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13 Boys Room Paint Ideas

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The traditional boys room paint ideas are often boring, so why not look for some fresh feeling inspiration for your kid’s room? This guide provides a range of paint ideas, from those that look timeless to those that feel more playful. 

If you’re new to interior painting the process can be a bit complex, so reading a few tips and tricks first is often a wise move. It’s always worth noting that while keeping your desired paint design in-mind is fine, you’ll actually want to decide on your decor and overall design first.

You can always return an item to the store or move furniture around the room, it’s a lot harder to scrub paint off your walls.


Striped And Stylish

Painted stripes are a timeless idea for a bedroom’s walls, so it’s a great option if you want a design that will grow with your kid.

The blue and white palette in this room has a coastal vibe, but there are many ways to iterate on this style. For example, you could also consider vertical stripes or only painting a nook or section of a wall.


Mix And Match

Boys room paint ideas can include several styles in one, like the mixed stencil designs in this room, which reflect the playful spirit of childhood.

If both your decor and wall stencils are diverse, it’s often a good idea to narrow your chosen color palette down to just two or three colors. Doing this will help your design feel cohesive. 


Just A Slice

Painting just a section of your boy’s bedroom wall is a great way to add a splash of color and create a natural frame for wall art.

This room mixes both warm and cool colors and if this appeals to you, balance them by ensuring they both have the same shade or tint. What’s a shade or tint? The former is how much black is added to a color and the latter, how much white.


Create A Freehand Pattern

Creating a freehand pattern with paint may be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. For example, sticking to simple designs like the painted herringbone pattern in this room is a great option.

You can also get inspired by browsing wall decals, stickers, and wallpaper patterns and then recreating them for yourself. It’s a whole lot cheaper, not to mention more fun.


Map It Out

Creating a world map is one of many boys room paint ideas that inspire curiosity and adventure. Along these same lines include astronomy and space, the ocean, and airplanes.

Painting on a design with any of these themes in mind also makes for a natural focal point in the room, so pulling together both your decor and color palette will be an easier feat.


Jungle Beat

Children often have a fascination with the natural world, so a room that features animals from various corners of the globe is a great option to consider.

To this end, safari-themed wall stencils are both fun and timeless. You can paint on animals like elephants and giraffes or opt for relevant flora patterns, like palms and jungle vines.


Wandering In The Woods

Some of the best boys room paint ideas set the stage for imaginative play. To this end, consider painting a forest on your walls using stencils and then complement your design with similarly themed decor.

For example, this room has a wintry look with frost-bitten trees, a furry rug, and a clothesline of stockings.


Cloud Nine

If you’re looking for boys room paint ideas that have a touch of whimsy and playfulness, consider creating a cloud pattern. The design on this wall is pretty straightforward, but you can also go for rain clouds or clouds of different colors.

Follow this sky-high theme by hanging mobiles from the ceiling or lining your walls in string lights. 


Paint A Chalkboard

If your kid loves to draw, why not make one of the walls in their room into a chalkboard? There are also many ways to get creative with chalkboard paint, like designing a faux headboard, or applying it to the surface of a table.

Just remember that chalk dust can get messy, so this idea may be best suited for rooms with hardwood floors.


Falling Leaves

For an accent wall that has a touch of flair and requires minimal effort, consider painting a scene of falling leaves. This room uses a mix of stencil styles, but you can also choose just one shape and vary its color.

For the rest of your room’s decor, organic materials and naturally-dyed upholstery would look lovely.


Painted Brick

Painting a surface like brick can be a good way to bring out its natural texture and fine-tune your color palette. To this end, it’s often best to choose a neutral color or at least one that you’re sure your kid will like in the long run.


Create A Mini Lodge

The log cabin look gives off a cozy, warm vibe that’s great for kids that like to snuggle up. This room features wall stickers of feathers, deer, and evergreens, but you can also use an array of wall stencils to achieve this aesthetic.

You can also create a similar feel by installing wooden panels on your walls and coating them with a layer of paint. Round out your design with rustic wooden furniture, cozy throw blankets, and subtle lighting.


Natural Complement

A painted wall doesn’t have to be the accent in a room. In fact, it can be the complement. Take this room, which has a wall full of faux foliage, and next to it, one that’s painted in a muted shade of green.

Other ways you can emulate this concept include hanging a busy patterned wallpaper, installing brick, or even partially tiling your wall.