26 Cabin Blue Prints With Free Plans

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Tiny homes and cabins have long been taking the world by storm. With that trend comes an array of crafty DIYers who have decided to tackle such large projects on their own and share the extensive process for the rest of the internet to marvel at.

Lucky for us, we can follow the path they've marked with clear instructions and easy-to-grasp guidelines. That's precisely why we've gathered 26 cabin plans that are completely free.

Learning from the builder's trials and tribulations, similar DIYers who are just as daring can recreate these tiny structures and yield massive payoffs. Take a look at the nifty structures below with options catering to every budget!


Build A 12 x 20-Foot Cabin For Cheap


It's surprising that this moderately sized backyard cabin costs a little over $2000 to craft. Building such a large structure from the ground up can be nothing short of a challenge but the thorough instructions shared on Instructables provides a helpful breakdown of every step in the process. Take a look!


Micro Cottage Plans

Town and Country Plans offers free building plans for this adorable, elevated 160-square-foot cabin. The structure can be used as a weekend cottage, backyard studio, or even cozy guest house — the possibilities are endless!


Two Bedroom Cabin With Basement And Loft

Ready to take your cabin building to the next level? Perhaps this sizeable, two-bedroom dwelling that features both a basement and an upper loft may just do that trick.

Included in the free six-page instructions by Today's Plans are the floor layouts for the main level, loft, and basement, as well as the staircase details and roof schematic.


Tiny Home On Wheels Plans

If a petite dwelling, that can come along with you through all your travelling adventures, is more of the tiny home you're after, then this 6 x 12-foot hut on wheels is calling your name.

The project was just over $6000 for Wulbert of Instructables to construct but he explains in his instructions that costs can be cut significantly by using reclaimed materials.


Backyard Workshop Plans

Sebastiaan Mollema

Measuring eight feet wide and 13.5 feet long, this permanent backyard tiny home built by Dutch carpenter and engineer, Sebastiaan Mollema, can function as a detached garage, workshop, or even outdoor office. Mollema shared his free, detailed plans on Instructables.


Alaskan-Style Log Cabin Plans

Over the span of five months, the couple behind Alaska Antler Works built an impressively cozy log cabin, complete with large, open widows and a loft.

The pair have since shared their extensive process of crafting the big home from the ground up, so other daring DIYers can draw inspiration from it for their own projects.


Spacious Loft Cabin Plans

The free PDF blueprint for this moderately sized cabin that features a roomy loft may have been intended to function as two-bedroom dormitory, but the structure can easily double as a substantial getaway cottage or backyard tiny home. Let the sky be your creative limit!


Off-Grid Cabin Retreat Plans

LaMar Solarcabin

Have you ever imagined completely unplugging from the world around you? Picture living in a tiny 8 x 8-foot home that would provide you the off-grid solitude you're craving.

LaMar Solarcabin offers extensive cabin plans that can make this daydream a reality. The blueprints include a sleeping loft, kitchen area, shower, and closet, among other nifty amenities.


Sizeable 400-Square-Foot Loft Cabin

Cabin Plans 123

As one of the larger dwellings on this list — measuring 16 feet in width by 24 feet in length — this roomy log cottage can be lived in on a full-time basis or as a summer getaway home.

The lengthy blueprint for the structure includes everything you'll need for the build: floor plans for the main living area and loft, roof framing details, and an extensive materials list.


Solar-Powered Tiny House Plans

Michael Janzen
Tiny House Design

Depending on where you plan to situate your future tiny home, it may serve you well to look into cabins that are powered on renewable energy. This tiny solar home is a great option. Get the full plans on Tiny House Design.


Roomy Cottage With Three Floors

Complete with a loft sleeping area, kitchen, and basement, this three-level cabin can be built from the ground up with this free guide by Today's Plans.


Narrow One Bedroom Guest House Plans

The North Dakota State University offers an array of free building plans that range from a one-room cabin to a four-bedroom home.

There are so many blueprints to choose from, much like these detailed instructions for a roomy 18 x 25-foot detached one bedroom guest house.


A Writer's Winter Cabin Retreat

Marketed for writers, this adorable cottage that measures 12 x 12 feet, features a loft, small kitchen, desk that doubles as an eating area, book storage, and a freestanding wood stove.

The building plans are offered to download for free on The Small House Catalog.


Narrow Two-Storey Cabin Plans

Dubbed the 'Lookout Cabin' for its towering structure, this slim, modern house stands at 500 square feet.

The 29-page PDF instructions for the strenuous build features thorough plans for the first and second floors, balcony and roof, as well as electrical details throughout the home. Visit Today's Plans for a complete look at the prospective home.


Charming Farmhouse With A Front Porch

Today's Plans

Close your eyes and picture yourself getting lost in a paperback novel as you lay on a cozy love seat positioned at one end of your lengthy front porch.

Now open them back up and feast upon the plans for this quaint farmhouse-style cabin complete with a loft and outdoor seating area.


A Cozy Cabin That's Super Affordable

Bill Sullivan
Mother Earth News

It's hard to believe that this adorable log cabin cost an Oregon couple only $100 to build. The structure measures 10 feet wide by 13 feet long and was mostly constructed with materials the pair found on land their home now stands on.

Visit Mother Earth News for a full breakdown of the building process.


Mobile Micro House Plans

As one of the smallest homes on the list, this mobile dwelling by Tiny House Design is tiny with measurement of five feet wide and eight feet long.

The structure is built upon a flatbed trailer so that it's easy to hook up to a truck and move around from place to place.


A-Frame Cabin that Sleeps Five

Lester E. Harris Jr.
Mother Earth News

Follow the comprehensive instructions on Mother Earth News to recreate this 16 x 24-foot cabin that can accommodate five people.

The A-Frame structure includes a vaulted ceiling loft and front porch. The wholee project only cost its homeowners $1000 to build from the ground up and took only five days to complete.


Bright, Off-Grid Cabin Plans

LaMar Solarcabin

Perfect as a detached guest house, vacation cottage, or even permanent residence that allows homeowners to disconnect from the business around them, this 10 x 20-foot dwelling can be built for under $5,000.

The complete building plans can be found for free on Instructables.


The 'Bunkie' Cottage Plans

Here's another ultra-tiny cabin that measures at total of 108 square feet. Despite its compact size, the home can sleep two adults and three-to-four kids comfortably. Queen-sized beds can fit in both the main level and upper loft area.

Visit The Classic Archives for a full breakdown of the building process.


Walden-Inspired Tiny Home

LaMar Solarcabin

This simple cabin designed by LaMar Solarcabin is a replication of the home American author Henry David Thoreau lived in while writing Walden, a non-fiction book reflecting upon the simplicity of his off-grid living in the woods.

Much like what Thoreau described in his writing, this replica of his cabin is complete with a fireplace, bed, table, desk, and three chairs.

While Thoreau's handcrafted cabin measured 10 x 15 feet and was built for $28 at the time, this dwelling measures a foot longer (10 x 16 feet) and comes in at under $1000.


Winter Log Cabin Plans


Whether you decide to use this cozy log cabin as a winter retreat, outdoor office, or backyard workshop, bask in the fact that the dwelling can be simply built by following the plans on Instructables.

The structure, which measures 10 x 20 feet, features a kitchenette, wood stove, and folding couch that opens into a bed.


Quaint One-Room Retreat

Len Churchill
Mother Earth News

This lovely 14 x 20-foot cabin that exudes a charming cottage-in-the-woods ambience can be crafted with your own two hands with the help of the building plans found on Mother Earth News.

The cozy dwelling is complete with a sleeping loft that hangs over the front porch. Can't you just imagine waking up every more to a stunning view of nature? We sure can!


Cabin In The Woods Plans


This cabin in the woods doesn't come with Chris Hemsworth, unfortunately. But what it does include is a cozy covered porch perfect for watching the sun set on a summer evening and a queen-sized captain's bed with plenty of leg room to spare. Check out the full plans on Instructables.


Roomy Loft On Wheels

S. Dehner
The Small House Catalog

With a full kitchen, living room, functional bathroom, and sleeping and storage lofts, this tiny home on wheels has every amenity needed to live off-grid.

As one of the biggest dwellings on the list, this loft modern home is built upon a 32-foot long trailer. Get all the building details for free on The Small House Catalog.


Solar-Powered Home


Have you ever wanted to live completely off-the-grid but you never found the right time to make the commitment? Well, consider this your sign to finally take the leap.

And best of all, you don't have to do it alone. Follow along with the thorough guide LaMar Solarcabin created for a solar cabin that costs less than $2000 to build.