Traditional coastal style living room

11 Coastal Style Living Room Ideas

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Jean van der Meulen

Easy and breezy are more than a makeup slogan. They lie at the heart of coastal style living room ideas. Cool neutral linens with ocean blues, greens, and grays create the casual elegance of an oceanside cottage.

Coastal style’s relaxed vibe mixes beautifully with other design styles, like the modern farmhouse, rustic, or traditional styles. Take a look at some of our favorites to inspire your own beach getaway.


Modern Coastal Living Room

Jean van der Meulen

This cozy beach style incorporates all of the colors of the ocean, including deep blues. This living room capitalizes on those dark tones and balances it with white walls and floating furniture.

While the dark furniture absorbs light, the accessories and paint keep the light moving throughout the space. The room feels breezy but stays grounded and cozy in the rich blues.


Traditional Coastal Living Room

Jean van der Meulen

Does anything say coastal more than navy stripes? From the nautical theme to white sofas, this light and bright living room includes many oceanside classics.

The gold accents speak to the instruments of the sea. Even the glass living room table lets the light keep moving, expanding the space. Traditionally simple, this living room has a homey feel that’s not too casual. 


Coastal Living Room Ideas

alexandra lammerink

For that breezy feel, incorporate natural materials that evoke seagrasses and bleached wood. Natural blinds, wood table tops, as well as cotton and linen fabrics bring you closer to the natural feel.

Boost the look and feel with accent and display pieces made of found items like driftwood, sea glass, and seashells. 


Accessories For The Coastal Living Room

We’ve already mentioned found items like shells and sea glass, but there are more options for coastal accessories than such literal oceanside pieces.

Macrame may seem more boho than coastal, but the natural yarns complement a seaside getaway. Anything that adds the textures and colors of the natural world works in the beachy vibes style.


Simple White Coastal Living Room

You don't have to actually live on the water to get that coastal feel. However, when you’re making the switch to a new style, it’s easier if you keep it simple.

A light-colored sofa or even a sofa slipcover can transform the room. This room keeps the design simple, but adds a bit of personality with pops of blue and subtle patterns. Lots of windows is key. The flood of natural light helps you feel like you're lounging outdoors. 


Faux Fireplace In The Coastal Style

Domestic Imperfection

If you’re trying to blend styles, take a note from this living room. The neutral couch and beachy blues have the cool tones of the seaside. However, it mixes modern farmhouse with the coastal aesthetic for a stunning living room that’s casual and lively.

This space might look awkward if it weren't for the unusual focal point. The rustic wood planks demand attention, while accentuating the angle of the roofline. However, the rusticity gets tempered with blues and neutrals that make you want to stay. 


Modern Coastal Living Room — Take 2

The DIYPlaybook

This living room manages to blend a mix of modern, boho and coastal styles. The modern favors clean lines over the rustic, natural feel of a beachy aesthetic.

However, the neutral palette and natural fabrics have a distinct coastal feel. It goes to show that you can blend two or even three styles together to create a living room that expresses your design viewpoint.


Green Coastal Style Living Room Ideas

Jane Duursma

We’re not talking about 'save the planet' kind of green (even though that’s a great green too). We’re talking about using the greens of the coast.

Coastal living rooms are usually sandy beiges and sea blues, but the coast has plenty of green just waiting to grace your living room too.

Grass, shrubs, or even seaweed green can look like a glowing jewel in the right light. This living room’s mossy green complements the cool, beachfront neutrals of the sofa, jute rug, and other natural materials in the room.


Mid-Century Modern Meets Coastal Style

The DIYPlaybook

The blending of styles has to be one of the best ways to personalize your home. This living room’s mix of mid-century modern, beige neutrals, and woven materials steps out of the coastal style from decades past.

We’re also loving the floor-to-ceiling built-ins. It leaves room for storage and display pieces. For example, the woven baskets solidify the natural theme. However, all those cubbies provide plenty of space to change display pieces to keep the style fresh and new. 


Bright And Blue Coastal Style Living Room Ideas

Playing with shapes and patterns can completely alter how a room feels. This living room skips the subtle sandy tones for bright blue, beadboard.

The white sectional keeps the space airy, and the wood accents pop.


Coastal Style Living Room Basement

Made by Carli

Basements have a reputation as dark dungeons, but not when they’re brightened with the colors of the coast. A warm neutral palette turns this basement from a cave into a lakeside retreat.

In a space like this, it’s all about light — how to create more and keep it bouncing through the room. By keeping the palette monochromatic, the eye keeps moving, expanding the space.

However, the warm neutrals and natural materials of the coastal style prevent the room from falling into the cold and institutional category.