Shadow boxes are arranged on a white wall with plants on top of them. These trendy shelves are highlighted by old-style pendant lighting in front of them.

10 Cheap And Easy Ways To Spruce Up Your Home Decor

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Lisa Fotios

From rented apartments to three-story townhouses, it's arguably safe to agree that every dwelling could benefit from a little bit of extra love in the decor department. That being said, treating your space to a facelift every now and then doesn't have to cost a fortune.

Rather, there are plenty of simple and (more importantly) budget-friendly ways that'll make revamping your home a total breeze. Take a look at these 10 ideas to get started!


Update your Furniture with a Coat of Paint

One of the most simple (and cost-effective!) ways to upgrade your home is with the help of paint. Take a gander at how effortlessly a coat of paint transformed this worn-looking display cabinet.

And for another fun element, wallpaper was applied to the inside of the cabinet for an additional pop of color. How chic!


Swap out your Boring Electrical Plates

Updating your current electrical plates is probably not the first project that comes to mind when sprucing up your home, but it sure is an easy method of adding bold accents to any room in your dwelling.

Can't you picture these gorgeous covers in your space? We sure can!


Modernize your Hardware and Faucets

We can all use some change every now and then, and so could our kitchens. Achieve a complete transformation in the heart of your home by simply updating your hardware!

Whether you decide on gold, silver, or even pewter, consider treating all of your hardware to a similar facelift so that you evoke a feeling of unity throughout the entire room.


Revamp your Walls with a Half-Accent

Painting an entire accent wall can be quite a commitment. Luckily, there are other options available — like a half-painted wall, trendy arches, and even geometric shapes!

And for the renters out there, a good alternative to paint is peel-and-stick wallpaper!


Freshen up your Space with Greenery

Breathe new life into your home with plant companions! They'll not only purify your space but will also serve as chic decor for any room of your dwelling. In the kitchen? Absolutely. The bedroom? Uh-huh. What about the bathroom? Yup, even the loo!

And hey, even if you weren't born with a green thumb, don't sweat it. That's what fake plants are for!


Upgrade your Light Fixtures

Hex Ceiling Lights
Warmly Decor

We've got some news to share: old-fashion flush mount ceiling lights — ones often dubbed as the "boob light" — are out, and sleek, modern fixtures are in!

Take these trendy hexagon lights, for instance. They are so minimal in design, yet add such modernity to the space in a way that traditional flush mount lighting simply can't compete with. Plus, these hexagons are offered in a variety of colors to match any home aesthetic!


Redecorate your Home with DIY Decor


Macrame projects are 'sew' popular right now, so why not get in on the DIY action by crafting one of these boho-chic pillow covers for your space?

Etsy offers plenty of macrame cushion patterns and accompanying tutorials that range in expertise, from beginners to intermediate, so it's an easy trend to jump on board!


Even your Toilet Could use an Upgrade Every So Often

Angel Shield

There's nothing wrong with showing some love to your toilet, especially when it's on its last leg, and a new toilet seat upgrade may just do the trick!

Okay, we admit a black marble seat may not be for everyone. But there are plenty of other seat options that make as much of a statement (or as little!) as desired for your washroom.


Conceal Pet Accessory Eyesores

Tucker Murphy Pet

Let's be honest, having your cat's litterbox out in the open may not be the prettiest sight. That's why you often have to get creative when choosing a spot where you can effectively conceal your pet's bathroom, much like the above unit.

The green litterbox is conveniently placed in an unsuspecting cabinet that also functions as a cat enclosure. The slim unit features a small entryway on the side that allows your furry friend to do their — ahem — business behind closed doors.


Renew your Kitchen Backsplash Without Emptying your Wallet

Alexandra Gater

If your kitchen is in dire need of a makeover but you're not ready for all the mess and stress that comes with a full reno, consider a partial revamp with DIY backsplash!

Using peel-and-stick tiles (which are relatively inexpensive), YouTuber Alexandra Gater created a modern accent backsplash wall that completely changed the entire look of her tiny kitchen. And can we talk about how chic the pale pink is in the space?

It was such a great choice that really livened up the area! For all the lovely deets about this stunning project, be sure to check out Gater's complete kitchen renovation on YouTube.