Seating area with beautiful geometric chalk paint patterned yellow cabinet beside a mid-century modern chair and other decor.

10 Chalk Paint Furniture Ideas

Originally contributed by • last updated 6/2/2021

Cutting Edge Stencils (Janna Makaeva)

Chalk paint is a decorative paint with a matte finish whose formula is especially well-suited for creating a rustic, distressed texture and can be used on a variety of surfaces like wood, plaster, metal, glass, concrete, and tile. 

It has several advantages over typical paints, including the fact that little to no prep-work is required before application; just double check that your surface is clean and you’re ready to go. 

Chalk paint was originally developed by Annie Sloan, whose namesake company has a bevy of colors, finishes, and brushes to choose from. Although her products are top-shelf, they’re also top-dollar, so if you’re interested, there are other options on the market today. 

When it comes to chalk paint furniture ideas, there’s a world of possibilities and these are some of our favorites.


Color Blocking

Color blocking is a paint trend that juxtaposes colored shapes to create a unique yet understated look on anything from wall art to furniture. This beautiful cabinet by Elizabeth Dot Design is a perfect example of how a simple block of color can totally transform your furniture.

To ensure that your design looks professional, use a painter’s tape that’s flexible enough to bend with your desired shape.


Marbled And Swirled

From gaseous planets, to puddles of gasoline and ripples in our ice cream, the human eye likes swirls. Though did you know you can recreate whimsical, marbled furniture with just chalk paint and water?

In comparison to other chalk paint furniture ideas, this technique surely takes a bit of finesse, so before investing in a more expensive can of chalk paint, it may be wise to use a cheaper one on a few practice runs.


Free-Form Pattern

Modern artists like Keith Haring are famous for their lively use of shape and color, but expressive forms have been used since antiquity (traditional Australian Aboriginal art is a great example).

You can create a similar effect as artist Jeanie Simpson did with this chalk paint patterned cupboard and this floor lamp. It’s surely offbeat, but it’s right in tune for those with an artistic bent.


Art Deco

Annie Sloan

Art Deco should be bold, never tacky, and this side table achieves just that. It features several elements integral to the style, including a geometric pattern, gold touches, and a font that can only be described as “Art Deco.” Complement your finished piece with funky seating and graphic black and white accents.


Layered Look


Much like how an artist uses multiple colors to create depth and texture on their canvases, so, too, can you with your DIY layered chalk paint furniture. Using this technique, you can take your aesthetic in several directions.

For example, you could create a contrasting color palette for a more abstract look, or opt for one that feels natural, emulating materials like oxidized bronze or rusted copper.



Annie Sloan

Painting an ombré finish imparts your furniture with a refined, modern feel and, what’s more, it actually involves less work since a section of it is left unfinished. Although many chalk paint furniture ideas don’t require you to consider the finish of your wood, you’ll want to do so before using this technique.

For example, if you’re working with a wood that has red undertones, choose paints that will complement it or strip the stain and start over.


Painted Bathtub

A freestanding bathtub is charming, but a chalk-painted one is alluring. After you’ve applied your color, make sure you finish it with a polyurethane sealant to prevent your chalk paint from wearing or running when exposed to water and humidity.

Create a relaxing atmosphere by surrounding your bathtub with tall candle holders, hanging plants, or a plush bath mat.


Graphic Arts Chair

In the industrial design world, the chair is one of the most timeless expressions of style so it’s a bit confusing that so many are banal or otherwise lacking. Enter the graphic arts chair which uses chalk paint to liven things up.

To get inspired, browse resources like Bēhance for artists whose work you admire and then transmit their style onto your piece.


Give Antiques A Pop

Many chalk paint furniture ideas are lovely examples of marrying the old with the new. Take this old sewing machine which, with its bright blue hue and tarnished details, looks more like it should be in a modern art museum.

The novelty of this concept means that you can go with louder colors than you would normally, so have fun and experiment.


Create A Geometric Pattern

Cutting Edge Stencils (Janna Makaeva)

Almost every culture has a unique geometric pattern — just think of Islamic art, Navajo rugs, and Kente cloth textiles. As a result, you can easily take the look of your furniture global. All you need to know is what geometric style you want to emulate.

Of course, you can use a premade stencil, but you can also make your own if you’d like. To complete the rest of your design, incorporate elements from the geography, climate, and artistic traditions of the culture whose aesthetic you’re drawn to.