A living room wall covered in 8 framed photos of printed images of birds on various tree and flower branches.

8 Canvas Painting Ideas For Living Rooms

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Robert & Lauren
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Whether you’ve repainted, or you already love the colors on your living room walls, you’re going to need some art up there. Even the nicest room can benefit from something on those walls. While there are many options, the classic canvas painting can’t be beat.

There are plenty of different styles of paintings out there. Some are really versatile and can look good with all sorts of themes. Others are more specific, suiting certain styles better than others. With that in mind, knowing which canvas art paintings would look great on your living room walls is important.

This, of course, isn’t the end-all be-all of canvas art. Don’t be afraid to think outside of the box and create a really unique room, art and all. But if you’re stuck, here are some great canvas wall art ideas for your living room.


Floral Canvas Wall Painting Living Room Idea

In all honesty, you pretty much can’t go wrong with florals. They go really well with pretty much any style. Yes, even the most ultra modern living room would look good with a pop of floral color here and there.

Opting for big flowers like the ones on these canvases will give you that bold pop of color that’s important for any room. If you’d prefer to do something more subtle, then smaller flowers would also work.

If your living room has a lot of solids in it, then something like this would add a lot of visual interest. It could be the texture that your room is missing.


Minimalist Wall Painting Living Room Canvas Idea

If your room is already a little busier, or you’re just really into minimalist design, then something like this could work really well. Minimalist wall canvas paintings are really chic. They’re interesting enough to draw the eye. Yet, they’re still simple enough that they don’t make your space feel too busy.

These kinds of canvases work really well if you want to keep everything a bit monotonous. Remember, monotone doesn’t mean boring! Or, you could even use these kinds of paintings to liven your room up.

Pretty much any canvas painting will add some kind of color to your walls. If you like contrast, this could also be a really good way to bring that into your living room.


Watercolor Landscape Canvas Wall Painting Idea For Living Room

Another really classic canvas painting idea is the landscape. You really can’t go wrong with one of those. And any painting that’s done using watercolors is going to be a classic, too. So combining the two is an automatic win.

Something like this would work surprisingly well in a modern living room. The contrast between the muted, modern colors and the bright paint will make everything a lot more interesting. And a series of paintings like this, where each canvas continues the previous one, is just really neat.

If you like paintings that tell a story, opt for a landscape of some kind.


Muted Ocean Wall Canvas Art Idea For Living Room

If you’re really into beachy, ocean scenes, but don’t want something too bright on your walls, opt for something like this. The muted colors in this ocean scene are so beautiful, and yet they aren’t as bold as other paintings.

This is a really ideal style for people who aren’t into having their wall art stand out too much. And yet, this painting really makes a statement. There are very few styles where this wouldn’t work, so this is a really great art idea to keep in mind for your living room.


Hexagonal Canvas Living Room Wall Art Idea

Plants are a very classic design to use in canvas art. Any living room would look good with a few leaves and twigs hanging along its walls. But what makes these paintings different are the fact that they’re hexagon shaped.

Just by making the shape of the canvas different from the standard rectangle is enough of a change to look super interesting. Geometric shapes are just cool, as we all know.

Something like this would look really neat in a vintage or contemporary living room. It would also look good among bolder furniture because of how simple yet elegant it is. Of course, you wouldn’t be limited to just plant photos in your hexagonal frames. You could put whatever you wanted in them.


DIY Faux Painting Wall Canvas Prints For Living Room

Robert & Lauren
Bless'er House

Even though a canvas painting would look really good on your living room walls, they can be pretty expensive. If you want a whole gallery of images, but don’t have the money to turn your living room into an actual art gallery, use prints.

There are plenty of printable images out there you could use. A lot of them look like actual paintings, so no one would be the wiser. And if you can find some cheap frames, you can cover an entire wall in different wall art pieces. It wouldn’t even cost you that much money.

Of course, if you can support an artist, you totally should. But there’s no shame in opting for something a little less expensive.


Abstract Canvas Painting Idea For Living Room

Abstract paintings are what you go for if you want to show off (and who wouldn’t want to show off a cool painting like this anyway?). They can be that perfect pop of color you’ve been looking for. 

Because no two abstract paintings are going to look the same, you’re going to get so much variation between pieces. You could go for one, or line up a few in a row. You could even scatter them around your living room.

Something super bold like this painting would definitely add a lot of interest to your room. It would be difficult for guests not to comment on it. It’s a great idea for people who need more conversation pieces.


Subdued Abstract Canvas Painting Idea For Living Room

On the flip side, abstract paintings can be a bit more subdued. They can use muted colors that blend into their background a bit more. But the different lines and shapes you find in abstract keep things interesting.

This is a really great wall art idea if you don’t want your canvas painting to stick out too much. Not every living room has to have bold colors and a great deal of contrast. Something like this is still pretty versatile, and could fit in a bunch of different rooms.