Boho-style decor in a bedroom for a teenager.

20 Cool Room Ideas for Teen Bedrooms

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Tarina Wood
Tarina Wood

The bedroom has long been much more than a place to rest your weary head at night. It’s a haven to watch Netflix snuggled under the covers, a designated study area for midterms, and the meeting place to hang with friends. That’s why when it comes to making over a teen’s bedroom there are so many design concepts to consider. 

Should the space be cozy and inviting, or functional and spacious? If you find yourself asking these questions, stick around because we’ve got you covered with these cool room ideas to help you tackle your teen’s bedroom transformation.


Lofty Oasis

Whether it be to maximize floor area in a small bedroom or create a multidimensional space, a loft bed is a great way to add flare and functionality to your teen’s room. The under-the-bed area can be used to fit a work desk, seating area, or even makeup vanity. The creative possibilities for your teen’s unique bedroom needs are limitless! 


Collage Feature Wall

A feature wall is a great addition to any room with minimalist furnishing and decor. Ditch traditional feature wall designs like accent colors and wallpaper, and instead opt for posters and wall art. The result is a pinterest-esque collage that lets your teen’s personality shine while simultaneously adding pops of color to the space. And when you teen is ready for a change, the collection of art can easily be swapped out to reflect their evolving interests.


Neon Dreams

Have your teen channel their inner TikToker with the latest neon bedroom aesthetic. Made popular on the viral social media platform, stringing color-changing LED lights around a bedroom ceiling or wall creates a dreamy oasis sure to fit any space regardless of its size or decor theme. 


The Minimalist

For those teens craving a sophisticated space, the minimalist bedroom offers a monochromatic charm offset with subtle statement pieces. Using solid colored walls, bedding, and furniture, your teen’s unique personality can be incorporated into the design through decorative throw pillows, wall art, and even greenery.


Chic Office Area

Olivia Silk

Completing school work in the privacy of their own bedroom can often be essential for teens especially during COVID-19 and the challenges of learning from home. A simple, yet functional office area can be personalized to your teen’s unique space. Furnish the work table with a cozy chair, office supplies, and above-the-desk shelving units.


Hockey Lover’s Daydream

The hockey theme in this teen bedroom is balanced with a dark feature wall, metal pipe shelving units, and lots of linear patterns from the bedding to the horizontally hung hockey sticks. The space hones the industrial design through its use of rustic bare wood, metals and repurposed materials, like the hockey player piping lamp.


Textured Accents

Incorporating lots of texture in a bedroom is one of the many cool room ideas that creates interest in an otherwise simplistic space. Using patterned throws, pillows, and carpets elevates the wow factor. But it is the use of a textured accent wall that adds another level of dimension and makes the room appear bigger.


Whimsical Patterns

Mixing patterns in a single room can seem intimidating but this elegant teen bedroom proves just how effective marrying multiple patterns around a single color can be. The cohesiveness of the purple palette allows the whimsical elements, like a custom-designed wallpaper and chevron carpet to pop without being overbearing.


Pastel Fantasy

Introducing pastels into your teen’s sleeping area can create a cozy, yet sophisticated space that ties in every design aspect of the room. From the work desk to plush bedding to storage units, the pastel palette carries over unifying the entire bedroom. Have fun choosing wall decor, pillows, and lighting that meshes with your adolescent’s personality.


Eccentric Attic


The attic doesn’t have to be a dark and dingy area you avoid at all costs. Instead, you can transform the arched ceilings and typically small floor area into the bedroom of your teen’s dreams. Adding eccentric design elements like a swinging chair suspended from a support beam or a bohemian vintage carpet creates so much character and turns the upper floor of your house into an inviting space. The only problem you’ll come across is getting your adolescent to leave their room!


Sleep In The Clouds

Perhaps one of the most unusual cool teen bedrooms of the list, this DIYed hanging bed is strung from the ceiling with vine entwined rope that lets your teen sleep “in the clouds.” The heavenly room is painted ombre to create an abstract cloudscape and furnished with neutral dressers and nightstands. The entire room exudes the feeling of floating peacefully in the sky.


Loft Bunk Beds

When it comes to adolescent twins sharing a room, compromising on a design that fits both personalities can be a challenge. But what’s even more of a design dilemma is creating two spaces within a tiny room while avoiding traditional bunk beds all together. These lofted duo beds complete with a rope ladder and under bed seating is a great solution that transforms any small room into a floating haven.


Boho Vision

Tarina Wood

Layers of textures, different patterns, and unorthodox seating create the effortless bohemian look of this bedroom. If your teen’s personality is more avant-garde and free spirited, a boho bedroom oasis will be right up their alley. 


Loft And Lounge Duo

Alina Druga Interiors

Everything about this edgy bedroom screams teenage man cave. From the graffiti accent walls to the lounging area beneath the loft bed, the bold space complete with neon lighting creates the ultimate teenage hangout. Talk about cool room ideas!


Gaming Desk Setup

Long are the days of your teen playing Fortnite on the basement floor. Instead, a gaming desk complete with dual screens and headphones holder is the perfect addition to their room. Plus, you can customize the desk to fit the unique needs of their space. Streaming to Twitch has never been easier!


Painted Ceiling And Accent Wall

A painted ceiling and subtle accent wall are the dream team in this charming bedroom. The heavenly pink ceiling adds bold interest to the space while the gold painted accent wall helps tie in the gold decor features around the room. This playful design is perfect for any teen who isn’t afraid to experiment with color.


Clothing Rack Open Storage

Whether you decide to DIY an open closet for extra storage in a tiny room or simply as an aesthetically-pleasing statement piece, a clothing rack is a chic yet functional addition to cool teen rooms. And the best part, the rack and storage unit can be personalized to mesh with any space and decor theme.


Record Player Nook

With vinyl making a steady comeback, a bedroom record player corner is a match made in heaven for the music-loving adolescent. The nook can be personalized to your teen’s style, such as this bohemian space overspilling with greenery.


The Parisian Way

Bring the elegance of Parisian design to your teen’s bedroom with antique furniture and neutral walls embellished with ornate crown moulding and wainscoting to create historical French charm. Add throw pillows and patterned blankets to add pops of color to your monochromatic space. All that’s missing is a balcony overlooking the cobblestone streets and you’d think your adolescent was living lavishly in a Parisian apartment.


Ceiling Fairy Lights And Vines

Suspending fairy lights and plants from the ceiling is one of the many cool room ideas to add uniqueness to your teen’s bedroom. The strung lights and vines are weaved through a wire rack mounted to the ceiling. By day the unit is a botanical dream. By night you’ll be looking up at the stars.