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24 Cheap Home Hacks

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Budget DIY Fur Stool
Dainty Dress Diaries

What does DIY abstract art, an electrical conduit transformed into a curtain rod, and a contact paper accent wall all have in common? If you answered that they’re a part of a lengthy list of cheap home hacks, you’d be right! Being frugal when it comes to updating your home isn’t an inherently bad thing. Rather, sticking to a fixed budget for home decor, storage organization, and smaller renovations can be quite the bang for your buck.

Just take a look at these clever tips and tricks that prove how simple it can be to affordably revamp your living space. Bragging rights — and a fuller wallet — included.


Ditch Bulky Hangers

Life's AHmazing

For those with tiny closet options, opting for slim plastic hangers can help you fit more clothes in your small space. A wide variety of stores offer thin hangers for reasonable prices, such as IKEA, which offers a pack of 10 SPRUTTIG hangers for $1.49. It’s quite the steal!


Magazine Holder Kitchen Organizer

Magazine Holder Hacks
The Krazy Coupon Lady

Decluttering your kitchen has never been simpler with cheap home hacks by your side. Take for example this mesh wire magazine holder that doubles as an organizer for storing cling wrap, resealable plastic bags, and foil paper. You can pick one of these bad boys up at any dollar or bargain store.


Paint your own Wallpaper

Madeira Creative Photography
Wit & Delight

Wallpapering your home can cost quite the pretty penny. According to Home Advisor, homeowners spend on average $500 to put up wallpaper in their living space, with rolls of wallpaper ranging anywhere from $20 to $40. And hiring professional installation can nearly double the cost, if not more. So what do you do if you have your heart set on wallpaper but not on the pricey expense? Why not use paint to create a patterned accent for your room that mirrors the appearance of vinyl wallpaper! Painting over a stencil is a cheaper alternative to wallpaper as store-bought plastic stencils go for as little as $10. Or if you’re feeling crafty, you can even create your own paintable design for a DIYed custom look.


Plywood Plank Backsplash

Mandi Johnson
A Beautiful Mess

Give your kitchen backsplash an update without the cost of a total reno. While stick and peel tiles are often the go-to for affordable DIYs, a homeowner with an average kitchen backsplash area of 30 square feet can spend over $100 on tiles. So instead, consider the next best option — painted plank boards. The total cost of the project, including the plywood (cut into thin strips), construction adhesive, caulk, nails, paint, and primer, is nearly half the price of stick and peel, at a mere $60. And the best part, the result is just as impressive as its tile counterpart.


Arm Knitted Chunky Blanket

Arm Knitted Cosy Chunky Blanket
Made Up Style

Keep warm this winter with a chunky blanket crafted entirely of yarn and a simple arm knitting technique. Store-bought chunky blankets can cost upwards of $100, especially if they’re made from merino wool. DIYing a comfy throw is a much more affordable alternative. Skeins of jumbo yarn vary in price, but the average roll is $5. The number of skeins you’ll need depends on the dimensions of your desired blanket, so be sure to refer to the product’s measurements and specifically how many yards of wool can yield different throw sizes.


DIY Abstract Artwork

Star and Arrow Designs
Lolly Jane

Why purchase art for your home when you can let your creativity flow and paint your own! Most of the materials in this abstract art feature, including paint and brushes, can be sourced cheaply from a discount store. While the 16 x 20 inch canvas may seem to be the most expensive of the supplies, it is actually the golden flakes that have the heftiest price tag, costing $12 for a package of three grams. A cheaper alternative to the flakes would be purchasing a tube of gold glitter, which costs less than a dollar.


Contact Paper is your Best Friend

Life's AHmazing

From kitchen countertops to lining the inside of a cabinet drawer, contact paper offers a refreshing update without the hefty budget of an entire renovation. Don’t believe us? Take a look at this super budget-friendly office desk makeover. Note how simply the marble contact paper was able to transform this once dark table into a light and modern work area.


Decorate a Terracotta Pot

DIY How to Decorate Terra Cotta Pots using Contact Paper
Mountain Modern Life

Even the homes of your plant friends could use an update every once in a while! Using brushed copper contact paper, this plain terracotta pot is transformed into a cute planter complete with a chic triangular pattern. 


Create an Accent Wall

DIY Triangle Accent Wall for Less than $3
Mountain Modern Life

As the saying goes, good things come in three. So here’s another contact paper project to put you in the DIY mood. The simple white peel and stick paper is used to create a non-permanent accent wall. We admit the process of cutting triangle after triangle and applying each one by hand is quite a tedious process. But all that hard work will be worth it as you brag to your friends and family that the entire project cost you only $3.


String Art with Materials you Already Have

DIY Cactus String Art Craft
From Scratch With Maria

Aren’t these cactus sting art pieces just the cutest? And they’ll be even more adorable when you find out that you can DIY one of these budget-friendly home crafts for virtually no cost! If you often find yourself undertaking cheap home hacks you’ll probably have most of these supplies on standby, but even if you don’t, the material list is super affordable. All that’s required is a piece of plywood, a hammer, pack of nails, yarn, paint (optional), and a free afternoon to unleash your inner DIYer. 


Towel Rack Pot Lid Holder

IKEA Kitchen Storage Solutions
Apartment Apothecary

Keep the lids of your pots and pans neat and tidy with this towel rack hack. The racks are attached to the back of a kitchen cabinet and discreetly house four lids. So how much does the project cost? Depending on where you purchase the towel racks can range significantly, but the least expensive prove to be IKEA with its KUNGSFORS rail costing $5.


 Electrical Conduit Curtain Rod

The Cheapest DIY Custom Curtain Rods
Renovated Faith

Why DIY an electrical conduit into a curtain rod? Here are a couple of reasons: they’re super durable (more so than PVC piping, which is often the popular option for DIY curtain rods), easy to cut with a pipe cutter, and are essentially dirt cheap — we’re talking $4 for a 10 foot, one and a half-inch pipe. The only other expenses included in the DIY are cabinet knobs for the finials, curtain brackets, and spray paint.


 DIY Chevron Stairs with a Stencil

DIY Chevron Stairs
Amber B Design

At first glance, these chevron stairs could have anyone fooled that they’re adorned in wallpaper. But much to our surprise, they aren’t! Instead, the budget-friendly design of the staircase was achieved with paint, plenty of tape rolls, and a DIYed cardboard stencil. Similar to the contact paper accent wall, the process of painting each stair is quite laborious but putting in all that elbow grease is worth it for the stunning end result.


 Reframe a Traditional Mirror into a Modern Decor Piece

DIY Modern Mirror (re)Frame
Kayla Simone Home

Ready to give your outdated full-length mirror a fresh, modern look? With this super easy project, you’ll be able to disassemble your old frame and DIY a brand one for a little as $30. Included in the price are lumber boards, plywood, and wood stain. Keep in mind that you’ll also need screws and construction adhesive, but both are relatively inexpensive.


 Game Controller Organizer

Video Game Controller Holder
She's Crafty

It’s time to finally get ahold of those pesky game controllers that never seem to have a permanent home. Rather than winding up on the floor or becoming lost in a junk draw, the controllers can be hung neatly on tool hooks attached to a painted wooden board. The affordable organizer can be mounted anywhere for handy storage, and most importantly, easy access.


 IKEA Stool Makeover

Budget DIY Fur Stool
Dainty Dress Diaries

What do you get when you combine a fur pillow with an IKEA MARIUS stool? The answer: a fabulous seat that elevates any room in a home. And with a cost of $6 for the stool, you can splurge on the fluffy pillow and gold spray paint, all while still staying on a budget.


 Magnetic Bobby Pin Holder

Make your own DIY bobby pin holder
Craft Corners

Say adios to the daily struggle of never being able to find a single bobby pin at the precise moment you need one to keep those stray hairs in check. With this magnetic strip, adhered to the inside of a makeup vanity, bathroom cabinet, or even bedroom dresser, you’ll finally have a way to prevent your pins from disappearing into the bottom of your drawer’s abyss. Think of all the time you’ll save not having to tear your bathroom apart!


 PVC Pipe Power Tool Organizer

Tool Organizer
Heathered Nest

PVC pipes, a wire shelf kit, and zip ties are all that’s needed to create the ultimate power tool organizer that is much more affordable than a store-bought tool chest or cabinet. While the shelving kit will cost the most, ranging from $15 to $30, the PVC pipes can also add up quickly if you choose to buy smaller pre-cut sections. To trim costs, a good alternative is to buy 10 foot long pipes that you can cut down to your desired size.


 Hand Painted Dresser Knobs

Hand-painted Dresser Knobs
The Crafted Life

Searching for a way to affordably update your dresser without spending hundreds on a brand new unit? Here’s an alternative, switch up the knobs! Sure, this might not be a monumental makeover, but these cute hand-painted cabinet knobs are super easy to DIY and cost under $10. So roll up your sleeves, grab some paint brushes, and go to town decorating your newest home addition!


 Turn Leftover Tiles into Chic Coasters

Painted Tile Coasters
A Daily Something

No one can deny how chic these DIY tile coasters are, and guess what? You can easily create your own coasters for virtually no cost at all! Here’s what you’ll need: tiles (bonus points if you already have some around!), felt (to prevent the bottoms of the tiles from scratching surfaces), acrylic paint, and clear spray finish to seal all your hard work. Cheers to cheap home hacks!


 Repurposed Wood Bathtub Caddy

3 Easy DIY Rustic Wood Projects For Your Bathroom
Jenna Sue Design Co.

Relaxing in the tub just got a lot more tranquil with this rustic bathtub caddy tray crafted entirely of natural wood and sealed with furniture varnish. The project is super budget-friendly, especially if you have some extra lumber laying around your home. But even if you don’t, picking up two wooden boards from a big box store can often cost less than $6.


  Modernize Floor Tiles with Paint

Refresh Your Outdated Tile With Paint
Making Pretty Spaces

The many painting projects among these cheap home hacks attest to how versatile paint can be in transforming parts of your home on a budget. Painting your bathroom floor is yet another way to update a room without the need for a complete reno. Just take a gander at the massive difference a pop of color from these intricately painted floor tiles provide to this small space. The project, completed with two cans of paint, looks far more extravagant than its true price leads on.


  Pallet Radiator Cover

Simple Upcycled Pallet Radiator Cover
La Pepa Boutique

Let’s face it, radiators are an eyesore no matter where they’re located. While many solutions effectively hide a radiator, they can often come with a hefty price tag. But fortunately, we have an affordable trick up our sleeve — a pallet radiator cover. Upcycling a pallet into an entryway table that conceals a radiator is a super easy project that you can DIY for very little money. Here’s why: 

  1. Pallets are often sourced cheaply, or in some cases, can be free;
  2. The top wood board is purchasable for a few dollars, or better yet, you may even have a plank laying around at home;
  3. While the paint tends to be the biggest expense, this can be avoided altogether by leaving the pallet in its rustic natural wood finish.

  Letter Sorter Lid Organizer

10 More Home Organization Hacks That Will Make You Feel Like Macgyver
One Good Thing

Stop ransacking your kitchen drawers while searching for the plastic container lids that always seem to be misplaced. Instead, know exactly where your tops are with this letter sorter hack that keeps your container tops neatly organized and readily accessible.