movie quotes, and even Darth Vader's helmet.

However, it is the navy blue accent wall that ups the ante in the cozy space. The dark shade — naval by Sherwin-Williams to be exact — creates the perfect backdrop for the single, twin bed.

But more so, the wall is a stunning contrast against the surrounding white walls and ceiling. This is only elevated with the striking vinyl decal that resides just about the headboard.

Have a steady hand? Consider painting the lettering yourself and ditch the decal altogether, if you're up for the challenge!


Girls Room Paint Ideas

Maegan Tintari
Love Maegan

Is your little lady ready to take her bedroom from school-age preppy to tween chic? A geometric accent wall may just be the perfect transitional piece.

The design still uses youthful colors like pink and lilac. They are found within the triangles as well as painted on parallel walls. And for that touch of sophistication, shades of grey are subtly worked into both the walls and accompanying décor. 

Although this geometric pattern may take some serious elbow grease, the payoff is certainly worth the time and effort.


Kids Room Paint Ideas

Anika Gandhi
Anika's DIY Life

Imagine for a second that your children are polar opposites. One is into all things floral and dainty. The other is entranced by the dino world and wild ambiance.

Both personalities sharing a room may conjure up scenes of very little unity and plenty of restless fights. Fortunately, Anika of Anika's DIY Life offers a solution.

The mother of two kiddos who split one bedroom created a stunning geometric accent wall. The whimsical design fuses both spaces together through colorful diamonds that resemble pixels.

Each side of the pixelated squares features common hues —namely yellow, orange, and green. By doing so, the color pallets of the parallel spaces are married together effortlessly.

Who would've thought combining two separate areas into one cohesive room could look so flawless. Talk about a cool room painting idea!


Dining Room Paint Ideas

Rachel Schultz
Rachel Schultz On Homemaking

Rachel of Rachel Schultz On Homemaking attests to the transformative power a coat of paint can have. The DIYer gave her quaint dining room a chic facelift with modern square paneling.

But that's not all. The accent wall was then taken to an entirely new level with the help of — yup, you guessed it — paint. On the upper half is Behr Midnight Blue, a stunning dark navy shade.

The lower section is a light sage green entitled Flora which is also by Behr. Using a color blocking technique adds flair to an otherwise simple space. And as Rachel notes, the paint has helped her dining room appear much larger.


Living Room Paint Ideas with Accent Wall

Cassie Bustamante

An accent wall can be designed in many shapes and forms. Take, for instance, this boho chic living room with a painted fireplace and color block wall.

The fireplace is a striking, dark earthy green, whereas the freeform shapes to its sides are a noticeably lighter shade. Both colors elegantly juxtapose with the surrounding white walls, ceiling, and crown molding.

But even more so, the pair of green hues tie together all the plant life in the space. They do this by bringing the outdoors in with a clear nature-forward aesthetic.


Laundry Room Paint Ideas

Within The Grove

Who said paint only belongs on the walls? It certainly wasn't Liz of Within The Grove, who painted the tiles in her contemporary laundry room. The DIYer began the project by giving her existing flooring a good scrub.

She followed that with light sanding to prepare the area. Then it was time to prime, and once dry, apply a base coat. Liz went with a classic white so that her dark design would pop. And it absolutely does!

With a custom stencil and a can of the Behr shade Peppery (a dark grey color), she proceeded to paint on her delicate floral pattern. Tile by tile, Liz adorned every inch of the space and sealed her hard work with a clear finish.

Admittedly, the DIY is quite a time-consuming endeavor. But such a cool room painting idea is nothing short of impressive.


Game Room Paint Ideas

Have a spare room in your home that's currently being used to store holiday supplies and collect dust? Take this as your sign to transform that space into a modern games room.

Picture shelves stacked with classic board games. Kids' toys overspilling in a wooden chest. Such an energetic area should have an aesthetic that matches its liveliness. And what better way to scream fun than with a colorful mural accent wall!

Simply decide on your canvas, conceptualize your design, and get to work bringing your artwork to life. Nothing is too minimalist or too avant-garde. Take a look at what Jaime of Mindfully Gray painted in her kids' playroom.


Baby Room Paint Ideas

Geneva Vanderzeil
Collective Gen

While a mural may work in a games room, it's not always the best decision for every space in your home. Sometimes a subtle touch of color is all that's needed to sparkle life in a simple area.

A perfect way to do just this is by incorporating a painted arch into your dwelling. The interior design trend became huge in 2020 and is still going strong in 2021.

As such, the modish arch can be painted effortlessly in any space. We're talking in the living room, entryway, or even a nursery. The latter is exactly what was done in the baby room above.

The muted pink archway is a backdrop for floating bookshelves. It is this ensemble that completes the sweet reading nook in the chic nursery.


Powder Room Paint Ideas

R & R At Home

If you thought the accent wall in this powder room was a delicate brushstroke wallpaper, you're not alone. We also did a double-take when we found out Rebecca of R & R At Home painted each line in the pattern.

The DIYer used a cardboard stencil to make the process of creating every pair of individual lines easier. Half an hour later and with plenty of perfect imperfections, the accent wall was complete.

And the best part, the crafty project costed a total of $3. Yup, you read that right. One small paint sample was all she needed to paint her "wallpaper" and the price tag was super budget-friendly!


Paint Ideas For Open Dining Room And Kitchen

How exactly should you go about creating cohesion in an open concept living space? Well, if you're anything like this homeowner you'll enlist the help of bold colors to unify both areas.

The DIYer already had a striking element in her kitchen — rustic teal cabinets. She carried this vivid theme into the adjacent dining room with a dramatic accent wall. The teal wall features abstract panelling for an additional element of texture.

Creating such a focal piece truly helps harmonize the two rooms. And the best part is that neither bold element overpowers the other. Instead, they work together.


Teen Room Paint Ideas

Twelve On Main

When it comes to the inevitable tween-to-adolescent room makeover, deciding on a paint color can be a difficult venture. You'll want to pick a shade that can stand up to the changes happening in a teen's life.

One day they may be into a creamy white. And the next they're digging chocolate brown. The real task is to meet somewhere in the middle.

You can do this by choosing a versatile wall shade that can adapt to any color scheme thrown at it. Take a look at this teen bedroom that was painted a light grey three quarters up the wall.

The remaining wall and ceiling are both paint white. These are all neutral colors that can effortlessly pair with nearly every color under the rainbow.

Thus you can accessorize with whatever color your teen is currently obsessed with. And you won't have to worry about whipping out the paint roller every few months.


Office Room Paint Ideas

Beau & Matt
Probably This

Here's another version of the popular painted arch. Instead of one solid color, Beau and Matt of Probably This decide to get creative with their wall design. They painted a bohemian-esque rainbow that's oh-so-chic.

The minimalist design serves as the backdrop of this work area. But that's not all. The charming rainbow adds a touch of flair to the home office space without overpowering the rest of the room.

It's a clever spin on a modern trend that can be replicated all over the home. We're so in awe!


Modern Room Paint Ideas

Grace van Meurer
Collected Eclectic

If you're anything like us, you're probably scratching your head at how this delicate leaf pattern wall accent can be on a list of cool room painting ideas. "Surely it must be vinyl pasted to a wall," you might have thought to yourself.

It's not. Instead, it's a culmination of having a steady hand, plenty of patience, and a weekend to kill. The fine line leaf design was sketched onto the wall and then traced over with paint.

Sure, it may be a very tedious process that requires some skill. But the finished product will certainly make up for all that dedication. Plus, detailed hand-painting is a brilliant way to take painted "wallpaper" up another notch!


Chalk Paint Room Ideas

Mary Crozier
Life At Bella Terra

Let's be honest — concrete isn't usually the prettiest sight, especially in a home. But as always, paint (chalk paint to be exact in this DIY) is here to save the day.

In this project, a coat of white chalk paint was first applied to the concrete. Once dried, and with the help of a stencil, a colorful pattern was painted onto the plain flooring.

The repetitive design mimics the look of hand-painted ceramic tiles. It's an elaborate concept that can be a tiring process. However, it's undeniable the wonder it works in transforming dull concrete into stunning art.


Chalkboard Paint Ideas Children's Room

2 Little Superheroes

Tired of your kiddos turning your white walls into abstract art? Why not give them a designated space to let their inner Picasso out?

Follow in the footsteps of one crafty mom who turned a kid's room into an interactive art studio with a chalkboard wall. Using a chalkboard painting kit, the DIYer began by taping off the lower half of the wall — the perfect height for growing kiddies.

She then used a small sponge roller to apply one generous coat. Once dry, the tape was removed and the board was seasoned to ensure drawings don't leave permanent markings.

This is done by covering the entire area with chalk and then wiping it clean. Now that the board is primed, your little artists can get to work creating all sorts of masterpieces.

Isn't this such a clever idea? We sure think it tops the cool room painting ideas list.