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21 Coffee Mug Display Ideas

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Funky Junk Interiors

What better way to tell your friends and family you have a serious caffeine addiction than by putting your slightly alarming collection of mugs, which seems to grow each month, on display for all to see.

Sure you can rest your cups on a floating shelf, but where's the fun in that? Instead, let your inner Martha Stewart out as you peruse through these 21 nifty coffee mug display ideas sure to take your coffee (or tea!) game to the next level.

From countertop mug trees to eclectic hook racks, there are plenty of storage solutions perfect for any home — big or small. Take a look at the mug storage designs below!


Modern Mug Pegboard

Design Evolving

Whether it be in the bedroom, bathroom, or even kitchen, the pegboard has long proven its versatility all over the home. That's why it comes as no surprise that a pegboard was used to create a coffee mug display that's effortlessly chic.

Mara of Design Evolving undertook the project and shared her process of painting the board, installing the hooks, and finally arranging her cups.


Pegboard With A Whimsical Facelift

The Clever Bunny

If a modern pegboard isn't your cup of tea, consider a more quirky approach. Using spray paint and painter's tape, this once simple pegboard was given a colorful update with white and blue diagonal stripes.

The project was then completed with the installation of hooks which were also spray painted white to mimic the appearance of floating mugs.


Coffee Mug Storage Unit With Plenty of Hooks

Emre Can

You'll probably need to purchase plenty more mugs to fill up this seven-layered floating shelf. The unit is complete with hooks on both its sides and bottom for even more storage possibilities.


Clever Coffee Station Idea

Katie Hedgepeth

Why only display mugs on your wall when you could house an entire coffee station, much like the one above? The nifty shelving unit houses coffee pods in pull-out wire baskets, suspends mugs from a bottom bar, and comes complete with a top shelf for flaunting all sorts of home decor.


Eclectic Mug Rack Idea


Okay, so maybe your tiny kitchen doesn't have room for an entire coffee station. But downsizing your coffee mug display idea doesn't mean you have to sacrifice the style or functionality of your cup storage.

Take a look at how effective these small mug racks, complete with gold animal hooks, are at showcasing this collection of coffee cups. It's so simple, yet so fun!


Floating Cubby Mug Storage


If hanging very breakable coffee cups from hooks makes your palms sweaty, perhaps a floating storage unit that secures your mugs in individual cubbies may be your way to go.

While this specific shelf has nine cubes, the dimensions you decide on for your custom unit are really dependent on the size of your kitchen.


Dowel Wall Hooks

Torsten Dettlaff

For those daring DIYers who like to live on the edge, here's another crafty way to suspend your coffee cups. Using wooden dowels, you can theoretically hang your mugs wherever they make sense in your home — think under kitchen cabinets, in a pantry cupboard, or even above a DIY coffee bar.

Make some notches in the dowels for the handles to rest in while they hang, for extra security.


Metal Mug Tree

Jen Kershner
The Cottage Nest

Adorn you countertop with a towering metallic tree that houses all your fave mugs. The unit can be as high or low as you'd prefer for your kitchen. This tree holds close to twenty mugs and is slim enough that it doesn't take up much space on the butcherblock.


Suspend Mugs From A Utensil Rod

Incorporating a coffee mug display into a coffee station can take many shapes and forms. But what Kylee of The Inspired Room decided to do was suspended her collection of cups from a utensil bar.

You can follow in her footsteps with your mug storage and use a similar rack, like the HULTARP rail from Ikea.


Use Cup Hook To Suspend Mugs Under Kitchen Cabinets

Calum Lewis

Sometimes simple is best. Keep your teacups in reach, so that they're always an arm stretch away. This kitchen sees mugs suspended under a kitchen cabinet with a few hooks. Sure it may be plain, but it's super functional.


Farmhouse Countertop Coffee Cup Stand

The House on Silverado

If your home is rustically chic, this farmhouse-style coffee cup stand is sure to blend in effortlessly. Using wood scraps and vintage hooks, Niky of The House On Silverado was able to put together the elegant piece that holds up to eight mugs. Be sure to visit her blog for the complete building instructions.


Pallet Coffee Organizer


Much like pegboards, pallets are incredibly useful for any part of the home. They can be transformed into modern bed frames, nifty kitchen islands, or as the above picture reveals, an adorable coffee mug display that fits perfectly on this tiny coffee station.


Wooden Crate Coffee Station

Funky Junk Interiors

Have an old wooden crate laying around your home? Here's your sign to upcycle it into a rustically chic coffee station. The unit was stained, adorned in painted letters, and given a modern shelf that houses mugs of all different sizes.


Thrifted "Coffee Table"

Michelle James
Michelle James Designs

Here's another thrifting project that yields a super functional coffee bar. The DIY sees an antique, three-layered table given a major facelift with a fresh coat of paint, corkboard top, and hooks on the underside of the first layer to suspend mugs from. Be sure to visit Michelle James Designs for the complete makeover.


Hang Coffee Cups From A Love Tree


We were already in awe of this adorable coffee tree with a heart-shaped base and swinging figurine. But then we found out that the nifty DIYer who built the piece crafted it for their wife and we're swooning even more. How sweet is that!


Reclaimed Wood Turned into Coffee Sign

Funky Junk Interiors

Upcycling projects are great for both you and the environment. This wood sign turned into mug storage above a coffee station is just as rustically chic as it is super functional.


Countertop Spinning Coffee Station

Janet Green
Home Talk

Who would've thought that combining a lazy Susan with a small wire spool could create the niftiest coffee mug display around? Well, one DIYer did and shared her process of painting a wire spool, attaching a spinning plate to the base, and installing hooks to the underside of its top. It's such a simple project that provides so much convenience during busy mornings.


Floor-To-Ceiling Tree Branch Mug Storage Idea

Brittany Even-Ari
Home Talk

A mug tree that rests on a countertop is a great invention, but this DIYer decided to take that to the next level. And by next level, we mean installing a literal tree branch into their kitchen and suspending coffee cups from it.


Vertical Wall Mug And Coffee Pod Storage

Home Talk

Vertical storage is a must when it comes to housing a growing collection of coffee cups in both small and large kitchen areas. This coffee station idea, which houses both mugs and coffee pods, takes up zero counter space since it is installed directly onto a wall.


An Actual Mug Tree


We admit this very realistic tree mug isn't the most stylish, but how cool would it be to brag to your friends and family that you DIYed an actual mug tree!


Metal Tree Branch Mug Organizer


Now back to reality. This metal mug tree with outstretched branches can be such a charming addition to any kitchen. Plus, just imagine how many cups you could suspend up there — we're estimating more than 20. It's so whimsical and fun!