Neutral Boys bedroom

10 Boys Bedroom Design Ideas

Originally contributed by Stacey Nash • last updated 4/7/2021

Boys bedroom design often gets overlooked, and we’re not sure why. From airplanes to surfing and outdoor adventure to Star Wars, the list of themes could go on and on. Skip a theme altogether and focus on color, shape, and texture to create a space your boy will want to call his escape. Inspiration lies ahead, so take what you love, make it your own, and give the boy in your life a place to start all of his adventures. 


Modern Adventure Theme

Taryn Whiteaker

Adventures modern and vintage are worth taking. In an adventure room, even going to bed sounds exciting. This modern-themed room uses classic black and white mixed with wood to give it that adventure appeal. Bunkbeds that double as forts or treehouses and chalkboards to plan adventures transform a boring room into a boy’s dream. The mix of organic materials with modern colors and patterns adds sophistication that parents like and imagination kids crave.  


Textured Wallpaper

My Rustic Retreat

Wallpaper doesn’t have to be flat. Textured papers are making waves in the design trends? However, you’ve got more options than just wallpaper to add texture. This bedroom from My Rustic Retreat actually features peel-and-stick wallpaper squares. They’re much easier to install than traditional wallpaper and add depth to the room. Of course, many traditional wallpapers have texture too. They just might be more difficult to install. 


Black and White

Collov Home Design

There are so many ways to use black and white in a boys bedroom design. Chalkboard paint on the back of a door or on the dresser drawers sticks with the color theme but gives kids a creative outlet, for example. This bedroom mixes basic black and white with neutral textiles. They bring an organic feel to the room while the black and white keeps things modern. You can always mix things up by adding a splash of color with blue or green accessories. Change the accessories as your boy grows, so the room doesn’t stay too young when he’s entering his teen years. 


Bold Patterns

Josh Hemsley

Go bold or go home. A bedroom with a strong bold wall pattern and pops of bright color belongs with a boy with an equally spunky personality. While this room’s black, white, and red theme demands attention, you can do something similar with pastel or neutral colors and patterns. For example, hand-drawn wallpaper patterns in polka dots, chevrons, and geometric shapes bring a casual elegance and add movement to the room.


Hanging Storage

Josh Hemsley

Bedrooms can never have too much storage. If you’re short on storage space, take advantage of those walls. Hanging storage shelves and cupboards abound. They’re a great way to store books, knick-knacks, and collector’s pieces. This shelf offers both a shelf and baskets, pulling double storage duty. Look for pieces that fit with the feel of the room but offer a mix of storage options and provide a display area. 



Josh Hemsley

Built-ins give any space a custom look and feel. In a boys bedroom design, they’re a great option for a headboard and storage space. This built-in acts as a nightstand, focal point, and storage all rolled into one. Of course, built-ins don’t need to be this grand or shelves and drawers only. A built-in desk, for example, offers a sophisticated study space to give the room’s occupant a spot for serious reflection and study. Make the space multi-functional by putting in a built-in Murphy bed. Suddenly the room’s become a rec room by day and a bedroom by night.


Coordinated Storage

Tatiana Syrikova

Furniture and accessories should never be too matchy-matchy. However, a little matchy-matchy goes a long way to unifying the space, especially when it comes to storage and organization. The mix of natural materials with a modern white in this bedroom makes it feel cohesive but not boring. If that’s too much of a good thing for you, you could use two different types of baskets and alternate them to add pattern and break up the look. But baskets of the size, material, or color can bring visual order so the room feels fun but calm. 


Dark Accent Wall

Serena Appiah
Thrift Diving

Dark and warm colors are surging in popularity. They add drama and warm a space, leaving behind the cool neutrals like gray and white. A boy’s room is the perfect place for either complete coverage in a dark color or an accent wall. If you’re not ready to commit to something too dramatic. Accent walls take visual dominance and are the perfect place to add contrast. Blue always takes the lead in boys bedroom designs, but why not navy, black, or emerald green? These dark colors stray from the norm and can fit with themes both modern and vintage. 


Character Shelves

Kate Decorates

When you think of shelves, you’re probably thinking of floating planks, squares, and rectangles. They’re efficient and with a little design, stylish. However, for a boy’s room, you can use shelves that fall outside the norm on shape and size. Kids’ rooms are the perfect place for the whimsy of this whale shelf in a nautical-themed room. Teardrops, moons, circular, and chevron shelves are other common options. A character or shaped shelf adds style to function, building fun, visual interest to the vertical aspects of the room. 


Bold Stripes

It All Started with Paint

Stripes have a powerful visual impact, and bold colors double the decorative punch. Linda at It All Started with Paint picked a great mix of orange and navy for a teen boy’s room. That color scheme in stripes makes this room pop. You can tone it down by using another gray hue if orange is a little too much. But the stripes make the space feel big, fun, and ready for the adventure that boys crave. This design also elongates the space with horizontal stripes. If you want to make the bedroom feel taller, use vertical stripes.